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01/01/11 18 New Tokyo Disneyland coins! Kuniaki Hiraki Recent Reports:
Many medals were released on Jan. 01, 2011 Monthly medals TDL Penny Arcade -----------Thumper TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ----Roger Rabbit TDS Galleria Disney ---------- OswaldDo you know the sexagenary cycle in Japan? This is the year of rabbit. 2011 series TDL Penny Arcade TDL Tomorrowland Terrace TDS Steamboat Mickey's. Thank you Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan. Our thanks to you Kuniaki! Readers may want to visit Kuniaki's excellent web site for more information about these brand new coins.
12/26/10 "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"! First hello to Stan, an avid collector that spotted the new nickel machine at the Penny Arcade and took the time to visit with fellow collectors. Also to Nathan the lifesaver Arcade Tech that was able to get the DCA machine up an running for us in no time...

To the delight of many guests and elongated coin collectors, Disneyland placed another excellent set of Seasonal Pressed Nickels onstage. As many readers know, this LONG running series has been a must have for many collectors. Needless to say the arrival of this set late Christmas Eve made for one terrific Christmas present, one well worth the wait.
Right now at Disneyland the 2010 must have souvenir elongated coin set is waiting for you. All three of the elongated coins feature very nicely done stampbacks, all are dated, all are nickels, all have been very nicely engraved, and all are well themed with "fresh" artwork, dot borders. You'll probably want the whole set of three for just 80 cents each, a total of only $2.40!
Two of the nickels, a Happy Holidays and a Season's Greetings, are in Disneyland Park and in Disney California adventure, the first ever DCA Season's Greetings nickel awaits you. (Yes, this year you'll need to buy admission to both parks to get all three Seasonal Nickels. But, I'm told there are other fun things to do while your in the park? :-) You really need to see these coins in person. But, you can get an idea of how nice they are via the images below.
Our hats off the the good folks that made these happen for the 16th year in a row! We know it takes dedication and a commitment to the guest experience to make this happen. In short, the Seasonal Nickel set is truly a great Disney tradition and an excellent example of what makes Disneyland, Disneyland. Don't miss them!

2010 Christmas Holiday Pressed Nickels!
Click to open the Holiday Pressed Nickel guide
Happy Holidays Disneyland pressed nickel 2010
DL0486 Minnie Skating
Penny Arcade
Main Street Disneyland
Happy Holidays Disneyland pressed nickel 2010 stampback
Season's Greetings Disneyland pressed nickel 2010
DL0487 Daisy and Donald
Penny Arcade
Main Street Disneyland
Season's Greetings Disneyland pressed nickel 2010 stampback

Season's Greetings Disney California Adventure pressed nickel 2010
CA0068 Mickey and Minnie
Engine-Ears Toys
Disney California Adventure!

