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12/29/08 Looking for a retired penny for your collection? Here is our link to more than 140 older / retired Disneyland pressed penny linked auctions!
12/28/08 LOTS MORE new coins onstage at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort! Read Kuniaki Hiraki's report and see the linked images on the Tokyo Disneyland News page.
12/24/08 Greetings to all our elongated coin collecting friends! Recently, (ok maybe we did procrastinate a bit too much this year) Boomer and family have been busy with Christmas shopping and decorating. Now we look forward to visiting with friends and family... thank you for "visiting" with us today!
Boomer and the folks at wish you all the very best in 2009 and hope to see you often both online and at the park in 2009.
12/03/08 A good time to take a look at the linked visitor auctions on eBay. There are some neat coins offered. Also, if you'd like, here is how to add your auctions.
12/02/08 First reported to by Jamie and Austin. The 2008 Seasonal nickel set is onstage! These nicely engraved coins feature cleaver artwork. As you can see in the coin images below, Donald is about to throw a snowball (first coin) and has just been hit by one thrown by Goofy (second coin). All coins are also dated and feature stampbacks. A change was made for this year from Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, and Happy New Year to Season's Greetings, Season's Greetings, and Happy New Year. Please forgive the poor scans, we wanted to get these up ASAP. Better scans to follow.
We are told that the penny presses are now under the same leadership as the Disneyland pins. Based on this set, I'd say they know pressed coins too. If this set is an example of what is planned for the future, I'd say we are back to "Disney Quality" pressed coins. Quality engraving, imaginative and creative theme, stampbacks and dated.
The coins still cost only 75 cents each plus the nickel that is pressed, same as in 1995 when the seasonal pressed nickel series started. Guides should be updated soon. The nickel press is waiting for you at the exit to the Main Street Opera House. It's hidden and hard to find unless you visit often. smile!

The NEW 2008-9 Seasonal Nickels are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide, and
The Disneyland Seasonal Nickel Guide
MICKEY! Elongated nickel Cool.. cold? Bback stamp.
MINNIE! Elongated nickel Confetti! Party Time!
Stylin' Santa Mickey Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!
And they're nice! Hand engraved, stampbacks and all are dated!

11/29/08 No seasonal nickels yet. sad penny
11/27/08 HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our friends and fellow collectors!
11/25/08 The good folks at have a neat new Season's Greetings card. Do take a look. If you like their penny collecting books with a pressed penny in the cover, you'll love these cards! I hear the quantities are limited so don't delay if you want to order some to send to friends or add to your elongated coin collection. Hmmm... wouldn't themed greeting cards like these be big hits at Disneyland or Universal Studios?!

Penny Collector Seasonal Greeting Card with pressed nickel!
Cool Holiday cards with pressed nickels!
(Click the image to take a closer look.)

11/19/08 Thirty new Hong Kong Disneyland magical coins have been added to the 2008 Hong Kong Disneyland Guide. Although it's nice to see new coins for HKDL, visitors have already brought to our attention the fact that these coins are not the hand engraved Disney quality of the past. Given they often replace older nicely engraved coins with the new poor quality computerized engraving some collectors have chosen to focus their collections on the earlier hand-engraved coins. (A trend we have seen at Disneyland Anaheim and now WDW.)
I hope the good folks at TDA and Disney Corporate will see this as an opportunity and take a look at the higher quality engraving currently offered by The Tokyo Disneyland Resort. TDR practices could be used to "plus up" future Disneyland Anaheim and WDW elongated coin offerings.
We hope visitors who have emailed us about this issue will also voice their concerns to the good folks at Disney. Postings at MiceAge's MiceChat and other leading Disney Fan sites may also be of help. I believe Mickey does listen, but, he is 80 years old now, I feel we must speak respectfully and loudly to be heard.
11/18/08 Good time to check out the visitor linked auctions. There are couple of really neat coins currently offered on eBay. As some readers will recall, 15 years ago it wasn't hard to find most any Disneyland elongated coin. But, nowadays it seems many coins, especially the limited issue and older coins, can be not only hard to find but costly too. Online auctions are a good way to find them. Every once in awhile we get an email from someone that won an auction for a scarce coin and got a fantastic deal.
Many collectors say that when you are looking for retired Disneyland elongated coins, online auctions and collector networking can be excellent ways to find scarce coins. To help visitors find and advertise auctions, offers courtesy auction links. Every now and then an extra neat coin is linked. Sometimes as a "Buy it Now" type auction. So, checking often can make the difference between winning the coin or getting an email from the auction winner about the fantastic deal he got. sad smiley That reminds me, it's time for me to check the auctions links!
11/15/08 If you missed our free pressed nickel offer posted on the free penny page and linked from this page yesterday, hang in there. We plan to have more. Mostly likely, future offers will also last for only a day so. Our hope is that the items offered will be "special" and find homes with avid Disneyland pressed penny collectors for only the cost of a SASE. (Before eBay, if the choice of the new owners. pressed penny smiley)
11/14/08 Today is an especially good day to view and share the free pressed penny offer. pressed penny smiley
11/12/08 Looking for someone you can order current or retired Disneyland pressed pennies from? Here is a link to some sources of pressed pennies listed at our non-reference site, There are links to a couple of fellow collectors that can press coins to order at the park and may have the retired coins you are looking for too. Also, another link or two for web sites that offer non-Disney elongated coins. Of course, if you have a link in mind you'd like to recommend for free listing, please contact the penny collector resources site.
11/11/08 We do our best to provide a web site you will recommend. Needless to say, your mention of this non-commercial reference site to friends and fellow collectors is how new visitors often hear about us. In short, your free courtesy links to are... priceless to us!
Now why mention the obvious? Well, yesterday, Boomer commented that all the big, cool, professional web sites have those really neat logo links for visitors to add to their web sites and blogs. You know, the ones with moving pictures, even videos that when clicked open really cool sites. Then Boomer asked... "Why don't we have one??". And we said because we don't have one of those big, cool, professional web sites, silly! Well, poor Boomer stomped off and cobbled together some HTML link code:

The link it makes doesn't have any moving pictures, video or cool stuff like that and it doesn't open a big, cool professional web site. But, what could be better than an incredibly beautiful, pressed penny logo that opens a Disney penny collecting web site?? We hope you'll use the link on your blog, My Space, IRS tax returns, group emails, or web site... to share the wonderful hobby of collecting Disney pressed pennies. Smiley penny Pressed Penny Collections and Guides

