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Welcome fellow pressed penny fans! If you know of other deserving pressed penny resources or services, please suggest a link, it's all free. We hope you'll enjoy and share and this wonderful hobby. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Pressed pennies, elongated coins, and penny press machines are, as you can see, the focus of Our goal is to provide helpful links for pressed penny collectors as well as people looking to purchase penny press machines for their own locations. Are you looking for specialized elongated coin supplies, holders, pressed penny collector books, custom pressed penny dies, penny press machine vendors? Want to sell, trade or buy pressed pennies or elongated coins? Check often. We began adding links in January of 2008. So far, there are links to a few on-line Pressed penny collecting groups and organizations, a link to buy pressed pennies related coin supplies, a link to custom pressed penny die engravers, a link to places to buy pressed pennies and stores with pressed pennies for sale. If you are happy with a pressed penny related resource, there is also a link for you to submit other deserving hobby related links.

Know of a pressed penny machine related product or service that should have a link here? Pressed penny hobby supplies, elongated coin services, equipment, groups and organizations that would be of interest to our readers are of interest to us. Please contact us. You can share deserving suppliers of pressed pennies, penny press related goods, and pressed penny services with fellow collectors and businesses. Listings and links are free. Of course, we'd appreciate a return link, but it's not required. (All pressed penny resource links granted or offered are at no-cost to all parties as a courtesy of this noncommercial web site without any assurances, guarantees or rational thought. Some link pages are new as of 9/15/12 and may be updated periodically.)

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