Season's Greetings Disney California Adventure pressed nickel 2010 stampback

12/24/10 Two reports in already today... No Seasonal Nickels... yet. We'll probably have news about he penny machines next week. Enjoy this time with friends and family. Merry Christmas! And Happy collecting, Boomer
12/22/10 No... there are no Seasonal Nickels at Disneyland.... yet.
12/21/10 We have gotten word of a 2010 FOS Cast Member elongated token pressed for the Facilities Operations & Services Christmas party held on 12/16/2010 at DCA. We hope to have a scan of this new elongated token added to the DS Disney Shop pressed pennies guide soon probably as guide number DS0021.
We have also added the latest set of five pins to the "WDI Disney Pressed Penny Pins" page. No Seasonal Nickels yet...
12/17/10 We've updated all Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides. The Tokyo Disneyland Resort Pressed Pennies of the Month page is complete from the first coin of the month issued in 2005 to the most recent, December 2010 coins. All Tokyo Disneyland Resort coins from very first in 1996 to the most recent December 2010 coins are also listed in the 2010 Tokyo Disneyland Resort Pressed Penny Guides. How time flies, Tokyo Disneyland is one of the "new" guides here and we've been listing coins in it for 15 years now! Happy collecting, Boomer.
12/16/10 We do read visitor emails and needless to say, we feel your pain. Still no Seasonal Nickel set! The traditional set that has been must have for many Disneyland visitors for 15 years now is running very late. However, we have not given up hope... Do check back for updates
12/10/10 Possibly of interest or at the very least, a great sleep aid :-) ... Advanced Collectors of Disney elongated coins often find Unofficial Disney "Tributes", counterfeits, fakes, a fun collectable. So we have listed many "unofficial" Disney themed elongated coins here separately... in our "DW Disney Wannabe or tributes pressed penny guide". We may never have a complete guide to all unofficial "Disney" elongated coins because by definition, most anyone, most anywhere, can make them and often such coins are not made in quantity or distributed widely. But, with your help, we are trying!
As many readers know, generally speaking, "Non Authorized" elongated coins (dies), that is, Disney themed coins (dies) not known to have been licensed, engraved, or specifically ordered by Disney are listed in our "DW Guide". And Disney elongated coins (dies), proven via evidence and provenance to be "Authentic", that is elongated coins (dies) that are known to have been licensed, engraved, or otherwise specifically ordered by Disney are listed in the appropriate guide, based on their onstage location / use etc. Needless to say, just as with Disney collectable pins, elongated coins (dies) are not "Authentic" just because they were manufactured by a company that has also made "Authentic" Disney elongated coins (dies). Nor is a Disney themed elongated coin not "Authentic" simply because it was the only elongated coin made by an engraver or because it was pressed in a Disney Off Site penny press. So, every coin submitted for listing in our guides must first be vetted and provenance established before it is placed in any guide. Once the correct placement has been determined, no matter if authentic or unofficial, the elongated coin will have an appropriate place in the guides. And... as many visitors know, we welcome your Disney themed elongated coin submissions. Happy collecting and Happy Holidays, Boomer.
12/10/10 Well, maybe the seasonal nickels haven't arrived at Disneyland yet, but, Walt Disney Imagineering has released some Disney pins, three of which are based on the Disneyland seasonal nickel set. You can see them on our WDI Disney Pressed Penny Pins page, third series section.
12/09/10 The Seasonal Nickel set is running very late this year. I fear many family members and friends, that look forward each year to receiving a set of Christmas nickels inside their Christmas cards, will be disappointed. sad penny However, rumors still are strong that the nickels will arrive and that something special is planned this year. (I hope that means this calendar year.) Do check back often, we'll post news as soon as we have it.
11/24/10 Several visitors have shared reports that the Disneyland Park Seasonal pressed nickel set has not yet arrived. Although the coins are late this year, we believe they will arrive in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for updates. Happy collecting, Boomer.
11/18/10 We've finally updated our condensed guide to all "Disneyland" elongated coins (Different guide sections are tabbed at the bottom of each guide page.) But, wait... there's more! You'll want to checkout the same Disneyland Guide to Elongated Coins in Excel format because it can be easily saved to your desktop, sorted, converted to text etc. and you can modify it suit your personal, non-commercial uses. Add your own notes, mark the coins you have or need, make a want or trade list to send to a friend... Of course, we would also be honored if you'd like to link or post these guides on your web site, blog etc. as long as the files are unmodified, offered for free, and have a link credit back to These guides and others can also be found on our Disneyland pressed penny checklists page. The guides are new, "beta", and may have a "few" (million) typos, please let us know about any errors you find or about any additions you'd like to them. Enjoy and happy collecting, Boomer.
11/11/10 Lots of Visitor Auctions of Disney pressed pennies! Auctions by eBay ID alanlyndsay are closing today and there are some neat coins at low opening bids ! Do take a look.
11/09/10 Christmas has arrived... at Tokyo Disneyland! Several Tokyo Disneyland " pressed pennies" already issued in November have Christmas greetings on them. No word yet on any "Seasonal" nickels at Disneyland USA. However, 2010 Tokyo Disneyland Christmas souvenir medals can be purchased via eBay etc. Happy Collecting, Boomer.
10/26/10 Just uploaded a... you are not going to believe it... Disney PIN PAGE!!!???? No, it's not what you think... these really look like pressed pennies! For the fun of it, why not view our early, not done yet, WDI Pressed Penny Style Disney Pins page.
10/26/10 Coins of the Month for October have been added to the 2010 Tokyo Disneyland guide.
Coin number 16 was just added to the 2010 Hong Kong Disneyland guide.
10/24/10 The 2010 Nightmare Before Christmas Quarters are HERE! Again this year, the Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter set, occupies the coffin quarter press located in New Orleans Square, just above the Pirates of the Caribbean entrance, in Le Bat en Rouge Shop / Port Royal Gift Shop. The NBC pressed quarters guide page has more information.
Be sure to bring lots of quarters with you. For the first time at Disneyland Resort, a pressed quarter price has been increased. They are now $1.25, up from the $1.00 originally charged for all pressed quarters at Disneyland since 1996. Seems like a $1.00 doesn't go as far today as it did ten or fifteen years ago? I know that ESPN is charging $1.00 for a pressed penny in Downtown Disney and pressed quarters at WDW have cost $1.25 for several years now. I guess I can understand... this is a nice limited edition set with fine detail that is very sharp in person, all are "3-D", all are dated, all have stampbacks, dot borders... They are nicer in many ways than the elongated coins offered at the other Disney Resorts. And elongated coins are arguably still one of the best souvenir values at Disneyland... I guess I'll get used to the new price... eventually.

