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Change Log: Guide Updates

List of the Most Recent ParkPennies Guide Updates:
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(We also have a RSS feed that is occasionally updated.)

07/05/2022: Added the newest Don Cade Encom Flynn Lives DT0026 pressed coins to the guide.
06/26/2022: Added a list of coin dies which are believed to have been canceled and added links from the guide pages to the list. May be of interest to Advanced Collectors. Happy Collecting, Boomer.
06/17/2022: Updated the DR0035, DR0091, DR0107, DR0109 and DR0135 comparison page and guide links to make it a bit less confusing. If this coin had another backstamp, it could have been a collection on its own! :-)
06/13/2022: Corrected Medallion #2 from "Pirate Mickey I've Got Pirate Swagger" to "Pirate Minnie I've Got Pirate Swagger". I plead insanity. :-)
06/12/2022: Added scans of the Disneyland's first exclusive medallion, the Pirates of the Caribbean 55th Anniversary medallion.
05/10/2022: I have succumbed to a multitude of requests by adding a Guide to Disneyland Resort Vended Medallions. Please don't judge me. :-)
We added the recent TEC distributed, limited edition Don Cade coin, the DT0008I, to the guide.
04/19/2022: Three newly reported prototype / never onstage coins were listed! The Día de los Muertos pressed penny set guide numbers DN0152, DN0153 and DN0154. These 2017 coins that were rumored forever are now a great addition to the guides thanks to a ParkPennies visitor. We still need more info on this set. Do let us know if you have something to share on this set or others. ParkPennies is by collectors and for collectors.
03/29/2022: I didn't have the heart to delete some early ParkPennies website pages. So, I put a few of them on a single page of Old Pressed Coin Guide Pages. They aren't from the 1990s, but the last revisions were in the early 2000s.
03/23/2022: Added '81 Wooo Disneyland USA Type II wooden nickel images courtesy of
03/21/2022: Updated the Bob Johnson Retirement Coin Set page to be more "mobile friendly" and the related DN0081 DN Prototype Pressed Coin Guide website linkages. Mostly edits, added coin denomination notations and guide / coin linking additions.
The Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide has been updated with the DL0730-732 Pirates of the Caribbean pressed pennies.
03/10/2022: Listed a new prototype backstamp, the Critter Country no Disneyland ® RESORT.
03/09/2022: Posted a report by Kelly B. of the first Medallion Vending Machine at the Disneyland Resort. At this time, I have no plans to add a Medallion Guide. NOTE: The medallions currently offered at the DLR are reportedly "WDW medallions" which are now also offered at Disneyland.
New / redone DL0730-732 Pirates of the Caribbean pressed pennies guide entry started. [Corrected: DL0730-733 to DL0730-732] Boomer needs more sleep. :-)
Given that the DL0592-DL0594 Small World pressed quarter set was taken offstage during the COVID-19 closure and has not returned, we assume it to be retired and have so noted the guides.
Sadly, I had to re-write the Holiday Nickel Collection intro to reflect what appears to be the end of the long-standing and beloved Disneyland Resort pressed nickel collections.
02/25/2022: Per request, I added some extra pages of Snow White Premiered 1937 pressed coin types for interested advanced collectors. Please forgive the informal page scans for now. I'll try to upgrade the pages to individual scans in time. (I try to add additional coin types etc. when you ask. So, don't be shy. :-)
02/20/2022: Added three new, very scarce Disney "Brass" Doubloons to the Disney Doubloon Guide.
02/18/2022: Added an image of some more Carl Barks Fan Club pressed coins that will eventually have a guide page. (Linked from Carl Barks Pinched Pennies.)
02/12/2022: Added a few more marquees to the guides (Our thanks to the kind contributors!) Also added coin scans and descriptions to the Rushin' River eight-play penny press listing.
02/06/2022: Added a small Disney Sterling Silver Spoon Rings page.
02/05/2022: Added a few more generously donated marquee images plus machine and marquee images for the new Rushin' River eight-play machine.
02/03/2022: Added or upgraded several more marquees in the DL and CA Guides. My thanks to those that shared images! Many more still needed, especially pictures of early machines. Anyone have an image of the DR0010 / DL0017 Disneyland Hotel Monorail pressed coin machine? It was in both Disneyland Park and around the Disneyland Hotel for years and years... At least I remembered to get a picture of the Disneyland Hotel Monorail coin press marquee. LOL!
02/01/2022: I added ~70 "new" marquee and machine images to the Disneyland Guides. These images were not previously used because most are very poor quality. I know, that isn't saying a lot given how bad most images are to start with. :-) But, I felt that something is better than nothing even if they are not the best. Most of these new images were donated to ParkPennies and many were pictures taken of photographs. If you have better images or more images, please contact Boomer, images we use will be credited to you and fellow collectors will see a bit more history thanks to your contributions. I've also added a permanent page of excuses and apologies. :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.
01/31/2022: The Toy Story Buzz Lightyear eight design pressed coin set has been added to the guides with scans, guide numbers...
01/11/2022: The Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page so that is "less impossible" to read. :-) I just don't have the heart to delete any of that prestigious info! :-)
01/11/2022: Retired the DL0657, DL0658, DL0659and DL0666, DL0667, DL0668, the last two traditional penny press machines inside Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure which were located at the LGM Command Store / Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Gift Shop.
01/10/2022: Started to add the DL0722-729 Toy Story eight design set to the guides. Will be delayed until scans are acquired.
11/07/2021: Rajah's Mint machines guide listings for the Jungle Cruise DL0522-524 and the Moana DL0654-656 penny presses are confirmed as unchanged post machine conversions.
10/30/2021: Rajah's Mint machines guide listings for the DL0648-650 "Indy" penny press and the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page (These changes are *pending conformation. The designs *may have* changed slightly.)
10/27/2021: Rajah's Mint machines guide listings for the Jungle Cruise DL0522-524 and the Moana DL0654-656 penny presses and the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page (These changes are *pending conformation. The designs *may have* changed slightly.)
10/14/2021: Drop down menu items / order. (Located near the top left of most pages.)
10/11/2021: Walt Disney World Transportation Wooden Nickels
Disney Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons and Rings Back in the day, the wealthy were said to have been "Born with a silver spoon in their mouth". Luckily, for those of us who weren't, it's not too late to get one! :-)
09/29/2021: Lamplight Tokens to the Token Guide. (Added as "Tokens of Interest" they are not currently redeemable or Awarded. But are really cool. :-)
09/27/2021: Batuuan Spira Gift Card Tokens to the Disney Tokens Guide.
09/27/2021: CA0171, CA0210, and CA0713 listings to reflect retirement and replacement designs
9/2021: Replacement Cars Land pressed coins CA0268-271
9/2021: Replacement Pixar Fest 2018 pressed coins DL0719-721
9/2021: New Haunted Mansion / NBC 8-coin set DL0711-718
9/2021: Per visitor requests, we have added this "Change Log". Happy collecting, Boomer.

For current onstage machine locations please view, print or download
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NOTE: There are only two traditional DLR penny press machines remaining at the Disneyland Resort as of 2-20-2022 that have not yet been converted to vending style coin presses. Both are Downtown Disney hand-crank machines. (Quarter machines are future wild cards.)

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