Oh, please don't forget, Boomer loves mail and we always have the hope that it will keep him out of mischief too. So, if you haven't already, please do send a SASE. We'd like to mail you a real, sorta free* pressed penny for your collection with our thanks for your interest in the hobby and
11/08/08 Disneyland USA penny press machine location pages have been updated. Machines can be taken off-stage for maintenance, moved temporarily... But, it's close and shows the return of the Princess machine in Fantasyland, the new NBC machine in New Orleans Square etc.
11/06/08 A total of 23 new Tokyo Disneyland pressed medals will have been issued just this November by 11/09/08! We hear from the our friends in Japan that there will be six more new coins just at the Hotel MiraCosta. Scans and guide updates will follow.
11/04/08 Our thanks to Mr. C. Neal, the well known Disney elongated coin collector, for reporting his discovery of three Tokyo Disneyland Resort Rainforest Cafe medals! The Tokyo Disneyland style souvenir medals or "pressed pennies" were vended from a three play machine found at the RFC in the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Ikspiari Complex. Images, numbers and descriptions have been added to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort guide. The Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and Coins of the Month guides have also been brought up to date thanks to Mr. Neal's help.
11/03/08 Our thanks to Kuniaki for another great Tokyo Disneyland Souvenir Medals update! With pictures!
11/03/08 Our thanks to Scott who just reported that the Princess quarter press machine is available again at the Small World Gift Shope!
11/03/08 We just received an email that an avid collector we've known from way back. He is auctioning some of his elongated coins via his web site. We're happy to pass the information on to you.
11/02/08 Emails.. we do get emails and we love 'um! A recent, email topic has been Disneyland Seasonal Nickels. You know, it is getting to be that time of year already! Some of your emails have shown a concern that the coins may not show up this year, others worry that the coins might have crudely engraved images like some recent Disneyland and Walt Disney World pressed coins. Here is what the rumors have suggested so far:
Good news. We hear there will be a seasonal nickel set this year! (And I'm stickin' with that story until it happens or New Years day 2009, whichever happens first! Penny Smile )
We don't know if they'll be engraved as nicely as they were in the "good old days", if they will be as incredibly well engraved as recent Tokyo Disneyland Christmas coins, or if they will look like someone engraved them with a gas powered lawn edger. But, you know as collectors we're not all that shallow! We'll love the seasonal nickels no matter what they look like... right? ...right? ?? Well, okay, on the other hand, if other park guests don't like the look of this year's seasonal nickels, not many will be pressed. That could make for a "low mintage" year, also good for collectors! So, yes Virginia, there is reason to look forward to pressing a set of seasonal nickels this year... no matter what! Penny Smile
-PS Don't forget to bookmark this page and check back often for new Disneyland pressed coin updates and contact us when you have pressed penny news to share..
11/01/08 Tokyo coins of the month and a few more were issued today. We'll have scans and guide updates as the coins arrive here from Japan. Also, because a good share of the Tokyo Disneyland Guide visitors speak Japanese, we've added a very poor attempt at a Japanese translation of our TDR medals guide introduction. I know, you are thinking "Why Japanese? You haven't even gotten the English right yet!". I'm thinking the same thing! penny smile
10/24/08 We noticed a couple of long offstage machines have returned to the park. The dies all appear unchanged or "like replacements". However, we did spot a reverse change and will take a closer look at the coins this weekend. We should have a better report, scans, guides etc. shortly after. No seasonal nickel set found.
10/22/08 A few advanced collectors have asked why we didn't point out the reverse change on the DL0415 Main Street USA nickel, now with the new stampback, numbered DL0432. Such small changes are well, a specialty here at So here is the guide entry for DL0432 and a draft page describing the evolution of the Disneyland Main Street USA elongated nickel.
10/18/08 Tokyo Disneyland "pressed penny" guides are updated. If you have a chance, do check out the Tokyo Disneyland Park Coins of the Month and the Tokyo DisneySea Coins of the Month. Really nice engraving and each year, each machine, is a separate matching collection.
10/13/08 Cell phone calls / Text messages, emails, and anony-Mouse messages all confirmed the arrival of the 2008 15th Anniversary Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter set today! Our thanks to (in order of today's on-stage report) Ebay's GrandHobbies, (who noticed the machine was off-stage Sunday and returned early today), Anony-Mouse reporter MouseEars (who also was the first to predict the arrival of the machine) and advanced collector Lou S. (who reported from the park today). Boomer was also at the park early today and took the picture of the marquee shown below. Our thanks to all for contacting us to share this information with fellow collectors.
Reverses are all "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disneyland "r", Resort.". Engraving appears to be partly hand engraved and many guests would consider it an improvement over some of the recent "CNC" coin dies. I think you'll like the artwork too. All coins are dated "2008" and mention the 15th Anniversary. I think this set is going to be very popular. Disneyland Smashed Penny Guide and Penny Machine Locations updates to follow. Coin numbers will be DL0433, DL0434 and DL0435.