2010 Nightmare Before Christmas,
Haunted Mansion Holiday Pressed Quarter Set

Click to open the NBC guide page
Nighmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday quarter Nighmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday quarter Nighmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday quarter

10/15/10 Longtime readers are aware that maintains Guides to Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Collector Books, Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Penny Collector Books, and Disneyland USA Pressed Penny Collector Books. Most all make for fun pressed penny related collectibles and some of the early editions even have exclusive pressed pennies in their covers... Today we are working on two more new penny collector books that will be added to the Tokyo collection. (Update: added latest two Tokyo Disneyland penny books 10/18/10) These books have been really popular, even with the current Tokyo Books now selling in Japan for 1290 Yen and 1590 Yen. (About $15.92 and $19.62 each!) Collectors in the United States will most likely need to add postage and a monetary token of their appreciation to the price for the kind sole who paid for transportation and admission to Tokyo Disneyland, and then purchased and shipped the books, all on his own time... Price aside, they are excellent quality books often with astonishing graphics, a must for Tokyo Disneyland collectors in my opinion.
The great news for collectors in the United States is that most of all our current penny books are under $10.00, sometimes way under $10.00. Matter of fact, there are several types at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Also an excellent selection of non-Disney Penny Collector Books, many with exclusive elongated coins in their covers, offered by our good friends, and at their many penny press machine locations. Do take a look, they might be a fun addition to your pressed penny collections.
10/11/10 Lots of Visitor Auctions of Disney pressed pennies! One recently listed auction that caught my eye is by eBay ID alanlyndsay... 700 coins! Do take a look.
10/11/10 The very difficult 2009 Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Penny guide has been updated / completed. The marquee pictures have finally been replaced with coin scans. Although some coin images were very hard to obtain, we believe the guide to be "definitive". No additional onstage coins have been reported or suspicioned to exist that are not already listed. If any variations or prototypes are found, we will, of course, update the guides at the time of discovery. The 2010 Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Penny guide is up to date. Several more coins are expected to be placed onstage by the end of the year, if past placement patterns are repeated again this year. Happy Collecting, Boomer.
10/10/10 While we're waiting for a new set of coins at Disneyland... Why not check out the Visitor Auctions of Disney pressed pennies? Currently, there are more than 250 of them, all by fellow visitors.
09/23/10 New Rivers of America pressed penny set is waiting for you across from the Shooting Gallery in Frontierland, Disneyland, USA! This brand new set is heavily based on the set which it replaces. But, offers new dot borders, "D" for Disneyland, and very nice "Disneyland Resort, Frontier Land" stampbacks! All for just 50 cents plus the penny you see pressed before your eyes! (We believe this new set was placed onstage today as the machine was reported still missing on Wednesday, September 22.)

