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Change Log: Guide Updates

List of the Most Recent ParkPennies Guide Updates:
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05/11/2024: Over 200 images, 39 new medallions and a new page have been added, to the Disneyland medallions guide.
04/19/2024: The latest guide listing for the DL0803-810 Bonanza Outfitters Frontierland set, has been completed.
Added Pixar Place Hotel DR0241-248 pressed pennies and the Pixar Place Hotel Grand Opening #127-130 medallions also the Downtown Disney hand crank pressed pennies, DR0209-212 and DR0213-216, a new Collectors' Warehouse Guardians set of 8 pressed coins and Classic set of three pressed coins at Kingswell Camera 2024 change over from Disney 100 Years of Wonder medallions to 2024 medallions Latest January 2024 Disney Medallions, #94-126. The Main Street Penny Arcade / Candy Palace machine also changed over from D100 pressed pennies to the DL0795-802 classic set of characters including 2024 dated Minnie and Mickey Mouse pressed coins the Haunted Mansion set also changed over to the DL0787-794 Haunted Mansion set. The Pressed Coin and Medallion Machine Locations Page has been continuously updated and is the best guide to the newest souvenirs. The related pages were also updated, particularly the Disneyland Resort Medallions Page with images of all Disneyland Resort Medallions, retired medallions are grayed out. (Souvenirs that have been retired and replaced by new pressed coins or medallions in the month of January: Disney 100 Years of Wonder, D100 Medallions complete: #18-#85 Recently Retired: #18-21 #26-29 #30-33 #34-37 #50-53 #54-57 #62-65 #66-69 #70-73 #74-77 #78-81 #82-85. Disney 100 Years of Wonder, D100 Pressed Coins Complete / Recently Retired: DL0760-67 DL0776-83 CA0288-90 CA0291-98 DR0209-12 DR0213-16 DR0217-24 DR0225-32.)
01/18-2924: The the Disneyland Medallions Guides were updated with 33 new medallions.
12/30/2023: Added the DT0033, Disney PeopleMover pressed coin with a custom backstamp / reverse.
12/16/2023: Our thanks to Les H. for sharing some cartoons with us... We've added them to a new Jokes page, Holiday Edition. :-)
12/11/2023: Updated the Disneyland Resort Medallions pages with "improved" but still terrible menus etc. :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.
Added the Magic Key Terrace Medallions to the Disneyland Resort Medallions Guide
10/24/2023: Added the DW0045 "Happy Birthday Mickey and Joe" pressed penny.
10/06/2023: Added a dedicated Disneyland Opening Day Letter Openers page.
10/03/2023: Added the 2023 HKDL2314-16 Hong Kong Disneyland pressed coin machine.
09/02/2023: Added the latest Four new medallions at San Fransokyo Square to the Guides.
08/18/2023: Updated a single page with just the images of ALL the Disneyland Resort medallions ever issued and added the latest five medallion sets to The Disney 100 Years of Wonder Medallions Guide.
07/09/2023: Scans and descriptions were added to the new DL0784-86 Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye themed set of three pressed pennies.
06/30/2023: We added Taiwan's Formosa Express 100th Anniversary Pressed Souvenirs to a dedicated guide page.
06/XX/2023: We are enthusiastically adding / upgrading many new machine and marquee images to the website, especially pictures of pre-2000 coin press machines and marquees. All of which was made possible by the very generous donation of an amazing collection of Disneyland pressed coin related items by Wooten family. We are also updating / refining some of the "onstage" / "offstage" dates for some of the guide listings, e.g. from "1995" to "June of 1995" etc. based on notes and documents kept by Nancy Wooten and her family.
05/27/2023: Marked the two Star Wars quarter presses DL0633-638 as off-stage, believed to be retired.
05/22/2023: Updated the brief / light weight easy to modify Excel Format ParkPennies Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guide as well as the PDF Format ParkPennies Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guide and the Web-Page Format ParkPennies Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guide.
