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The short story...

We welcome the submission of any additional / better images and history you would like to share with other collectors as they have shared with you. You may email us images to share with named credit. is a non-commercial hobbyist website, no ads, no cookies, no paid referrals, and no professional staff :-) Our mission is to document, promote and preserve the history of this wonderful hobby... by collectors and for collectors.

Please accept our apologies. Some of our images are not very good. In some cases, we felt it better to share what we did have rather than offer no picture at all. We try to feature the best images we have for every pressed coin machine and marquee. We also try to use a first day marquee image if available or we note when an interesting / appropriate substitute marquee from an earlier or later time is used. As more images and history have been shared, the reference depth and quality has improved year after year. Thank you.

Happy collecting, Boomer.

The long-er story...

The Disney coin press machines we follow here at ParkPennies date back to the 1980s. When these guides began, technology was well, 1900s technology. No smartphones, most cameras used film... :-) Not to mention, a future where millions of people around the world could share a hobby via an "internet website" hadn't really taken hold yet. Had we known the future, we'd taken more and better pictures! :-)

When our first website was launched in the 1990s, it didn't offer any images. The site was geared to sharing brief information between a small, enthusiastic group of dedicated Disneyland elongated coin collectors. The site offered only an Excel or was it a Lotus 123 file? Pictures took too much bandwidth and would have added a level of website support and design that was both technologically difficult and at the time costly as well.

Eventually, technology caught up with the hobby. :-) But, because the introduction of Disney pressed coins preceded smartphones, internet technology and the digital sharing of images via email etc., many images, especially early ones, were never collected or added to the ParkPennies Guides. By the time the importance of documenting these early machines became apparent, the machines were already gone.

Our efforts to gather missing images is ongoing. Today, even with more than 14,000 pressed coin related images shared here, some pictures are still missing or are of a poor quality. You may have seen images that we have tried to restore from low resolution digital images that were often taken of small and older sometimes damaged or impaired and hard to date photographs. (We are very thankful that these images were shared with us by fellow collectors because they are the best we have.) Other images may be completely missing because for some reason we didn't take one and one has not yet been shared with us by another collector. Also some "unchanged machines" may have different marquees over time because of wear and tear replacements, updates from white backgrounds to color backgrounds, other upgrades or occasionally because the coin design order changed etc.

If you can share an image with fellow collectors with named credit, as they have with you, please contact Boomer.

Happy collecting,
Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies

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