New replacement RIVERS OF AMERICA set!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0480-482.
DL0480 Rivers of America pressed penny DL0481 Fisherman Mickey pressed penny DL0482 Mark Twain Riverboat pressed penny.
Disney pressed penny back stamp Disney pressed penny back stamp Disney pressed penny back stamp
This set features 3-D hand-engraved look
Disneyland "D" in a dot border
and a very neat stampback!

09/20/10 Rumors of a new penny press set at Disneyland, Anaheim are building. However, a report from GrandHobbies Sunday evening states that no new machines were sighted. Do check back for updates... If you spot a new machine, do share the news with fellow readers.
09/11/10 We've updated the Tokyo Disneyland 2010 Pressed Penny Guide. Several new coins were added as well as two new TDR 2011 calendars that feature exclusive "pressed pennies".
09/01/10 Currently, there are over 200 linked auctions of Disney elongated coins offered by visitors, some are hard to find coins!
08/23/10 As a helpful shortcut, we have added a "LATEST GUIDE UPDATES" list in the column to the left of this article. Just click on the links to check for the latest, most significant guide entries. The individual links will rotate out to make room for new entries. However, they should be live for a week or more. smiley penny
08/22/10 Our thanks to Fellow Disney elongated coin collector George Colón for reporting that the DL0437 Buzz Lightyear elongated coin reverse varies from the DL0436 and DL0438 stampbacks! We've hurried a correction to the Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story page and related guides. If you have a DL0437, you have this stampback, however, if you collect stampbacks only, you'll need a DL0437. Thankfully this coin is still onstage. Happy Collecting!
08/20/10 Surfing the 'net? There are currently more than 140 auctions of Disney elongated coins by fellow parkpennies visitors! Do check them out, there are, as usual, some unusual coins for auction. :-) Here is how you can link your Disney elongated coin auctions for free.

New replacement FINDING NEMO set!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0477-479.
DL0447 Nemo pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0448 Bruce pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0449 Dory pressed penny. Disney pressed penny back stamp
This set features 3-D hand-engraved look
with named characters, borders
and a very neat stampback!