04/22/2023: Added image scans and descriptions for the latest Disney 100 Years of Wonder pressed coins, the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide (11 new coins), The Disneyland Park Pressed Coin Guide (8 new coins) and updated the Disney 100 Years of Wonder Pressed Coin Guide for collectors of only Disney100 pressed coins. Happy collecting, Boomer.
04/19/2023: Started adding the new CA0291-298 Guardians to the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide.
04/19/2023: Started adding the new DL0776-783 Disney 100 coins to The Disneyland Park Pressed Coin Guide.
04/19/2023: Added an extensive comparison of the early pre-conversion CA0217-219 and the later post-conversion CA0217-219 Finding Dory pressed coins.
04/05/2023: Added some comparison images, larger images and side by side images for the Signature Series set of prototype coins. Happy collecting, Boomer
03/31/2023: Added scans and descriptions for the DR0225-232 Pixar Place Hotel Disney 100 Years pressed penny guide entries and the DL0768-775 Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad pressed penny guide listings.
03/22/2023: Added four business cards to the Honorable Mention page that did not qualify for addition to the Disneyland Wannabe Guide.
03/22/2023: Added the Wooten's 50 years of rolling together pressed coin to the Nancy Wooten Tribute page.
03/20/2023: New coins added to the DT Guide. The DT0032 SoCal COIN MEET 2023, TEC, DISNEYLAND ELONGATED COLLECTORS pressed Ecuador 100 Sucres coin and the DT0031 "Thank You Boomer" pressed coin.
03/13/2023: Added a new prototype coin to the guide. The DN0079, 2009 Happy Holidays Santa Mickey prototype pressed coin.
02/20/2023: Added a guide page just for Disney 100 Years of Wonder pressed coins.
02/20/2023: The Disney 100 Years of Wonder pressed penny machine, DR0217-224 and the Disney 100 Years of Wonder HAUNTED MANSION / Nightmare Before Christmas penny press DL0760-767 guides have been completed.
02/19/2023: Added comparisons images for the DRM0030/DRM0030A error Steamboat Mickey and the the DRM0047 / DRM0047A error Lilo and Stitch design.
02/15/2023: Began reformatting the Guide to Disneyland Resort Vended Medallions. Now that variations / varieties have been introduced, collectors need a more robust guide, similar to the pressed coin guides.
02/15/2023: Started guide entries for the two new eight play machines, the Disney 100 Years of Wonder HAUNTED MANSION penny press DL0760-767 and Disney 100 Years of Wonder pressed penny machine, DR0217-224.
02/14/2023: Two medallion variations / error corrections were reported: The Lilo and Stitch medallion #47 and Mickey as Steamboat Willie , medallion #30. We've noted the variations in the medallion guides. We may need to convert the medallion guide format to something more like the pressed coin guide format given some medallions will need additional notations / comparisons.
02/11/2023: Spruced up the Disneyland Paris Souvenir Medallion page.
02/08/2023: Added images of all the Disneyland Resort Vended Medallions with guide numbers on a single page.
02/06/2023 The DR Disneyland Resort and Hotel Area Pressed Coin Guide is now complete with the DR0209-216 Disney 100 Years of Wonder pressed pennies. Happy collecting, Boomer.
The Disney 100 Years of Wonder Medallion Guide is online. Still some work to do. But, we hope it will be a help for the people that are collecting DLR medallions.
01/30/2023: The New Disney 100 Years of Wonder Medallions Guide page is online, as a draft. I hope to have the rest of the medallion images, hotel machines & marquee images up in the next week or so. But, there is some cool stuff there already. :-)
01/29/2023: The Disney 100 Years of Wonder pressed pennies are slowly being added to the DR Disneyland Resort and Hotel Area Pressed Coin Guides.
01/29/2023: The Marquees and locations page now has the most recent medallions listed and a dedicated Disney100 Year of Wonder Medallion Guide page will be online, at least as a draft, soon.
