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These are some of the top Disney pressed coin collections. Mickey Mouse pressed pennies, Disneyland pressed nickels, Star Wars themed pressed quarters... Okay, maybe there are a few collections are tokens, doubloons, wooden nickels, or PNC Philatelic Numismatic Combinations too. :-) And there are many more. All can be fun to search for, trade for, and display in a frame or in a coffee table book. Some are very difficult others are easier. The cost can be low especially for pressed coins if you press your own while they are onstage at the resorts. Most pressed coins cost a dollar or less and they are fun to press! Most any of these collections can make for a great hobby and great memories. The best time to start is now. :-)

One of my favorite collections is the Disneyland Holiday or Seasonal pressed nickel set. It's a long running set that was first introduced at Disneyland in 1995 with the issue of three pressed nickels each year. It's a larger collection and more difficult as many of the coins in the collection were retired more than 20 years ago. But, in 2010 Disney California Adventure joined in with their own Holiday pressed nickel set. It's a smaller set and the coins are newer, easier to find. Another fun collectable set is coins that feature Mickey Mouse in his classic "Sunburst" or "Rays" poses. But, specializing on most any favorite character or theme can make for an enjoyable, fun collection for a single collector or whole family. Now... dimes... anniversary sets... doubloons... Haunted Mansion... there is something for everyone. Happy Collecting, Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

Disneyland Resort Disney 100 Years of Wonder Pressed Penny Collection

Disney 100 Years of Wonder
Pressed Coin Collection

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