Nightmare Before Christmas 2008 pressed quarter set marquee

10/10/08 New Hong Kong Disneyland coin images on the HKDL pressed penny news page.
10/09/08 Anony-mouse message from MouseEars: New Nightmare Before Christmas penny press coming soon... Cool 15th anniversary designs. Message from Boomer: YahhoOo! We'll post here as soon as they are on-stage. Happy collecting!
10/09/08 We're anxiously awaiting the "expected" seasonal coins at Disneyland. Until then, given a little spare time, we've been surfing eBay for coin deals. Matter of fact, just this last week, a DW0021D sold for $2.00, a DN0012 was quickly bought via "Buy it Now" for only $275.00, and a DL0006 went unclaimed at less than $50.00! All were visitor pressed penny auctions! So, if you are looking for a few hard to find Disneyland elongated coins, be sure to check the visitor pressed penny auctions often. Boomer does!smile penny!
10/01/08 Advanced collector Dee reports that the last two quarter machines installed at WDW appear to offer elongated coins hand-engraved images! We hope it's a trend that puts an end to the infamous "computer engraved" dies at both WDW and Disneyland.
10/01/08 15 NEW coins reported at HKDL by HDKLLOVE. See the new marquee pictures on the Hong Kong Disneyland pressed penny news page.
09/23/08 Recent updates to the Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny news pages.
09/23/08 The good news is there are some really neat Disney pressed penny eBay auctions offered by visitors, do check them out. Over the next few days, Boomer will be making some calls and searching the park to see if he can find a bit of penny press gossip to share... it's just been too quiet lately!
09/16/08 Boomer has been busy sending out Free elongated coins. If you have sent in for one recently, it's on the way to you. If you haven't requested one yet... why not drop a SASE in the mail today? smiley pressed penny!
09/14/08 No news from Disneyland USA. However, Tokyo Disneyland has been busy and the quality of their "pressed coins" is, to many collectors, better than the elongated coins offered by Disneyland USA and WDW when high quality hand engraved elongated coins were the Disney standard. TDL collectors are encouraged to bookmark and visit the Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny news page for updates, pictures of these high quality pressed souvenirs, and links to TDL reference sites.
09/11/08 If you collect WDW elongated coins or want to see one very cool web site, do check out James Mayfield's WDW pressed coins site. You are in for a treat!
09/02/08 Hope you all had a great weekend. Some very cool coins are included in the visitor eBay auctions of Disney elongated coins. Even an "Open House" Cast Member issue. Do take a look and write us when you have some news to share.
08/28/08 To quote Mark Twain, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated". I just have had nothing to report. sad penny smiley
08/15/08 The Princess elongated quarter machine is still out of reach as is the Buzz Lightyear penny set. Lots of folks at DCA Thursday, but, no new penny machines to be found at the resort.
08/10/08 Nice selection of around 100 linked visitor's auctions. Lots of retired coins are offered, even an eBay auction of a small Bear Country DL0006 pressed on a dime! Rumors still circulate about a long delayed machine scheduled for the Disneyland area. Boomer is still trying to sort them out.
08/09/08 ZZzzZZZzz Sleeping pressed penny
08/03/08 Some nice "collector" coins just added to the linked visitor eBay auctions of Disney elongated coins.
08/02/08 New Tokyo Disneyland Coin of the Month report and pictures from Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan! Details on the Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny News Page. If you haven't seen Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed souvenirs before, do take a look. The engraving quality is incredible!
08/01/08 The Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea guides, plus Tokyo Disneyland Resort Coins of the Month collection guides were brought up to date as of 7/31/08... we will be adding the just released August coins of the month soon. Happy penny
07/31/08 The second new Disneyland Resort Anaheim area machine mentioned some weeks ago is still expected. Also, images of new Tokyo Disneyland Resort coins have been linked from the Tokyo Disneyland "pressed penny" news page as they become available. We hope to add these recently issued Tokyo Disneyland coins to the guides soon. Tokyo Disneyland August 2008 coins of the month images should be linked in the next few days. Happy collecting.
07/30/08 Thanks to all for the emails referencing the Southern California earthquake and asking if we're ok. We are fine and even more appreciative for our good fortune.
07/29/08 A Monday night close and no reserves netted some excellent bargains for collectors looking for the hard to find DN, DS and CM coins that closed last night. Also, the seller turned some extra Disneyland elongated coins into some serious cash! Here's a link to current visitor elongated coin auctions.
07/27/08 Most folks look Sunday nights, but, this week, Monday has some cool eBay auctions closing!
07/24/08 Anony-mouse reports to state that a CM0026, the pressed CM token, and a set of DN0065-67 2007 Christmas elongated nickels will be put up for auction tonight. Check our visitor pressed penny auctions link to see them if/when they are listed.
07/20/08 Wow! The DL0225 auction was up for less than 20 seconds! Congratulations to both buyer and seller. If you have an auction you'd like linked at, here's how.
07/20/08 Sometime later today, GrandHobbies will be listing a DL0225 elongated nickel for auction, "Buy It Now" for $225! It's a hard to find pressed coin, especially at that price. We're very happy to be able provide readers with this early head's up. Sorry, we can't give an approximate time for the auction and to be fair to all, the auctioneer has chosen not to offer the coin pre-auction.
07/19/08 NEW PRESSED PENNIES! WALL-e! Nickel press was confirmed up and running by Aprille late 7/18/08 and by Lou late 7/19/08. Just stop in at the Main Street Penny Arcade and press a set or email your favorite Disneyland pressed penny person for a set while they are hot! Do tell your friends "I read it first at!". Here are pictures of the new coins:

The NEW Wall-e Nickels!
Soon to be listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Numbers are provisional. Permanent numbers will be assigned by 7/21/08
Wall-e pressed penny Eve pressed nickel Wall-e elongated nickel
Wall-e elongated nickel set reverse.


07/18/08 MouseEars reported 07/07/08 that a new machine was planned. Recently MouseEars predicted the eminent arrival of the new machine. Last night, two Arcade Techs at the Main Street Penny Arcade said the machine would probably arrive over the next few days... Early today, we received a report by DorMouse that the machine arrived on-stage this morning. confirmation of this anony-mouse report and hopefully details to follow. You heard it first at! Pressed Penny News!
07/17/08 Disneyland turned 53 today! Boomer stopped by to pay his respects, see the evening parade, and check out the penny machines. (Not necessarily in that order.) Although there have been rumors of a new machine or two, no new machines were to be found. Do write us when you know of a new machine on-stage or near the park. Have a great weekend and happy collecting!
07/16/08 ZZZzzzzzZzzz sleepy pressed penny No new machine report so far...
07/14/08 A CM0026 Cast Member elongated coin auction closes tonight. I think this is only the second time one has been offered. The current high bid is ~$162.00. To view this auction or to see how to add your own auctions, open this link to our visitor linked Disney elongated coin auctions.
07/12/08 We greatly value comments like "I read it first at" when you share / post news that broke here first. Those email group posts and web site links to encourage us to seek out and share our often exclusive news stories with you, our friends and fellow collectors. Not to mention they are among the very few forms of advertising that fit our pinch-penny budget... thank you and happy collecting.
07/12/08 GrandHobbies and DorMouse report rumors of two new Disney machines! Themes were unknown. One machine is most likely a confirmation of the 7/7/08 report by MouseEars.) We will be checking the Disneyland Resort area often and post our findings here.
07/07/08 MouseEars reports: "New Press coming soon! I was told by a "Mouse" that it might be related to the new movie that came out???"
07/05/08 New PRESSED PENNY! The long rumored machine arrived at the Castle Inn, Anaheim, California across Harbor Boulevard from the main entrance to Disneyland! Penny press location pages are updated. Although the machine offers a choice of three different designs, only one features the word "Disneyland" and will be listed in the Disneyland Wannabe pressed penny collection guide as DW0031.