A new replacement set of FINDING NEMO elongated coins was placed onstage Saturday at the Main Street Penny Arcade! This new set features similar artwork with a "D" for Disneyland in place of the "e" for Eurolink that was located near the coin grips in the now retired original set of Nemo coins. The new set also has an excellent "FINDING NEMO, Disneyland Resort" stampback! See these coins in our Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides. Happy collecting, Boomer. (Easy to walk past this machine thinking the coins have not changed!)
07/27/10 The Google Search feature at the top of this page and others on this site are now a bit more friendly, especially when searching for images / matching images of coins to guide numbers. Our thanks to Google. Simply enter a guide number or character name etc. in the search box and enter. A related search page will open. Select "images", move your mouse over the images, select an image, click to open the page. Happy collecting, Boomer.
07/18/10 We've updated the 2010 Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny guides. They are now complete to date including the 51 new coins issued since the first of this month!
07/17/10 Happy Birthday Disneyland! 55 years young!
07/16/10 No new pressed pennies to report. We keep getting rumors about a new pressed penny machine for Disneyland. But, haven't seen any so far.
07/16/10 A few of you have emailed us about the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney, Anaheim, raising the price of pressing a penny from 50 cents to $1.00. I think this is the first location at the Disneyland Resort to raise the price for pressing a penny... ever. Of course, one must admit that prices have changed over the past twenty or thirty years since the penny presses were first placed in the park.... Do you remember when you could buy a $9.95 order of Nachos at The White Water Snack Bar for just $7.95 or press a penny anywhere in the Disneyland Resort for just .50? That was just a few weeks ago! Maybe in 20 or 30 years people will say "Remember when you could press pennies at Disneyland... and they only cost a $1.00!?".
07/16/10 We just received 51 new Tokyo Disneyland coins! They will bring the guides current as of 7/10/10 when they are added to the Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides.
07/12/10 Advanced collectors will notice that current visitor eBay auctions include some seldom seen coins. If you have some time to surf the auctions, do take a look. Also, we have received a rumor or two about possible new coins at Disneyland. As soon as we have something more solid, we'll post it here. Happy collecting!
07/05/10 Boomer was busy pressing pennies this weekend for fellow collectors, like you! Just click this link if you would like a sota* free pressed penny! Yes, a DW0028 with a "Happy Collecting" stampback, free!
07/02/10 Another first day Tokyo Disneyland report from our good friend Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan... with pictures! Although the store coins have only line art two-dimensional images, the park coins are most all extremely nice, 3-D original art and well themed. These July 2010 Tokyo Disneyland "pressed penny" images are well worth a look even if you do not collect Tokyo Disneyland souvenir medals. See also our Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny News Page.
07/01/10 So, just yesterday, Boomer was soooo proud of himself. For the first time in a couple of years, he had caught up with the Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed pennies! At last, time to bask in the radiant excitement of the three new Disneyland stampbacks from his favorite, Disneyland Anaheim! Well, actually, one new reverse on three different coins. But, still big news for Disneyland, Anaheim! That was yesterday. Today, Tokyo Disneyland released more than 40 more new coins!!! Pictures and guide numbers to follow, when Boomer get caught up again... Happy collecting smile penny.
06/25/10 A cool NEW reverse upgrade was added to the Pirates of the Caribbean pressed penny set at the Pieces of Eight Gift Shop in New Orleans Square, Disneyland USA. Reports need to be reconciled / corrected, however, this new reverse was placed onstage between late 6/22/10 and 6/25/10... We'll update the guides once we have a bit more information, more scans, and can match up all the reports. Update 6/26/10 This set of coins is pressing perfectly. They are well centered, full rolls on copper and near perfectly flat. Our Disneyland pressed penny guide now has images and numbers for the set. Marquee image to follow.

Pirates of the Caribbean pressed penny stampback
New Pirates of the
Caribbean Logo

06/02/10 Some 1998 and 2001 WDW quarters are up on eBay via Buy it Now. You know, I'm a Disneyland collector, but, I know there are lots of ParkPennies visitors that may be interested in picking up these long retired coins.
05/29/10 Here's a first come first served DL0009 DIME, starting bid is just $75.00?! Linked via the visitor auctions... Happy collecting, Boomer.
05/26/10 The WDW sets mentioned in our 5/25/10 post sold very quickly! However, additional, possibly differently dated sets, may be offered by the same seller. Do check his auctions often if you are interested in retired WDW quarter sets.
05/25/10 More than 130 Disney pressed penny auctions have been linked to by fellow visitors. Do check them out, the coin you're looking for could be there. JUST IN... a set of 12 1998 WDW pressed quarters BUY IT NOW for ~$25.00 shipped. (This is why you need to check this page often.) happy penney
05/17/10 The 2010 Tokyo Pressed Penny Guides have been brought up to date as of 5/10/10. Tokyo Disneyland had issued over 100 new coins, just this year so far!
05/15/10 Recent visitor feedback has given high marks to the new Haunted Mansion pressed quarter set. The traditional "Disneyland" banner lettering, three-dimensional engraving of the three ghost DL0465 and the "D" for Disneyland were all big hits. Matter of fact, a few visitors have asked us to build a page of all "D" marked coins as a specialized Disney elongated coin collection. We'll post a link here when the page is added. Thank you for your feedback and visits! Happy collecting, Boomer.
05/10/10 Looks like the Haiti nickel set is retired. Reports state that it is no longer at Company D and we have no forwarding address. I've updated the Cast Member elongated coin guides with more complete locations, dates, etc. It is possible that the machine will be / has been moved to a new location, but, at this time, I don't think so. If you have information to add / share, please let us know anony-mousely if you wish.
04/29/10 NEW Haunted Mansion pressed quarters! The artwork is almost the same as the last set. But, they are easy to attribute given small detail changes, slightly larger images, and rotated stampbacks. Some will say that these coins do not have the warm, hand-engraved look that made Disneyland elongated coins famous. However, the coins do all feature three dimensional engraving. (The scandalous "CNC" two dimensional computer engraving wasn't used.) Matter of fact, the Phineas Queeg, Ezra Dobbins, and Gus Gracey, quarter that suffered from an "outline" image before, is now fully engraved! Oh, and look closely at the coin grip... the "e" for Eurolink used on the older set has been replaced by a "D" for Disneyland! I think you'll find these coins will make a nice addition to your Haunted Mansion pressed quarter collections. And they are waiting for you now... at The New Orleans Square Le Bat en Rouge Shope.

