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Tokyo Disneyland Medals
Reported June 2008

Pictures Courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki
© 2008 Kuniaki Hiraki and
Tokyo Disneyland Medals or "Pressed Penny Souvenir Coins"
Issued in June of 2008

The Tokyo Disneyland medals or "pressed coins" issued in June of 2008 will be listed here. We trust this new format will make it easier for us all to find coins issued over a chosen time period. Grouping a full month of new issues on a single page will also help us keep up with the increasing number of new Tokyo Disneyland souvenir medals. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Our thanks to a very kind fellow collector, Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan, who has been very kind to share his knowledge and pictures of these coins.

Here are the latest coins. We'll add them to the Tokyo Disneyland Souvenir Guides as soon as we have coins in hand to scan.

Happy collecting,
Boomer and the folks at

Tokyo DisneySea June 2008 Mickey Mouse  Medal or Pressed Penny
Tokyo Disneyland June 2008 Daisy Duck  Medal or Pressed Penny
Tokyo Disneyland June 2008 Donald Duck Medal or Pressed Penny
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