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Framed Walt Disney World
Pressed Pennies &
Elongated Coins

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Walt Disney World, Cruiseline framed elongated coin set.
Picture Courtesy of The C. Neal collection
© 2007 Pressed / Pressed Pennies Home

Pressed pennies are big at Walt Disney World. WDW has issued LOTS of pressed penny coins, sometimes called elongated coins or pressed pennies. Several sets or series of both pressed quarters and pressed pennies have been issued since about 1992. Just for fun, we thought you'd like to see the framed set of Cruise line elongated coins above. These elongated coins are often attributed to WDW or listed as part of a Walt Disney World pressed penny collection. Not that they need more coins to list in the very thick guides.

The WDW Resort is gigantic and so is the number of penny press machines on property. Up to date guides of on-stage elongated coins are not easy to find. However, the WDW Guest Services people do have a list and many WDW pressed penny collectors use Lou Smith's Walt Disney World pressed penny guides that are in Excel format at However, especially for more recent WDW pressed pennies our favorite web site offering a very impressive guide to current coins and locations.

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