NEW Haunted Mansion quarters are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Now Retired
Now On Stage
Unchanged reverses
(Switched 4/2010)
NEW TINKER BELL! Elongated quarter NEW TINKER BELL! Elongated quarter Looks just like the movie!
NEW Tinker Bell! Elongated quarter NEW Tinker Bell! Elongated quarter Back stamps... only at Disneyland USA!
Peter Pan! Peter Pan! Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!

04/17/10 anony-mouse rumors of a new coin set are building... No report of a new machine on stage yet...
04/12/10 Never mind reading the news page today... just check out the visitor linked eBay auctions! Some really scarce coins are offered "Buy it Now" by eBay auctioneer "alanlyndsay".
04/11/10 Our thanks to some very kind anony-mouse friends for sharing the Haiti VoluntEARS nickel press machine pictures that now grace our Cast Member and Special Events pressed penny guide.
04/10/10 The Haiti nickel set has moved from the DCA Cafe, the employee / Cast Members only restaurant backstage Disney's California Adventure, to Company D, the Disneyland Cast Member store outside the park(!) probably late Thursday. Same coins as were offered at the Eat-Ticket and the DCA Cafe.
04/04/10 While still basking the the glow of the three new coins at issued at Disneyland this year, Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan sent us an email to let us know about the 46 new coins released at Tokyo Disneyland, on the first day of this month alone! I'm not sure a single room will be enough space for the next 10 years of Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies? You know I love the early issues, but, it's getting hard for this old guy to keep up with the hundreds of recent "pressed pennies". I guess you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many pressed pennies? sad penny
I've posted Kuniaki's report on our Tokyo Disneyland news page and encourage readers to visit his web site too.
04/03/10 Boomer has been busy updating the Disneyland pressed penny guides. The format has changed a bit, a bit more information has also been added. Some links are more user friendly. Matter of fact, the first review was from a close friend and longtime reader, he said "it's a mess!". Needless to say, that's proof of some major improvement! happy penney You may notice we had to change a few page links, hopefully they will all work for you. If not, please let us know. We hope to add a few more upgrades this month. Thank you for visiting and of course, thank you all for sharing our humble site with your friends via links and posts. They really make our day. Happy collecting, Boomer.
03/18/10 (We may have additional updates / corrections and welcome yours) Here are the coins:

The Disney VoluntEARS NICKELS!
Listed in the
Disneyland Cast Member Elongated Coin Guide
Obverse Large Type I Reverse
Mickey Firemand CM0029 Type I Haiti Relief elongated nickel stampback
Nurse Minnie Haiti Relief elongated nickel Small Type II Reverse
Small type II VoluntEARS stampback
Fireman Donald Duck Haiti Relief elonaged nickel
One of the best stampbacks to date and...
nicely hand engraved obverses too.