01/25/2023: Given the closing of the WDW Splash Mountain attraction and eminent closure of the Disneyland attraction, I have updated the Splash Mountain Penny Press Page to include Splash Mountain themed coins of all types on a single page. Happy collecting, Boomer.
01/13/2023: Added the DW0044 pressed coin "My Family Went to Disneyland and All I Got Was This Magical Penny" to the guide.
12/16/2022: Added the Pixar Pier Boardwalk game tokens to the Disneyland Tokens Guide and started a page just for the Pixar Pier Boardwalk game tokens given some collectors may wish to collect them as separately.
12/14/2022: Added two new coins to the DT Guide. Don Cade's "Disneyland, Pressed Coin Collector, 2023, Walt Disney World" coin set, DT0029 and's Disney Castle "Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls" Pressed Coin set, DT0030.
12/14/2022: Corrected a coin die numbering error. The DCT0019+ dies have been corrected to DCT0018+. (A replacement die was made and then matched with a new reverse. That new coin die combination was correctly given a new coin guide number, but also incorrectly given a new coin die number.) This will not change any guide listing numbers.
12/03/2022: Marked the DL0642-644 Beauty and Beast pressed quarter set as retired. I had held out hope that the set would return. But I think it's time to face the reality of the situation.
11/15/2022: Started adding the new Holiday pressed penny set CA0285, CA0286 and CA0287 to the DCA guide. Competed 11/24/2022.
11/15/2022: Added the Signature Series set of prototype coins and back story to the guide. This is probably the last prototype set for the Disneyland Resort. If so, I think they went out in style. :-)
11/14/2022: Added a Disney VoluntEARS pressed coin machine details page. This often requested new page will help attribute the coins in this interesting Cast Member pressed coin collection.
11/10/2022: Moved the default guide description from "backstamp" to "stampback". However, either term is of course correct and still in use here. It just seems easier for some collectors to use the abbreviation "SB" than say "BS" and we understand. :-) "Coin reverse" is also correct, maybe even considered most correct by numismatists. But... some readers have suggested that for them, the "BS" abbreviation also covers highbrow numismatically correct alternative nomenclature such as "coin reverse". :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.
11/05/2022: Clarified / updated the DL0007 / DL0007A guide listings and related links to the DL0005, DL0007 and DL0007A comparison images. This edit also addresses the issue of the fading arc shaped damage present on many of the DL0007A coins moving the primary guide number attribution to the static modified coin grip notch. Yes, this is extreme... because this is ParkPennies. Small details are documented here for those collectors interested in them, all others may of course ignore them. :-)
10/30/2022: Added the longtime scarce, rumored "Let's Go Play" (Let's Have Fun) Disneyland Wannabe pressed coin set.
10/18/2022: The Disneyland Resort Star Wars Mandalorian Medallions and the Disneyland Resort Tomorrowland Attractions Medallion sets are now complete with guide listings and images.
10/17/2022: Finally added the DN0060 to the Disneyland Prototype Pressed Coin Guide. Also, updated DL Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide and DN Prototype Pressed Coin Guide with better comparisons of the DN0060, DN0064 and DL0413 Lucky Penny three and four leaf clover pressed coins.
10/11/2022: Updated and expanded the TEC 2002 So Cal Meet pressed coin listing and also added better scans. (My goal is to obtain permissions and or coin images to finalize listings for coins that may currently have only "reserved numbers" or limited descriptions. I'll post links to updates here.)
10/11/2022: Updated and expanded the Carl Barks Fan Club coins section of the "Pinched Penny" Scrooge McDuck collection listings and also added better scans. (My goal is to obtain permissions and or coin images to finalize listings for coins that may currently have only "reserved numbers" or limited descriptions. I'll post links to updates here.)
10/08/2022: Added the DL0752-759 Space Mountain set of eight pressed pennies to the guide.