The DW0031 listed in the
DW Disneyland Wannabe
Pressed Penny Collection Guide
DW0031 Disney-related pressed penny. "You are here!"
Image courtesy of GrandHobbies

07/04/08 Recent emails have asked about words like "retired", "canceled", and "off-stage". Here is a cut and paste from our frequently asked questions page. Links will open in a pop-up window. (If you have pop-ups blocked, just hold down your CNTL key and click to open in a new tab or select "Frames Yes" at the top of this page to open them in the coin comparison windows.)
Retired When used in "Disneyland speak", the term refers to a die that is no longer on-stage and has little likely hood of returning. Some undated coin sets have returned the following year for a seasonal event, e.g. Nightmare Before Christmas. However, at Disneyland, generally dies removed from machines and replaced by new, permanent dies are not and, in this collector’s opinion, should never be, put back on-stage.
Over the years, collectors have encouraged the cancellation of retired dies*. Especially recently, after a Florida based amusement park placed the original "vintage" die roll from 1992, back on-stage in 2004! The result was a substantial loss of trust by people that collected elongated coins at that park.
In this collector’s opinion, had that die roll been canceled when retired, both the amusement park and their customers would have both faired much better. As you may have noted, we do not feature elongated coins from Florida amusement parks here.
See also on-stage, off stage and canceled.
*Note: 5/05 Disneyland has just sold their first set of canceled dies via Disney Auctions. Selling prices were approximately $300.00 each. Preceding this sale, coins pressed from these dies after they were canceled, but before they were made inoperative were sold, with prices ranging as high as a few hindered dollars each. ParkPennies has added a Disneyland canceled dies guide section for these dies / coins from canceled dies. They may prove to be a very fun set to collect.
07/03/08 Report from Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan! Lots of new coins! Read full report on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
07/01/08 GrandHobbies reported nearly 30 new Tokyo Disneyland coins were placed on-stage 7/01! We hope to have more details soon.
06/26/08 Could this be the lull before the storm?
06/17/08 Rumors of a couple of new machines are circulating and we are certain of at least one. However, no new machine placements have been reported as of this morning. With Monday's mail, we once again caught up with visitor free pressed coin requests and look forward to more. If your SASE was mailed to us over the past week, it's back on the way to you with a "priceless" elongated coin. happy pressed penny If you have friends that might like a DW0028 coin for their collections, please do share a link to the free elongated coin offer with them.
06/10/08 The Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month reference guides have been updated. The penny press machine that is running late is still expected. I'm thinking its arrival is best left as a surprise this time. I know I'll be surprised! (And post it here as soon as the machine is available.)
06/06/08 We've added a page for Hong Kong Disneyland "pressed penny" collection book, holders and cell phone charms.
06/06/08 Several readers have asked if has coins for sale. is a non-commercial reference site, and offers nothing for sale. When asked, we most commonly refer collectors wishing to buy, sell, or trade elongated coins to visitor eBay and ExonumiaAuctions and / or (Our is a resource reference site that features free collector submitted links to email groups, elongated coin clubs, fellow collectors, suppliers, and more. )
06/04/08 Included amongst several interesting visitor auctions closing this week, is the first and we believe still the only, Cast Member appreciation Bar-B-Que elongated token to be auctioned since the 5/15/08 event. Top bid is already over $150.00. (Ever write a sentence and worry that your High School English teacher, from 40 years ago, might see it?) sad pressed penny
06/02/08 Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month for June are on-stage. We will have scans and guide updates soon. Update: Kuniaki Hiraki, has kindly shared his pictures of the June 2008 Tokyo Disneyland coins of the month.
06/01/08 A CM0026, the new and hard to find Cast Member coin, was just listed on eBay! View the auction and several other hard to find coins which are linked via the visitor auctions page. Select "eBay" and the auctions page will open in a separate, easy to refresh, window.
This is a great page to bookmark for news updates. There will be more this next week!
05/30/08 No new machine to report yet. Maybe soon. However, there are some collector elongated coins listed on eBay, and rumors that the latest Cast Member coin, the CM0026 may be offered via auction too. So, do keep an eye open this weekend. Also, with our next Disneyland Pressed Penny Machine Locations update, we will be adding off-property "Disneyland Adjacent" machines. Per your requests, penny press machines that mention "Disneyland" in their design or inscriptions and are within walking distance of the Disneyland Resort will be included with all other resort coins. (We have always included machines not owned by Disney that are on-property, e.g. The Rainforest Cafe machines in Downtown Disney etc.. We hope the addition of off-property or "across the street" Disney themed machines to the lists will be a help to people visiting the park as well as other folks staying in the area. And yet another great reason to link to and take along location lists!) happy penny!
05/26/08 Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. You might have noticed that some neat coins were listed on eBay Sunday night by visitors. We should have news of a new machine this week too. Maybe someone will list one of the recent Cast Member coins for auction? Could be a lively week for us Disney elongated coin collectors. Do check back for updates.
05/22/08 There is a new penny press machine planned for this next week or so and it will be available to the public. penny smile Details will be posted here as soon as the machine is up and running.
05/22/08 Still looking for the last Cast Member coin? Still no luck? Hang in there!
I'm surprised we have not spotted a single eBay auction etc. to date! If not for the excellent reports from MouseEars and other kind readers, most of us collectors might not have even heard of the CM0026 yet. However, the latest reports state that about 300 of them are out there somewhere! Patients may be the key... Hmmm... patience, something else I can't seem to find and want right now!
05/16/08 Some readers have asked about our past mention of copper-plated steel cents in reference to the CM0026, the first Disneyland pressed token. Here is a PDF file of HR 5512 (Proposed production cost reduction of 1-cent and 5-cent coins) which passed the House in May of 2008. Page eight, near the bottom of the bill, talks about proposed plans for the future of the cent and nickel. As with most all files, you are welcome to hot-link to this file if you wish. One can understand the move to tokens and planchets, as are already used in Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, given the probable further down grading of the poor "copper" US cent to copper-plated steel. That of course assumes the penny isn't discontinued altogether as others have proposed. Yep, I'm saving my copper, pre 1982 cents too! penny smile
Several people have asked if we have or know of someone that has... the new Cast Member pressed token for sale, trade... We would welcome contact information for sources of these brand new Cast Member issues. Maybe a few will be offered on eBay. If so, we'd be happy to mention / link the auctions here via the visitor auctions link... and probably place a bid or two ourselves!
05/15/08 NEW PRESSED PENNY! First a disclaimer. This is my take of more than one report which I have merged together. I may revise / change this as I hear more. (Also true of the updated CM Collection Guide.)
Reports state that a Cast Appreciation event was held at Disneyland today for 150 - 200 people. A coin press machine was available. The machine pressed arcade tokens that were given out to attendees. This new coin has guide number CM0026. (CM=Cast Member issues which are generally not available to the public, only Disneyland Employees, often as gifts or awards.) Below is a picture and link to the collection guide.
Update: MouseEars reports that about 300 coins may be issued in total. Also that the die may be used next year. (Assumption: New reverse next year.)
Our thanks for all the reports submitted today!

