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Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Souvenir Medals
Reported March 28, 2008

Pictures Courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki
MORE Tokyo Disneyland "Pressed Pennies"!

Here are some great pictures of the newest Tokyo Disneyland "pressed coins" thanks to a very kind fellow collector, Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan.

You may have noticed a change in the "hand" of the engraver, but, the engraving quality still seems better than some of the recent issues at Disneyland USA and Hong Kong Disneyland. We have received many emails about the changes in elongated coin die engraving quality and we agree with the consensus. Based on your emails, it seems that the world misses the expert hand engraving by Mr. Jimmy Vargas of Eurolink. He has engraved penny press dies that have impressed guests and elongated coin collectors alike for many years. I don't know if one engraver could keep up with the rapidly growing number of new pressed coins offered by the ever increasing number of new penny press machine locations. Maybe that's why many recent coins haven't been up to his standards, and maybe I'm a bit selfish too. But, I think if his time is limited, it should first be allotted to the pressed coins at the Disney Resorts. After all, isn't Disney all about images?

Well, 'nuff of my rants! Sad Pressed Penny Smiley

Here are the latest coins. We'll add them to the Tokyo Disneyland Souvenir Guides as soon as we have coins in hand to scan.

Happy collecting,
Boomer and the folks at

Mickey in a Tux TDL pressed penny or medal
Mickey Mouse Hotel pressed penny or medal
Minnie Mouse Hotel pressed penny or medal
Chip N Dale Hotel pressed penny or medal
Tokyo Resort medal or pressed penny
Ambassador elongated penny or medal
Ambassador Hotel Pressed Coin
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