10/08/2022: Added guest contact information for the Disneyland Resort. Not that people email ParkPennies with Disneyland Resort complaints or complements. :-)
10/08/2022: We added a Nancy Wooten Tribute page today. It documents, for future generation,s how well liked and respected she was and offers a sample of the many contributions she made to help make this such a wonderful hobby.
10/02/2022: Updated the Splash Mountain Mickey DL0277, DL0283, DL0344, DL0509 comparison page.
09/28/2022: The Guides have been updated to reflect that the Paradise Pier pressed penny set, the DR0127-129 is offstage and assumed retired.
09/25/2022: Added a few more pages to the website. Mostly additions for the preservation of 1990s era elongated coin collecting BBS posts. Some are fun reading.
09/24/2022: Added coin scans, descriptions etc. for the CA279-281 Guardians of the Galaxy (new stampbacks), also for The new Frozen pressed penny set and the DL0744-751 it's a small world eight-play machine which will start a fresh page in the guide. It's been a long time since we added a new page to the guides. It made my day. :-) However, I'm guessing I made "a few" errors, typos etc. So, please send me an email if / when you find some.
09/22/2022: Added a new find by Alex L. of Hong Kong, some amazing 2005 HKDL Nickel Variations. These coins will be integrated into the existing 2005 guide. No new numbers are anticipated with the exception of an "N" suffix, e.g. HKDL05XXN.
09/15/2022: The Disneyland Park Pressed Coin Guide (it's a small world) and the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide (Frozen) have been updated to include the two latest pressed coin machines. Descriptions and coin scans to follow.
09/15/2022: I've started a ParkPennies tribute page for Nancy Wooten which will touch upon some of her many contributions to hobby of Disneyland pressed coin collecting. Given her exceptional volunteer work and support of the hobby, I felt a tribute page would be appropriate here especially as a reference for future generations of Disney pressed coin collectors. Anyone who would like to contribute a remembrance, image etc... please contact Boomer.
Added NEW Hong Kong pressed coins featuring new Disneyland Hong Kong characters, LinaBell (The cleaver pink fox) and 'Olu Mel (The shy toy turtle) to the Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide.
08/13/2022: Per your requests, we added a lot of links to large image comparisons of the various Bear Country pressed pennies, DL0002, DL0002a, DL0006 and DN0005 to the Disneyland Pressed Coin Guides.
08/10/2022: Added Guide Listing and images for new The Downtown Disney District Disney Character Favorites eight play penny press.
08/10/2022: Added the Disneyland Electrical Light Parade 50th Anniversary Medallions Set to the Guides.
08/02/2022: Added "The Triple" sample pressed coin to the Pressed Coins with Disney Spirit and Honorable Mention page.
07/28/2022: Added the new Coco pressed penny set to the Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide.
07/27/2022: Added the new DL0733-740 Star Wars Pressed Penny Set to the guides.
07/25/2022: Updated our listings of Pressed Coin Sellers, Organizations and Online Groups.
Added DL0733-740 Star Wars 8-play penny press to the Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide.
You may notice is the blue links now remain blue. The change was made as some visitors thought only blue links were usable.
07/11/2022: Added better comparison pictures for the CM0040, DN0069 and DN0101 "Electro Mechanical Mickey" pressed coins.
07/11/2022: Added an okay image of a Cast Member 60th Anniversary framed coin set and a Cast Member 60th Decades coin set. Finally, we have some images of these amazing keepsakes. I'm still looking for more. ;-)
07/10/2022: Added two new Disney themed Don Cade pressed coins. The Disney Castle "Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls" and also the Trader Sam pressed coins. On the same page, the DT0015 pressed coin description was linked to an image of the canceled DCT0015 coin die.
07/08/2022: Several better and / or new images have been linked to a few guides and articles.