The First Disneyland Pressed Token!
Listed as CM0026 in the
CM Disneyland Cast Member
Pressed Penny Collection Guide
Cast Member pressed token! The back side of... Cast Member pressed token!
Images courtesy of a very kind Anony-Mouse Contributor

05/15/08 Due to some very kind offers by readers, we should have both details and images of the newest Disneyland Resort coin shortly after the coin is available today.
05/14/08 MouseEars reports: "New Disneyland resort coin scheduled for tomorrow. I have seen it. Beautiful coin. Surely to become one of the most wanted coins by collectors." Hmmm... Our thanks for this anony-Mouse update.
05/12/08 Not much news over the weekend. We did take a quick tour of the park but did not find any new or changed machines. I was surfing the 'net and found an old 1997 archive of early ec collector emails. Longtime collectors may find it fun to peruse the page, newer collectors may also recognize some of the names. Chris Aahz, founder of the original list, well known TEC members Ray Dillard and Bob Fritsch, Bert Creighton from San Diego one of the original Disneyland Guide authors, Robert Hoff aka Boomer here at ParkPennies, Janelle Henry and William Massey just to name a few. This email list eventually became the Yahoo ElongatedCoin list. Some of the emails discuss organizing the purchase of Walt Disney World elongated coins, the (new) use of scanners and lots more. At the time, some of us were surfing the 'net with our new, super fast 1200 baud dial up modems... and Windows 95! The list members often had "meets" or get togethers where we'd swap ec's and share lunch. Some of Today's penny collector clubs and email groups still do, why not check them out? happy penny
5/10/08 Pictures of the latest Coins of the Month just in from Japan.
Related Links:
Tokyo DisneyLAND Coin of the Month Collection Tokyo DisneyLAND Coin of the Month Collection
Tokyo DisneySEA Coins of the Month Collection Tokyo DisneySEA Coin of the Month Collection
Coin of the Month Thumbnail Images Coin of the Month Thumbnail Images

05/07/08 Still a few typos, but, we have uploaded the Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary Collection Guide and updated the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month. Several other Tokyo Disneyland guide pages have also been updated. However, we are already behind! Three more coins of the month were issued on 5/1/08!
05/06/08 The very insightful anony-mouse visitor, MouseEars, reported that a new exclusive coin is coming soon to The Disneyland Resort, Anaheim! Our thanks to MouseEars for sharing this news with ParkPennies readers first. Updates will be posted as received.
05/05/08 Lots of " Free pressed pennies" were sent out today. So, if you sent in your SASE this last week, the wait is almost over. It was great to see several requests from fellow members of The Elongated Collectors included. If you are reading this page, you should really look into becoming a member of TEC if you aren't already!
Also, recently three new coins of the month were issued at Tokyo Disneyland. We are swamped, but, should have a major Tokyo Disneyland Guide Update soon.
05/01/08 Hard to believe we've been at for four years already! Some longtime readers will remember the very small personal web site we started a few years earlier too. However, by far, the most exciting changes over the past six or seven years (at least for us) is that you have visited and shared this reference site with your friends and fellow Disneyana fans.
The record breaking use of, as measured by your links to this site, web site "hits" and your visits, has not only made our day, but, it has also motivated us to offer even more and better Disneyland pressed penny collector content. (And to use a spell checker more often!)
Thank you all very much for visiting our home-grown hobbyist site, sharing this wonderful hobby with us, and telling your friends about Happy Collecting! From Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.
04/29/08 Wow! Wonderful weather and a packed park! I wish we could all be there today. But, lots to do and share from here at! There are only about 40 Visitor Auctions today, but, the auctions include several Hong Kong Disneyland coins, a DCA Sneak Peak quarter and a Magical Milestones set with the 50th penny book. Do take a look if you have a chance. Also, Boomer is buried in the latest Tokyo Disneyland coins. It may take a few days to sort, number and scan them. However, as soon as we're caught up, we will be adding a Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary set page to the guides. It will be much like the Disneyland 50th Anniversary pressed penny page. So far the Tokyo set seems like it might be complete at 39 coins? However the new Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary "pressed penny" book holds 54 coins! Stay tuned for news as it breaks! Happy collecting!
04/26/08 No reports of new Tokyo Disneyland coins for five days in a row! I wonder what the heck happened? crazy penny Looks like all of the 25th Anniversary coins might be on stage now. The coins featuring the "25th" logo have settled at 39 so far. Many collectors have noticed that the anniversary set, Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the month, and all other TDR coins recently issued have been pressed on copper planchets. I have not seen a nickel colored coin from Tokyo Disneyland for some time now.
Both sets make for excellent collections. Maybe the coin of the month series will catch on in the US as the anniversary sets have in Japan? We expect the latest coins to arrive shortly. Once scanned, we will add them to the guides. This month's TDR updates will total more than 50 coins!
04/21/08 Yep. Another penny at Tokyo Disneyland! As is usual for TDR, this new 2008 Spring Carnival "pressed penny" is a beauty. Our thanks to Kuniaki in Japan for his report an picture.
04/18/08 Rumors of another penny press near the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim and lots of new coins at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort including a very cool 25th Anniversary series offering 41 coins so far, top the news this week. Updates will follow. Do you have some Disneyland elongated penny news? You can share it on with credit or anony-mousely. smiley penny
4/15/08 Yes, even MORE new Tokyo Disneyland resort "pressed pennies" today! More information and pictures are linked on the Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny news page or take a quick view of all the April 2008 TDR Pressed Pennies - Souvenir Medals.
4/13/08 Per your emails, some Tokyo Disneyland issues are currently offered on eBay and GrandHobbies Disneyland pressed penny sales has recently added Tokyo Disneyland issues to their Disneyland USA offerings. Also, some online Yahoo email groups have active pressed penny trading.
We are always happy to consider additional sources for a free plug here. Just contact us.
4/13/08 Another day another report of... Even more coins at Tokyo Disneyland by Hideo in Japan! Most of these new issues appear to be part of a Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary set. They remind me of the Disneyland 50th Anniversary Magical Milestones set or maybe the 25th Anniversary set offered at Walt Disney World. Could be a very neat set. The engraving and artwork seem to be very nice. We hope to have images for you soon.
4/12/08 A good friend tells us that there are as of today, about 36 more new coins at Tokyo Disneyland! We hope to have pictures of them soon.
Some readers have mentioned that these coins have been hard to find. Tell me about it! wall smiley   Limited order sizes, shipping, postage, and availability have made these coins a formidable challenge recently.
04/07/08 We have updated our Disneyland penny press machine location lists to include recent Disneyland Resort changes. They aren't perfect, but, we are told they are the best on the 'net and offered in PDF, HTML and XLS formats so you can print and edit them as your personal penny press check lists or link to them from your web site. If you have really good eyesight, we even have a single page penny press locations page that is easy to bookmark so you'll always have our most recent list only a click away.
04/06/08 Tomorrow night is the close of the Fantasmic! elongated coin. (Listed on the Visitor Pressed Penny eBay Auctions page.)
Over the past week or so, readers have asked us what we know about the seller etc. He is a well known person in the Disney elongated coin community, the Fantasmic! is from his personal collection, and he has had very few auctions in the past, most of which were hard to find coins. I won an auction of his not long ago and I'm very happy with the transaction. However, we suggest you contact the seller if you have any questions.
One reader, new to Disneyland elongated coins, was amazed to see such high bids for a single elongated coin. It's also unusual to see a Fantasmic! for sale! If there is a successful bidder, our guess, based on past sales, is the winning bid will be two thousand to twenty-five hundred dollars.
Readers just starting collections should not let the sales of prototype coins like this scare them into collecting Old Master paintings or 60s Muscle Cars instead. crazy pressed penny The Fantasmic! is a "key" coin in the DN Prototype Elongated Coin Collection, but, not part of the typical "complete set" of all in-park on-stage coins. So, no need to be concerned about the high price... unless you are an Advanced Disney Penny Collector with an eye on prototype collecting. pressed penny smile
04/06/08 The Disneyland Resort had some serious traffic problems at around 10 o'clock this morning. Maybe they all heard about the new penny press at the ESPN Zone?
NEW PRESSED PENNY! Donald and William B., the avid collectors and fellow TEC Members, reported a new four choice hand crank penny press at Downtown Disney's ESPN Zone! Our thanks for their report and pictures of these new pressed pennies! The machine was manufactured by the good folks at CTM / Penny Collector and is pressing well. The new coins will be added to the DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney Elongated Coin Collection Guide soon.

