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Tokyo Disney Donald Duck Pressed Penny
Souvenir Medal Released March 15, 2008

Pictures Courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki
Donald Duck "Pressed Penny" Souvenir Coin Released March 15, 2008

The Cinderellabration and Season of the Hart have ended and this Donald Duck Disney pressed penny souvenir medal is the first replacement coin reported to us so far. The quality of the coin engraving has changed but is still good. Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland USA coin engraving has suffered as you can see by comparing older souvenir medals with the most recent issues. Tokyo Disneyland Resort has taken the quality of these souvenirs seriously from the start and haven't strayed. Please see our article about changes in Disneyland die engraving quality for examples.

As you may have noticed, the Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies or medals have become increasingly difficult to acquire, especially for collectors in the United States. The longtime suppliers that offered the coins on eBay and via subscription lists are not offering the coins as regularly as in past years. Although these souvenirs can still be purchased by collectors outside of Japan, the costs of purchase, shipping and related risks make it difficult for a buyer to resell the coins at a price comparable to past offerings.

We are still purchasing these coins for display in the guides. However, availability and costs of acquisition are at least for the current time, challenging when compared to coins available in the United States or even Hong Kong. Avid collectors should not be discouraged. There may not be a better time than now to add these coins to your collections. As advanced collectors know, the harder a coin is to get when it's on-stage, the harder it will be to find in the future. And... if it was easy, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun! (I keep telling myself that over and over. But, for some reason, the lazy part of me just doesn't buy it.) Sad pressed penny smiley
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Donald Duck Disney souvenir
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