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Walt Disney World souvenir pressed penny book


WDW pressed penny books and Disney pennies have been a big success at Walt Disney World since 1992. Today, WDW has LOTS of pressed penny machines pressing an overwhelming number of elongated coin sets or series of coins, both pressed pennies and pressed quarters. Although WDW started later than many theme parks, they have a very large park that supports more penny press machines than most any park we can think of, save possibly Tokyo Disneyland. In future updates to this web site we hope to share some of our favorite sets and official framed sets of WDW elongated coins. Until then, here we have a picture of a framed set of WDW quarters. Our good friends at have some WDW pressed penny frames, pictures and files and our good friends at have a first class overview to WDW pressed coins.

I've shared this picture of a Walt Disney World pressed penny collection book because it has a die-cut silhouette of Mickey Mouse in the cover of the book. It has been enclosed and featured much as a limited edition coin would have been in the books offered at many tourist locations. However, it's not a coin. I think to date this is the only WDW penny book with anything even close to a coin in the cover. Disneyland is to date, the only Disney Resort to offer a penny collecting book with a real elongated coin in the cover, the Disneyland First Edition Souvenir Penny Collector Book. The only one on-stage to date and sadly, it was available for only a short time.

Here is a link to a page at that has a Disney pressed pennies Map and Checklist.

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