New ESPN Pressed Coins!
The Newest Editions to the
DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney
Pressed Penny Guide
Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team pressed penny Los Angeles Angels of Ananheim pressed penny ESPN elongated penny ESPN Zone, Anaheim pressed penny
Images courtesy of Donald and William B.

04/01/08 Tokyo Disneyland issued three very nice April 2008 coins of the month. Pictures and descriptions on the Tokyo Disneyland Medals News Page.
04/01/08 YIKES! Could it be true? To assure you that this is not one of my April Fools pranks, here is a PDF of the Let's Goof Up The Penny Press Machines Again Act of 2008! (Also known as H.R. 5512: Coin Modernization and Taxpayer Savings Act of 2008) smiley pressed penny
Yes, as tax payers, we "have people" to make up April Fools Pranks for us! crazy pressed penny Here's a couple of easy read newspaper articles on the subject: one - two. I promise not to complain about zinc cents again!?
03/29/08 Two very neat coins are up for auction by visitors. A DN0001 Prototype elongated coin closing Monday night and per your requests, the DN0014 Fantasmic pressed penny was re-listed, this time closing Friday night at 7PM. Both of these hard to find coins are linked via the Visitor Pressed Penny Auctions page (eBay auctions link). For more background about the coins, please refer to our Legendary Disneyland Elongated Coins page.
03/27/08 Fellow collector Tim just reported the Little Green Men (Astro Blaster) machine is off-stage. Our thanks for the update, rumors have started to circulate that the coins may be retired.
03/27/08 New Tokyo Disneyland medal information report by Kuniaki in Japan!

Three medal designs were changed at Disney Ambassador Hotel on March 24, 2008
Mickey, Minnie, Chip 'n Dale.
Tomorrowland Terrace was re-open on March 19 2008 New Mickey medal was released.
The new medal is the same design as the 2007 Starcade coin but it's Copper not Nickel.
Medal of the month was moved from Stellar Sweets.
The 2008 Tomorrowland series at Planet M was temporarily removed.
UPDATE: Also 3 medals design were changed at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta on March 28 2008.
The new coins are: Mickey, Minnie, Donald.

Thank you,
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan

Kuniaki has also sent pictures of the new Tokyo Disneyland "pressed pennies".
03/24/08 NEW pressed pennies! Readers will remember we reported a rumor by DorMouse on 3/5/08 that a new penny press was planned late March or early April. One that might not even be known by Disney Management yet.
On 03/11/08, MouseEars correctly pointed out that Disney Management does know about all upcoming machines... in the park. Both posts were correct. Happy pressed penny
The new machine, featuring two new DW Pressed Penny Collection coins, was placed on site today! The coins are shown below. They were vended from a new $.51 three-play machine located at the Harbor Cove Mini Mart at the Tropicana Hotel, 1540 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, across from the Disneyland Resort main entrance. (Open 7AM to 1AM) The machine has been pressing coins beautifully.
Although this penny press is outside of the Disneyland Resort and not an official Disneyland machine, the first and third coins mention "Disneyland" and therefore will have Disneyland Wannabe collection guide numbers of DW0029 and DW0030.
Here are the coins!

Three NEW Disneyland Wannabe Coins!
Disneyland Wannabe Elongated Coin Guide
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 29
No mention of Disneyland, no guide number!
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 30

03/24/08 Our thanks to David. He emailed to report the Splash Mountain coin press has been taken off-stage, however, the change machine is still there. This may substantiate past rumors that the machine would be updated (no die change). Could be that the Disney folks are doing their magic on the machine. If so, the machine should return.
03/23/08 HAPPY EASTER!!!! Pressed penny smiley!
03/22/08 Late Friday a very seldom seen Disney elongated coin was offered for sale via this DN0001 "Buy it Now" auction at $1650.00. It is the first DN0001 elongated cent I have ever seen auctioned. This hard to find Disney pressed penny and others are often listed on the Visitors Auctions page, a great page to bookmark.
03/19/08 We have added a few new pages featuring Cast Member framed Magical Milestones pressed penny sets. If you have some information to add to our articles about them, please contact us.
03/18/08 As of this afternoon, we have caught up with the free pressed penny offer mail! If you sent us a SASE recently, your penny is probably on its way! If you haven't already sent in for a free penny, now is a great time! pressed penny smilely
03/17/08 Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Good news! Earlier this month, a Fantasmic! coin was offered for sale, but, did not reach its reserve. We hear it might be offered again, this time closing on a Sunday evening to accommodate a bidder or two that missed the first auction. If so, we'll post a link to the auction here.
03/16/08 Tokyo Disneyland Resort new coin report! Kuniaki writes:
TDL Event "Cinderellabration 2008" and TDS Event "Season of the Hart 2008"
was finished on Mar. 14, 2008. So Event Linkage medals were gone.
New design "Donald" medal was released at the TDL Penny Arcade Mar. 15, 2008.
Thank you,
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
Kuniaki also sent a picture of the new Tokyo Disney souvenir pressed coin to share with readers.

