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Nancy L. Wooten

Mentor and Noted Collector
October 8, 1946 - June 2, 2022

The Wooten Family helping out at a Coin Show
The Wooten Family helping out at a Coin Show
Nancy Wooten remembered in The July-Sept 2022 TEC Newsletter PDF Picture John and Nancy Wooten 2005
Read: Nancy Wooten Remembered in
The July-Sept 2022 TEC Newsletter PDF
Nancy often knew the rest of the story
Nancy was the Go-To for the "Rest of the story"

A Collection of Tributes and Memories
By Robert Hoff, October 8, 2022

John and Nancy Wooten Rolling Together for 50 years, The WoothensOn June 2, 2022, the world of elongated coin collecting lost a legend, Nancy Wooten. As a wife and mother, her family was close. Her life adventures, accomplishments and memberships were many. However, most of her countless elongated coin collecting friends will remember her as a dedicated leader, mentor and tireless supporter of this wonderful hobby. As a past President and Life Member #2132-LM of TEC, The Elongated Collectors Organization, Nancy was well respected for her dedication and service in many capacities. She generously volunteered thousands of hours over decades for both TEC and for "the hobby" at "meets", coin shows... often with her beloved husband, John and daughter, Wendy.

Disney Fans and elongated coin collectors researching these pages will often see named credits to Nancy. They are here for a good reason. The knowledge she shared is an invaluable part of numerous ParkPennies pages. As long time collectors may know, for decades ParkPennies was one of the many organizations that benefited from Nancy's most welcome encouragement, knowledge and support. As a key ParkPennies contributor and Collector of the Month with many years of Disneyland pressed coin collecting experience, the go-to TEC President's expert Disney knowledge was highly valued. Matter of fact, the ParkPennies Guides themselves owe much of their existence to Nancy's many years of collaboration and advice. (NOTE: Our thanks to John and Wendy Wooten who generously donated their amazing family collection of Disneyland elongated coin related items to Robert Hoff / ParkPennies on June 13, 2023. These historic items which represent so many years of dedicated research by Nancy and her family, include hard to find images, unique documents, expanded historic records and many related items, will be united and shared here.) Early collectors may also remember the informative online posts and advice she shared. Helping fellow collectors, especially new collectors was a strength of this well-known "List Member" as early as the 1990s via the "BBS List". Her influence lives on today in the work she did and the friends she made.

Nancy Wooten is the first person to ever have a ParkPennies tribute page... in a way, she has many.

More Shared Memories

From the July-Sept 2022 TEC Newsletter:

Bob Hoff, TEC #2033 Bob recalled meeting "The Wootens" as the family is often collectively referred to, at one of the early "list meets" and learning "we all had been sitting on the same Disneyland park benches for the fourth of July Disneyland parades and fireworks for years." Bob continued, "I was truly honored to have known Nancy. She was scary smart, knowledgeable, competitive and fair. I rarely mention the passing of a fellow collector on the [] website, but Nancy was such an amazing person and credit to the hobby, with so many friends that would want to know of her passing, I had to let the website readers know." -On behalf of Bob, Charlotte and Anastasia

A ParkPennies home page post:

6/2/2022 With great sadness, we heard of Nancy Wooten's passing today. As you may know, Nancy was a champion of the hobby and a great friend to many of us. I was blessed to have known her and benefited from her most welcome advice and knowledge for more than 20 years. If you search Nancy Wooten's name here, you'll see just a peek into the many contributions that she made just to this one website. Her list of good deeds, volunteer work, her contributions to TEC as a past President and outstanding TEC member, her support of the the hobby via online BBS and Groups... would fill pages. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy's family. Her passing is a great loss to hobby and she is missed.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests we make donations to our local animal shelters in memory of Nancy. TEC plans to celebrate Nancy's life and her impact on our hobby in an upcoming issue of The TEC News. Boomer

Our thanks to TEC and fellow collectors for sharing images and articles for this tribute.


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