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DL0001  Disneyland's first Onstage pressed coin.
DL Disneyland Park
The Orignial

"Inside the Gate"
Pressed Coin Guide

CA Disney California Adventure, DCA Pressed Coins. First onstage 2001.
CA Disney California

Pressed Coin Collection

DR Hotels, Downtown Disney & Area,  Admission free! First onstage in 1994.
DR Disneyland
Resort & DTD

Downtown Disney Area
Pressed Coin Guide

DN Disneyland Prototype Coins. $carce, never on- stage or Neverland pattern pressed coin designs 1986+
DN Neverland
Prototype Elongated
Coin Collection Guide
CM Cast Member and Special Event Pressed Coin Set. First CM Pressed Coins Issued or Presented in 1994.
CM Cast Member
& Special Events
Pressed Coins
DS Disneyland Arcade Shop Pressed Coins. Made by Disneyland Cast Members. First elongated coin issued in 2004.
DS Disneyland Shop
Made by Arcade Shop
Coin Collection Guide
Disney pressed coin from outside the resort
D0 Disney Off-Site
Pressed Coin
Collection Guide
Organizational Chart of
All Disney Pressed Coin Collections


Organizational Chart
ALL Disneyland
pressed coin guides
Disney tribute pressed coin
DW Wannabes
Elongated Coins
(Not © Disney)
DG Disneylands 50th Golden Anniversary, Magical Milestones Pressed Penny Set. First onstage in 2004.
DG Magical
Milestones Pressed Penny books,
and framed sets
DC Disneylands Diamond Celebration 60th Anniversary Pressed Coin Set. First onstage in 2015.
60th Anniversary
Diamond Celebration
Pressed Coin Collection
Disney Seasonal pressed nickel collection
Holiday Nickels
Christmas & New Year Holiday
Pressed Nickels
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Disneyland Tokens,  Wooden Nickels,  Typer Medals, Pirate Stamper Coins, Arcade & Vending Tokens composite image!
Disneyland Tokens
Typers, Stampers &
Pirate Doubloons

Machine Locations "Map"
PDF of all current pressed coin machines in The Disneyland Resort Area by ParkPennies.com :-)
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Machine Locations

Penny in a Bottle
Pennies in Bottles
Disney & WDW
Mostly :-)


WDI Pressed Penny Style Pin! Mickey
Disneyland Pins!
 WDI Pressed
Penny Pins

Framed Pressed Coins
Framed Pressed
Coin Collections

2000 pressed penny book with a pressed penny coin in the cover!
Books & Holders
for Pressed Pennies
All Resorts

The Original Disneyland Resort
Elongated Coin Collection Guides

The pressed coin collections above make up the Complete Disneyland Resort Elongated Coin Collection, The Collection for advanced Disney pressed coin collectors. It covers every Disneyland Resort elongated or stamped coin since the park first introduced pressed coins in 1987. (Disneyland was the first to offer a Disney pressed coin.) The "pressed penny" collection index above includes guides that cover all coins from The Original Disneyland Park, Disney's California Adventure, The Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney, Disneyland Cast Member and Special Event issues, Disneyland Arcade Shop issues, The "Prototype" elongated coins, as well as the non-Disney or "Disneyland tribute" coins. In total , it's surely a major, possibly a lifetime collection. Readers that have just started collecting may prefer / want / need to specialize in just The Disneyland Park issues, a very serious collection on its own and a great place to start. The Disneyland Park Collection is of course the key part of the much larger Disneyland Resort Collection which includes pressed coins from all other Disneyland Resort guides.

Disney Pressed Penny Collectors often collect specialized themes like The 60th Diamond Celebration pressed coin set, The 50th Magical Milestones pressed coin collection, The Holiday Pressed Nickels Collection, the Disneyland Pressed Penny Backstamps Collection or The Disneyland Elongated Coin Test Rolls Collection to name a few. (The drop down menu at the top of this page offers links to all "sub-collections".) These specialized pressed coin collections are a fun challenge to collect and can make for a nice framed set too. The best overview of the complete Disneyland Resort pressed penny collection(s) is our Graphical Guide to ALL Disneyland Resort Pressed Pennies and Elongated Coins. It's a graphic overview of how Resort, Park, and "sub-collections" relate to each other with links to the individual guides / pages / collections. Enjoy!

Although we are repeatedly told the numismatic term is "Elongated Coins", being the rebels we are, the ParkPennies folks often use that term interchangeably with the more casual terms like pressed pennies, flattened pennies, crushed pennies, squashed pennies, rolled pennies, mashed pennies, smashed pennies, stamped pennies, squished pennies or stretched pennies to describe these fun Disneyland souvenirs.

Happy Collecting,

Please contact ParkPennies if you have an addition, correction or comment.