We are very thankful for these reports from Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan. The Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies or medals have become increasingly difficult to acquire, especially for collectors in the United States. As you may have noticed, the longtime suppliers that offered the coins on eBay and via subscription lists are not offering the coins as regularly as in past years. The costs of purchase, currency devaluation, shipping and related risks have made it difficult for dealers to resell the coins at a price comparable to past offerings.
Even though availability and costs of acquisition are challenging, we are still acquiring these coins for display in the guides knowing that coins that are hard to acquire often become the keys to a collection over time.
See our Tokyo Disneyland News Page for past news and links.
03/13/08 Avid collectors will notice three new coins listed on the "DN" pressed penny collection guide and a 2008 Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coins Collection guide has been added also. Happy collecting... Boomer.
03/11/08 MouseEars recently commented about our 3/5/08 post and made a point that I'm sure is on the minds of many readers. His point, as I understand it, is that new Disneyland penny presses are approved by Management; they know or would know about any planned penny press machines., thanks to the many kind folks that share news via our news pages, often breaks penny press news first. pressed penny happy face We think our carefully worded 3/05/08 post from DorMouse is on target. Collectors and "industry related folks" will want to check back for future updates.
03/11/08 Last nights close of the Fantasmic! auction brought a historic record high eBay bid for a Disney elongated coin, $1,527.01. But did not reach the reserve. If collectors get another chance at this coin, Boomer hopes for an early evening weekend close, with his tax refund check in hand. pressed penny happy face
03/10/08 The Fantasmic! elongated coin auction ends tonight. Most all high value coins have been sold privately over the years, so this auction is a treat for many collectors. As of this morning, the bidding is over $1,000.00 and has already set a new eBay record for a single Disney elongated coin bid. I believe the previous eBay record sale was ~$800.00 back in 2001 for a DL0001 nickel. Based on past private sales, the Fantasmic! could bring two or three times the current bid. The reserve price has not yet been reached, the bids are building, could be exciting!
03/06/08 Our thanks to a good friend and avid Walt Disney World elongated coin collector that agreed to share his personal list of WDW quarter press machine locations with readers anony-mousely. The list is not yet complete, but, it is current and I'm sure it will be a welcome help for anyone collecting WDW elongated coins. Please visit our WDW penny press machine locations page for an Excel version of this file and several other WDW related guides.
03/05/08 welcomes "The DorMouse" with their first anony-mouse report. Now, if Boomer remembers what the DorMouse said...sad pressed penny smiley A new penny press is planned late this month or early April. A machine that even Disneyland management doesn't know about yet? Stay tuned.
03/02/08 Tokyo Disneyland report and new coin pictures by Kuniaki in Japan. Details on the Tokyo Disneyland News page.
03/01/08 longtime eBay auctioneer MarkMark2 reported three new Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coins! Post and picture on the Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coins News page.
03/01/08 Late last night or early this morning (11:00pm PST or 1:00am EST time) the Fantasmic! auction mentioned here 2/22, opened. This eBay 10 day reserve auction is linked via the ParkPennies Visitor Auctions page. Given coins of this status are not often auctioned, night owls could witness or participate in an exciting auction close next Monday night / Tuesday morning.
02/22/08 A well respected member of the hobby has just advised us that he will be auctioning a Fantasmic!, the legendary DN0014 elongated prototype coin . We've seen a scan of the coin. It is a nice, full roll zinc cent. The eBay reserve auction is planned to start next Friday, February 29th, 2008.
02/20/08 Rainy day fun ????land China? sad pressed penny smiley! We are checking to see if... they might have any er ah "Disney" elongated coins.
02/18/08 Readers have asked why we haven't addressed recent changes in Disneyland elongated coin quality. At long last, Boomer's Evil twin has taken on the subject. If you'd like to see image comparisons and his take on the changes, please view our article about Changes in Disneyland pressed coin engraving quality.
02/16/08 Lots of updates to the Tokyo Disneyland Guides! Including one of my favorite Disney elongated coin collections, the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month! At the bottom of this page are thumbnail images of the entire set. If you'd like to see larger images please open the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month "pressed penny" page. If you'd like to see a series like this at Disneyland USA, I know they listen to guests. Can't hurt to thank them for what they have done... and ask about a coin of the month series? Penny Of the Month Smiley!
02/15/08 Recently, we included on the Visitors Auction Links page, it's free to buyers and sellers. The site has been recommended to us by fellow readers. To try it our, I listed a coin for sale... easy and FREE! Matter of fact, given there are no auction fees, low cost auctions of many types of pressed pennies are plentiful. Do check them out.
02/14/08 No news to report from the park lately. But, there are lots of coins up for auction by visitors, some are aren't seen often. Also, thought I'd mention that "swapped back" coins have been reported, like these Nightmare Before Christmas coins. So, if you have a few duplicates, or spot a set of stamped back elongated coins for sale you might check the stampbacks against the ones you already have. Sorry, I don't know of any that are up for auction, but, I never know what an avid collector might put up for sale or trade. "Swapped back" coins are something most collectors haven't noticed yet. ( readers are of course, an exception to that rule. Smiley )
02/13/08 QUICK click on the "Visitor Auctions" logo at the top of the page and go the eBay auctions. LOTS of Buy it Nows just listed and some will be gone fast.
02/09/08 We have been both flattered and flattened by the number of free pressed penny requests! Smiley We hope to be caught up by Monday. Please bear with us.
02/08/08 Extra happy with a pressed penny related business? Do you offer a penny press related service or product? Why not submit a Free link request at and share? Pressed Penny Smiley
02/04/08 Here are the details and pictures for the Tokyo Disneyland Resort coins mentioned 2/1 thanks to our friend Kuniaki in Japan.
Monthly medals were released on February 01
TDL Penny Arcade ---- Snow White
TDL Stellar Sweets ---- Belle
TDS Galleria Disney --- Mickey

