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How to Store and Display Pressed Coins

Tips on how to store and display pressed coins that were shared with us over the years.

If you wish to store or display a few thousand dollar treasure or a treasured 51 cent pressed penny souvenir, be sure to store or display it today in a way that will preserve your keepsake for many years to come. Avoid non-protective temporary storage or display options. Here are some of the best pressed coin storage and display ideas that have been shared with us over the years by fellow pressed penny collectors:

  1. Clinch Stapler often used to staple 2X2 pressed coin holdersTo store pressed coins be sure the surface of the pressed coin is clean and "stable". The elongated souvenir's surface should be free of dirt before you store it for the longterm... even specks of dust might damage the surface of the coin over many years. As longtime collectors know, one of the greatest risks to a zinc or copper cent is surface contaminates as well as temperature and humidity over time. I emphasize this first step especially for pressed zinc cents (Post 1982) that are naturally sensitive to corrosion as well as high value, scarce elongated coins that can't be replaced. (Often keepsakes that remind us of a special day are the most prized souvenirs. ;-) Option: After the coin is inspected and is free of dust and dirt, you may want to go an extra step and seal the surface of the coin with a coat of wax. (One product I have used for more than a few years is Renaissance wax. It’s a specialty wax that is used by many people from museum archivists to tin toy collectors for restoration and conservation.) Here are some related links: If you are considering cleaning of a coin that has unattractive tarnishing / fingerprints or spotting here is a page about How to clean pressed coins and here's our page for how to flatten pressed coins.

  2. Pressed coin in labled 2x2 Mylar  windowed cardboard coin "flip".Protect pressed coins from future contact and contaminates. A popular choice is to place pressed coins in a dust-free 2 x 2 (two-by-two) windowed cardboard / Mylar flip for long term storage. Many collectors then glue or staple the two-by-two cover securely closed with a clinch stapler (pictured on this page). Once sealed, you can place the 2 x 2 in a 20 pocket plastic page which can be held inside a three ring binder and placed in a cool, dry storage area. Some collectors store their bulk or "extra" elongated coins in 2 x 2 boxes or in plastic compartmented tackle boxes if the elongated coins are not in 2x2's.

  3. View a bunch of cool framed pressed coin sets! :-)Display your treasured pressed coins! Share your collection and the hobby... If you are storing or displaying a few thousand dollar treasure or a treasured 50 cent souvenir, there are many ways to display them. Disneyland has offered many framed pressed coin sets over the years for special events, retiring Cast Members, Disneyland Resort anniversaries like Disneyland Park's 50th and 60th anniversaries, Disney California Adventure's 10th anniversary on pressed dimes! See some examples of framed pressed coins sets are pictured here.

Pressed Penny Collecting Tips YouTube Video
by fellow collector, Juan Bilderain.

In separate sections of the video, Juan shows ways to clean, flatten, preserve, store and display pressed coins as well as tips on mobile apps and reference web sites. He has offered it as a way to share the hobby with fellow collectors. He has nothing for sale and there are no ads... just tips, examples, demos... So, do check out the video. If you are like me and would like to see more videos like this... be sure to give it a mention to your friends, maybe push the subscribe button and a thumbs up?

Here are direct links to some of the people, places, and products Juan mentioned in his video:
FREE Mobile WDW and Disneyland Pressed Coin Collector Apps from Bad Llama Group.

FREE excellent WDW pressed coin news, cataloging numbers and more

Oded, a fellow TEC Member, for the very hard to find large window 2X2 coin holders / "flips".

Optimum binders from Not free and not a sponsor, but, very cool binders!

Great Pressed Coin Display Ideas!

Dan and Lizzie, two very cool Disneyland penny collectors, sent some examples pictured below of great ways to display special ec’s. Aaron G., an avid Disney elongated coin collector, who has also shared Excel based pressed penny guide updates with us, agreed to share pictures of his pressed penny labeling system. I'm delighted to include these excellent interpretations of enviable pressed coin organization and display. I'm inspired! Click on a picture for a close up view in a new window. Happy collecting, Boomer.

(Very cool way to display!)
(Disneyland has presented retirement pressed penny gifts in picture frames too. You can have one with your own favorite coins in it!)
(Are you thinking... I know I should but I'm just too lazy? :-))
(You know, sooner or later, you'll break down and start this project!)
20-pocket plastic page for holding 2x2's
2x2 pressed penny holder
WDW pressed penny holder
Disneyland page of labeled 2x2's

Maybe of interest? The Divas Event framed dies and several Disneyland framed pressed coin collections.


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