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Disneyland Park's Magical Milestones Issue
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Disneyland Park's Magical Milestones Issue

Pressed Penny Books, Holders at Park Pennies

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Pressed Penny Books and Albums

Is this a cool pressed penny collecting book or what? Although this book did not have an elongated coin in the cover, it is often on the list of Disney pressed penny collectors. Offered only for the 50th, many collectors used this book to hold and display the 51 Magical Milestones pressed pennies they collected at the park. All too often, the thought of purchasing the book occurred after the penny collector books were sold out. The price at Disneyland was $6.00, shocking to some at the time, but, a real deal if you can find one today.

These pressed penny collecting books are also very popular souvenirs at many museums, space centers, national and state parks, zoos, aquariums, theme restaurants, and amusement / theme parks. Many penny books have exclusive or limited edition pressed pennies in the cover and offers both generic and custom pressed penny books / albums made to order. One WDW pressed penny collecting book even had a medal in the cover. has a page just about Disneyland Pressed Penny Books / Elongated Coin Albums. Do take a look if you are interested in collecting the different Disneyland USA and Disneyland Tokyo books including prototypes.

Pressed Penny Storage Books for Large Collections

Most often collectors use a standard three ring binder with plastic 20 pocket pages that hold the 2x2 cardboard flips used to protect individual elongated coins. Pressed penny supply sources listed here at as well as neighborhood coin shops, eBay etc. offer these pages and holders for sale in various quantities. For long term storage of pressed penny collections, this easy, economical method is often the preferred way to go.

Note: If you are looking to purchase a large number of pressed penny books or holders for resale or wish to have custom pressed penny books made, often penny press machine companies have them for sale.

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