03/17/10 A new Cast Member only nickel press machine was placed onstage sometime today, backstage near the Team Center, Disneyland. My understanding is that it is a three die machine that presses nickels. It is not available to the general public. If you are a Cast Member at the park, or have a friend who is, the machine can be accessed. These coins are not a part of a typical "onstage" Disneyland pressed penny collection. More to follow.
So that we can post future Cast Member only issues publicly, please do not contact any Cast Members unless they are already good friends and your friendship can bare this sort of thing. :-) The machine should have a long run.
Don't despair... Past CM only issues found their way to collectors via friends, friends of friends, friends of eBay :-), and trading between collectors. Chances are this coin, in time, will be as easy to find as many of the other Cast Member issues. This CM coin is also not part of the typical onstage Disneyland pressed penny collection. Not that it makes me feel much better. sad penny
03/13/10 The large collection of early coins which was mentioned here and listed in the linked visitor auctions late Thursday, sold Friday to a reader. If you have a special collection for sale, or want to purchase hard to find Disneyland coins, this page and our Visitor Auctions can be great, free resources.
Many collectors bookmark this page... although the main page has many hits and visitors each day. Traffic to this "buried" news page is only in the 100s of visitors per day. This offers Advanced Collectors, that know about the page, insider news that is not commonly known and can not be found as soon elsewhere 'net.
03/11/10 Nice selection of auctions have linked to ParkPennies, Vintage Disneyland, a large collection of early coins, and some cool WDW coins too. Why not check out the Visitor Auctions?
03/03/10 Our Free pressed nickel for ParkPennies FaceBook Fans offer may have been successful in an unexpected way... A major penny press company has announced that they too will be offering free pressed coins to FaceBook Fans. Imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery... especially when it results in some free pressed pennies! smile penny We are flattered! And we will post a link to their FaceBook page both here and on our FaceBook page as soon as available / confirmed. PS our sorta* free nickel offer will end Monday, March 8th, so please don't delay. Our next freebie for FaceBook Fans is planned to start Friday, March 12. Now is a great time to become a FaceBook Fan of
02/25/10 Only 10 days left for the sorta free* FaceBook fans pressed nickel offer! If interested, please don't delay... Here is a link to the page: NEW FaceBook page. Happy collecting, Boomer.
02/19/10 A Dutch Financial Blog plugs with a picture of a DW0028d in a bottle! (Okay, maybe they didn't intend to, but, with our advertising budget, any mention is a good one!) Here is a link to the actual page before translation. Related: Penny in a Bottle Collection Guide
Point to FREE Penny!02/11/10 To kick-off the NEW FaceBook page, we are offering a sorta* free nickel to everyone that becomes a FaceBook Fan of the site and requests one via SASE... for a very limited time. (Okay, maybe we do have a small budget, but, it's the thought that counts... no? sad penny )
If you or a member of your family are not already on FaceBook, it's easy and free to signup. There are also some elongated coin "groups" on FaceBook too. And... yes, even if you already have received a sorta free* pressed penny, you can have a sorta free* nickel too! smile penny It will be your nickel, so you can add this hard-to-find DW0028n to your collection, trade for an elongated coin that you want even more(?), auction it on eBay for tens or even hundreds of cents (!), amaze and impress your favorite penny collector friend when you give it to them as a gift... or just bask in its radiant beauty? But, don't delay, the offer is for a very limited time. Limit one per FaceBook Fan and mailing address.
02/09/10 Yep. It's true. Boomer has proven you don't have be cool, young, or tech savvy to join FaceBook! sad penny He has craftily set up a page on FaceBook to lure unsuspecting pressed penny collectors to smile penny Needless to say, he'd welcome your visit, comments, and suggestions about the page. (Please no naughty words.) Also, if you become a "Facebook Fan" of the page, you'll have quick access to future FaceBook posts, news, free penny offers, bad grammar, and more! So, here's a link to Boomer's latest adventure: at FaceBook. It's a free, non-commercial hobbyist page, like ParkPennies. We hope you'll take a look.
02/09/10 The link to the DN0001 auction closed this morning at $1,525.00. I think the buyer did well. Some have mentioned that the closing time of the auction, the economy, etc. made for a better buying opportunity. I can't say. But, congratulations to the high bidder and we're glad to see that the coin has found a good home. Do check back here often, we do try to mention auctions like these when readers mention them or we spot them.
02/02/10 A DN0001 copper is up for auction on Ebay. It has been listed by a seller using some of the same auction text as he did for a DL0001, the short grip variation of the onstage coin, which sold recently for just over $132.00. Advanced collectors will recognize the coin offered today as The scarce DN0001 prototype coin, a coin that has sold for more than $2,000.00 before. Although the coin for auction is slightly off-center, it is pressed on a very desirable copper cent. Best of all for readers, because of the modest description and low profile of this auction, the coin may be missed by many collectors. If so, this auction could be an excellent opportunity to obtain this very scarce coin, possibly at at bargain price. Here is a link to the DN0001 auction. Now aren't you glad you visited!? smiley penny
01/29/10 Our thanks to Tina who just emailed to report that the Seasonal Nickel set is no longer onstage. The pressed penny location maps and guides have been updated. smiley penny
01/27/10 Thursday at about 9:00PM "Chillybin" reported to A NEW 2010 coin at the Tropicana Hotel! Details in the Disneyland Wannabe Guide.