07/08/2022: Moved the Pressed Coin Numbering System and Pressed Coin Die Numbering System to a new page. Added A Tribute to Past Disneyland Cast Members who supported the coin press machines from 1987-2021. Added a DRAFT editorial page about Denominational Variations and Non-Native Coin Types. Added a DRAFT editorial page about Tips on How to Establish Pressed Coin Provenance for Scarce Coins. The pages cover topics often are asked about in emails to The "editorial" pages are offered to share and document what I have heard over the past 30 years or so. They are not definitive or even well edited yet. But, given my fading youth :-) I thought best to get started and upload them while my memory is still... Sorry what was I saying? :-) (Drop Down Menus have all new pages.)
07/05/2022: Added the newest Don Cade Encom Flynn Lives DT0026 pressed coins to the guide.
06/26/2022: Added a list of coin dies which are believed to have been canceled and added links from the guide pages to the list. May be of interest to Advanced Collectors. Happy Collecting, Boomer.
06/17/2022: Updated the DR0035, DR0091, DR0107, DR0109 and DR0135 comparison page and guide links to make it a bit less confusing. If this coin had another stampback, it could have been a collection on its own! :-)
06/13/2022: Corrected Medallion #2 from "Pirate Mickey I've Got Pirate Swagger" to "Pirate Minnie I've Got Pirate Swagger". I plead insanity. :-)
06/12/2022: Added scans of the Disneyland's first exclusive medallion, the Pirates of the Caribbean 55th Anniversary medallion.
05/10/2022: I have succumbed to a multitude of requests by adding a Guide to Disneyland Resort Vended Medallions. Please don't judge me. :-)
We added the recent TEC distributed, limited edition Don Cade coin, the DT0008I, to the guide.
04/19/2022: Three newly reported prototype / never onstage coins were listed! The Día de los Muertos pressed penny set guide numbers DN0152, DN0153 and DN0154. These 2017 coins that were rumored forever are now a great addition to the guides thanks to a ParkPennies visitor. We still need more info on this set. Do let us know if you have something to share on this set or others. ParkPennies is by collectors and for collectors.
03/29/2022: I didn't have the heart to delete some early ParkPennies website pages. So, I put a few of them on a single page of Old Pressed Coin Guide Pages. They aren't from the 1990s, but the last revisions were in the early 2000s.
03/23/2022: Added '81 Wooo Disneyland USA Type II wooden nickel images courtesy of
03/21/2022: Updated the Bob Johnson Retirement Coin Set page to be more "mobile friendly" and the related DN0081 DN Prototype Pressed Coin Guide website linkages. Mostly edits, added coin denomination notations and guide / coin linking additions.
The Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide has been updated with the DL0730-732 Pirates of the Caribbean pressed pennies.
03/10/2022: Listed a new prototype stampback, the Critter Country no Disneyland ® RESORT.
03/09/2022: Posted a report by Kelly B. of the first Medallion Vending Machine at the Disneyland Resort. At this time, I have no plans to add a Medallion Guide. NOTE: The medallions currently offered at the DLR are reportedly "WDW medallions" which are now also offered at Disneyland.
New / redone DL0730-732 Pirates of the Caribbean pressed pennies guide entry started. [Corrected: DL0730-733 to DL0730-732] Boomer needs more sleep. :-)
Given that the DL0592-DL0594 Small World pressed quarter set was taken offstage during the COVID-19 closure and has not returned, we assume it to be retired and have so noted the guides.
Sadly, I had to re-write the Holiday Nickel Collection intro to reflect what appears to be the end of the long-standing and beloved Disneyland Resort pressed nickel collections.
02/25/2022: Per request, I added some extra pages of Snow White Premiered 1937 pressed coin types for interested advanced collectors. Please forgive the informal page scans for now. I'll try to upgrade the pages to individual scans in time. (I try to add additional coin types etc. when you ask. So, don't be shy. :-)
02/20/2022: Added three new, very scarce Disney "Brass" Doubloons to the Disney Doubloon Guide.
02/18/2022: Added an image of some more Carl Barks Fan Club pressed coins that will eventually have a guide page. (Linked from Carl Barks Pinched Pennies.)