New Design medals were released on February 01
TDL Western Wear
Western Land series 3 medals:
Chip & Dale
TDS Steamboat Mickey's
Short film series 3 medals:
The Band Concert
Two-gun Mickey
Brave Little Taylor
Here are the latest Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal Pictures thanks to Kuniaki in Japan.
Avid Tokyo Disneyland medal collectors will want to check out the Tokyo Disneyland News page and the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month.
02/01/08 Ashley text messaged Boomer ( or to let us know that the Haunted Mansion machine is back at New Orleans Square. The Nightmare Before Christmas set has been retired and the Haunted Mansion favorites have taken their place. Also, we hear from Japan that there are NINE more new coins on stage! Is that 41 so far this year? YIKES!
01/31/08 We have recently updated the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month thumbnail images page. In our opinion, this has got to be one of the most collectable sets at any Disney park. Many readers have asked why only The Tokyo Disneyland Resort has a coin of the month series. Good question! sad pressed penny smiley You know, the Disneyland Resort and their on-line web site do accept suggestions. Happy pressed penny smiley
01/28/08 ParkPennies visitor mail brought to our attention that the princess quarter press machine coin examples pictured below have off-center grip slots, however, the images appear to be well centered. Maybe the grip slots are a bit off-center on the dies? After a close look, I think it possible that the Arcade Techs had to force the coins to the right in the press to keep the main image centered. Unusual, but possible. Maybe a reader can update the machine status if image or grip centering change over the next week or so?
01/27/08 NEW PRESSED PENNIES! Thanks to visitor text messages, we have news of a new set of elongated quarters! The Princess quarter press machine is back at the It's A Small World Gift Shop! The original DL0158, DL0159 and DL0160 dies have been replaced by the DL0425, DL0426, and DL0427 dies. (All coins are shown below and are now listed in the Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides.)

You may be surprised to see that the new coins are so similar to the coins they replace. Although the dot borders were deleted on the new coins, the subjects and art work are very much the same. Snow White and Cinderella still have their names on the coins and poor Princess Aurora is still called "Sleeping Beauty" as on the original set. The vertical images are still full length etc. One could assume that these dies are more "replacements" than "new" dies.

The good news, in my opinion, is that these coins are engraved in a quality comparable to the coins they replace, something that hasn't always been true recently. The lettering quality, in my opinion, isn't as good as the previous coins, but, the images are three-dimensional with the look of hand engraving. Also the new coins feature stampbacks that, based on emails and witnessed guest reactions, have been a big hit with many guests and advanced collectors. So, if you have the "old set" you now have three more retired coins and three new coins to add. pressed penny smiles

The NEW Princess Quarters!
Soon to be listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Numbers are provisional. Permanent numbers will be assigned by 1/31/08
Original New Reverse
DL0158 Disneyland pressed or elongated quarter number DL0426 Disneyland pressed quarter reverse for DL0425, DL0426, and DL0427
DL0159 Disneyland pressed quarter DL0425
DL0160 Disneyland pressed coin or elongated quarter number DL0427
Share the news as it breaks! Link to

01/26/08 Late night news... new machine rumored!
01/24/08 Reports are received regularly however, no new coin to report at Disneyland USA. We have added a link to a new free penny page on this page and the main home page. Advanced collectors that spot a link to the free penny page here or elsewhere on the 'net can add a pressed penny to their collection by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to Boomer, here at penny smile
01/21/08 The Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny or Medal Guides have been updated. 26 new coins were added and five more are on the way!
01/19/08 Lots of neat coins were just added to the visitor linked auctions... Bill Hogarth, Jack Steiner and Ron Dominguez copper cents, Cast Member Nickels, WDW 25th Quarters... and more! Just click the "Visitor Auctions" logo at the top of this page to take a look...
01/18/08 Tokyo Disneyland Resort report from Kuniaki in Japan! New coins and pictures! (Yes, MORE new coins!)
Details and pictures on the Tokyo Disney Pressed Coins News Page.
01/17/08 Last night a group of "buy it now" auctions appeared on the linked visitor auctions page. Some of the coins were not only "very hard to finds", but were offered at extremely attractive prices examples: an ANA 1995 for $5.00(!) and 35th Anniversary nickel for $75.00! The days of finding a scarce coin at a bargain price are not over! Do check visitor linked auctions often. pressed penny bargains live!
01/13/08 Some neat new visitor auctions are up on ebay. I noticed some WDW 25th's that might catch your eye and there are some older Disneyland pressed coins too. Do take a look at the 70-some Disney elongated coins up for auction and check back here often. Never know when a new coin will "hit the stage". Happy collecting!
01/11/08 Tokyo Disneyland Resort report from Kuniaki in Japan! New coins and pictures!
Details and pictures on the Tokyo Disney Pressed Coins News Page.
01/10/08 Looks like the 2007-8 Seasonal Nickel machine and the 2007 NBC quarter machine are both gone for good... already! For many, I fear the machines may have come an gone without notice. The one month stay for the nickel press was very short. Historically the seasonal nickel machine has been on-stage for two to three months and often in the high-traffic Penny Arcade. Given this year's off-beat location in the Main Street Opera exit, even collectors that knew the nickel machine was in the park, sometimes found themselves cell-phoning friends to look up the machine location on some web site run by some old "Boomer" guy. smile Chances are a lot of would be collectors missed these coins.
In my humble opinion, if you have a set, don't let go. If you missed them, don't pass up a good trade. This set may be scarcer than most in the future.
01/09/08 Emails received late last night from Tom V. Nightmare Before Christmas Machine, and Donald B. Seasonal Nickel Machine, report the machines are now off-stage. Our thanks to Tom and Donald for sharing this news.
We believe these machines are probably retired. Guides will be updated in a few days.
01/09/08 Some cool coin auctions are closing today! If you have time, check out the visitor auctions page.
01/02/08 Report from Kuniaki in Japan! New coins and pictures!
A Happy New Year.

TDR 2008 series 12 medals and monthly 3 medals were released on Jan. 01 2008

Penny Arcade
The Mickey Mouse Revue
The Flying Elephant Dumbo
Alice Tea Party
It's a Small World
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain

Planet M
Buzz Lightyear
Emperor Zurg

Penny Arcade ----- Princess Aurora
Stellar Sweets ----- Cinderella
Galleria Disney ---- Mickey
Thank you Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan.
Details and picture links on the Tokyo Disneyland News page.
01/01/08! new pressed penny! A 2008 Chip n Dale coin has arrived at the Acorn Gift Shop, Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland USA! We believe this machine was placed last night as the machine has been off-stage for the past few days. If you anticipated a 2008 coin would take its place on the first of the year, and you are not at the park now... here's a picture of the new coin. We'll update the guides later today.
Anastasia was first to report this new coin. Our thanks to all the readers that email or text us with news to share. Without the valuable reports from fellow collectors, there is no way we could report new on-stage coins so quickly.
Happy collecting and happy new year!

The NEW 2008
Chip N Dale Pressed Penny!
From the
Disneyland Resort Pressed Penny Guide
2008 Chip n Dale pressed penny
2008 Chip n Dale reverse
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