NEW Disneyland Wannabe Coin!
Disneyland Wannabe Elongated Coin Guide
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 33

01/26/10 Boomer is back from a short break. We're checking out Disneyland pressed penny sightings and reports. We hope to have an update soon.
Recently, a DL0001 sold on eBay recently for $132.00. It was a zinc and wasn't a very pretty looking coin at first glance. But... it was a full roll and... the early short grip variation! A beautiful sight to many advanced collectors! And, a real deal based on past sales. Bargains can still be found if you have a sharp eye and check Ebay often. If you are looking for a really hard to find coin, don't give up hope! Happy penny
01/08/10 THIS IS NEWS! A new pressed penny at DISNEYLAND USA! Per the report, it was probably placed onstage late 01/07/10. (Update: Per advanced collectors, Lou S. and his son, the machine was placed after the Acorn Gift Shop was closed and was first available to guests 01/08/10 at 8:00AM.) Our thanks to the fellow visitors that sent those most welcome messages! Happy penny When you spot a new coin you know we're always as close as your keyboard at the... anony-mouse visitor email page.
This Chip N Dale elongated coin could be confirmation that the very popular dated, yearly Hotel Chip N Dale series has come to an end. So it's a good time to make sure you have them all! The back stamp is unchanged from the long retired DR0118, 2008 Chip N Dale pressed penny. Although we were disappointed that the dated Chip N Dale set has ended, we were very happy to see that the new coin features very nice "Disney Quality" hand engraving, probably by The Master, Jimmy Vargas of Eurolink.

New Disneyland Hotel Pressed Penny!
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Disneyland Hotels Elongated Coin Guide

Guide number DR0126.

Chip N Dale pressed penny Chip N Dale pressed penny
Happy Collecting!

01/03/10 All Tokyo Disneyland guides are now up to date as of 12/31/09.
01/03/10 Rumors of two new Christmas themed Disneyland Cast Member party issues! Share some details / news... we're all ears!
01/01/10 18 more incredibly nice coins were placed on stage at Tokyo Disneyland today! Artwork, engraving... well just take a look for yourself. Here is a link to Kuniaki's excellent web site. We have also added them to top of the last Tokyo Disneyland Monthly update page here at

Example of the excellent
engraving quality found at
Tokyo Disneyland
pressed penny from Tokyo Disneyland
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