Overseas Disneyland
Pressed Coins

HKDL Hong Kong
Disneyland Guide

Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Penny aka Magical Coin
Click to open the HKDL Guide

SDR Shanghai
Shanghai Disney Guide

SDR Shanghai Disney Resort Pressed Coins
Shanghai Pressed Coins

DLRP Disneyland
Paris Penny Collection

Disneyland Paris Pressed Penny Coin
Click to Open the DLRP Guide

Tokyo Disney Resort
"Pressed Pennies"

The First 15 Years, 1996-2011

Tokyo Disneyland,  DisneySea, Disneyland Hotels & Transportation


Tokyo Disneyland
Pressed Penny Medals

Open the Tokyo Disneyland souvenir coin collection guide.
Tokyo Disneyland Park

Open the Tokyo Disneyland souvenir coin collection guide. TDL Tokyo Disneyland Medals Collection

Resort Area & Hotels
Pressed Penny Medals

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Hotel medal or pressed penny Guide

Tokyo Resort Area & Hotels

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Hotel medal or pressed penny Guide Tokyo Disneyland Hotels & Transportation

Tokyo DisneySea
Pressed Penny Medals

DisneySea souvenir medal or pressed penny collection
Tokyo  DisneySea  Park

Open the Tokyo DisneySea souvenir coin collection guide. Tokyo DisneySea Medals Collection

Prototype, Cast & Event
Pressed Penny Medals

Tokyo Disneyland prototype medal or pressed penny
Prototype, Cast & Events

Open the Prototype souvenir coin collection guide. Tokyo Disneyland
Prototype and Cast Medals Collection

Pressed Penny
Books & Holders

See the Tokyo penny collecting Books.
Penny Collecting Books
See the Tokyo penny collecting Books. Penny Collecting Books & Holders

Penny Book
Pressed Penny Medals

TDL Penny collecting book medals
Penny Book Cover Coins

TDL Penny collecting book medals Penny Collecting
Pressed Penny Books & Medals
DSJ Stores
Disney Stores Japan
Pressed Penny Medals

Tokyo Disney Store "pressed pennies" and medals
Disney Stores, Japan
"Pressed Pennies"

Japanese Disney Store pressed pennies Disney Stores
25th Anniv.
Tokyo Disneyland
Medals Collection

Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary "pressed penny" medal collection
25th Anniversary
"Pressed Pennies"

Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary pressed pennies or medals 25th Anniv. Coins
Coins Of
The Month

Tokyo Disneyland Resort "pressed penny" - coin of the month
Coins of Month
Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySEA Coins of the Month Coins of Month

Pressed Penny link Index to Tokyo Disneyland "Pressed Penny" Medal Variations

TDLR Medal and "Pressed Penny" Index to Images TDLR Index to large Medal and "Pressed Penny" images by Kuniaki Hiraki, Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Disneyland
® Resort Pressed Penny Machines
Souvenir Medals Collection Overview

© 2007-2015 ParkPennies.com

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort medals are vended from three major areas or gates of the resort. Accordingly, Japanese medals are listed in three specialized guides: The TDL Tokyo Disneyland Guide, The TDS Tokyo DisneySea Guide and The TDR Tokyo Disneyland Resort Hotels Guide which includes the shopping, dinning and transportation properties. Tokyo Disneyland penny press machines press planchets rather than coins although they are often called "pennies" and "nickels" in Japan. Collectors outside of Japan often use the words "penny" or "nickel" to describe the medals depending if they are copper or silver in color. We prefer to use terms in our guides consistent with those used by collectors. However, we are told, the terms "elongated souvenirs" and "medals" are considered by some to be the "most correct". crazy

To give a brief overview of this excellent collection, here is our Tokyo Disneyland Medal Collections Outline.

It would be challenging even for an advanced collector to complete a collection of all the medals ever issued at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Some medals have been retired from Tokyo Disneyland Park since 1996. Not to mention all the other issues from the Tokyo Disneyland Park, DisneySea ® and all Tokyo Disneyland ® Resort Hotels. It’s a large collection! Yet there are some very well defined, interesting collection sub-sets or specialties that readers have mentioned. These subsets, listed above, (Disney Store Japan, Coins of the Month and 25th Anniversary sets) are often easy to manage and provide a great start to collecting all the issues. Of course, if you are like us, you'll eventually want to collect them all. Pressed Penny Smiley

Happy Collecting,

Above are a few suggested collections. The links will open the appropriate section of the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Guide in this window. The guide will offer images that are links to full-size images, as well as descriptions and details. (To use frames, just click the "Frames Yes" link at the top right corner of most pages. The frames will hold selected, larger images for comparison and may be resized by clicking and dragging the frame edge if you’d like a bit more viewing area.)

Guide Number Code Example: TDL0501 "TDL" = Tokyo Disneyland Park "05" = 2005 "01" = Coin #1. Guide order is chronological by year only.

See also our Graphical Guide to ALL Disneyland Resort Pressed Pennies and Elongated Coins

Please contact ParkPennies if you have an addition, correction or comment.
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