02/12/2022: Added a few more marquees to the guides (Our thanks to the kind contributors!) Also added coin scans and descriptions to the Rushin' River eight-play penny press listing.
02/06/2022: Added a small Disney Sterling Silver Spoon Rings page.
02/05/2022: Added a few more generously donated marquee images plus machine and marquee images for the new Rushin' River eight-play machine.
02/03/2022: Added or upgraded several more marquees in the DL and CA Guides. My thanks to those that shared images! Many more still needed, especially pictures of early machines. Anyone have an image of the DR0010 / DL0017 Disneyland Hotel Monorail pressed coin machine? It was in both Disneyland Park and around the Disneyland Hotel for years and years... At least I remembered to get a picture of the Disneyland Hotel Monorail coin press marquee. LOL!
02/01/2022: I added ~70 "new" marquee and machine images to the Disneyland Guides. These images were not previously used because most are very poor quality. I know, that isn't saying a lot given how bad most images are to start with. :-) But, I felt that something is better than nothing even if they are not the best. Most of these new images were donated to ParkPennies and many were pictures taken of photographs. If you have better images or more images, please contact Boomer, images we use will be credited to you and fellow collectors will see a bit more history thanks to your contributions. I've also added a permanent page of excuses and apologies. :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.
01/31/2022: The Toy Story Buzz Lightyear eight design pressed coin set has been added to the guides with scans, guide numbers...
01/11/2022: The Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page so that is "less impossible" to read. :-) I just don't have the heart to delete any of that prestigious info! :-)
01/11/2022: Retired the DL0657, DL0658, DL0659and DL0666, DL0667, DL0668, the last two traditional penny press machines inside Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure which were located at the LGM Command Store / Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Gift Shop.
01/10/2022: Started to add the DL0722-729 Toy Story eight design set to the guides. Will be delayed until scans are acquired.
11/07/2021: Rajah's Mint machines guide listings for the Jungle Cruise DL0522-524 and the Moana DL0654-656 penny presses are confirmed as unchanged post machine conversions.
10/30/2021: Rajah's Mint machines guide listings for the DL0648-650 "Indy" penny press and the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page (These changes are *pending confirmation. The designs *may have* changed slightly.)
10/27/2021: Rajah's Mint machines guide listings for the Jungle Cruise DL0522-524 and the Moana DL0654-656 penny presses and the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page (These changes are *pending confirmation. The designs *may have* changed slightly.)
10/14/2021: Drop down menu items / order. (Located near the top left of most pages.)
10/11/2021: Walt Disney World Transportation Wooden Nickels
Disney Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons and Rings Back in the day, the wealthy were said to have been "Born with a silver spoon in their mouth". Luckily, for those of us who weren't, it's not too late to get one! :-)
09/29/2021: Lamplight Tokens to the Token Guide. (Added as "Tokens of Interest" they are not currently redeemable or Awarded. But are really cool. :-)
09/27/2021: Batuuan Spira Gift Card Tokens to the Disney Tokens Guide.
09/27/2021: CA0171, CA0210, and CA0713 listings to reflect retirement and replacement designs
9/2021: Replacement Cars Land pressed coins CA0268-271
9/2021: Replacement Pixar Fest 2018 pressed coins DL0719-721
9/2021: New Haunted Mansion / NBC 8-coin set DL0711-718
9/2021: Per visitor requests, we have added this "Change Log". Happy collecting, Boomer.

For current onstage machine locations please view, print or download
The ParkPennies Coin Press Machine Locations PDF page.

For non-PDF formats please see
The ParkPennies Coin Press Location Guides and Apps Page

NOTE: There are only two traditional DLR penny press machines remaining at the Disneyland Resort as of 2-20-2022 that have not yet been converted to vending style coin presses. Both are Downtown Disney hand-crank machines. (Quarter machines are future wild cards.)

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