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Elongated souvenir token, planchet medal. Looks like a pressed penny?Disneyland pressed or elongated arcade token

Images are courtesy and copyright of R. & A. Hoff,

More and more often we see elongated "coins" that are actually pressed on planchets (coin slugs) or tokens. Both governmental restrictions, the changing composition of coins, improved souvenir quality, and increased profits are reasons for the use of these planchets and tokens. (For information about the specially modified Disneyland USA "penny" press machines designed to press arcade tokens in place of coins, please visit the Disney Token Press Machines Guide page. For information about tokens used at the Disneyland Resort as Cast Member Applause awards, arcade machine and locker operation etc. please visit the Tokens Guide.)

As you can see by the examples above, tokens and planchets make very nice "pressed penny" souvenirs. You don't have to worry about finding a clean, solid copper coin to press. They can be offered in countries where local coins, e.g. zinc or steel etc., don't make good pressed souvenirs. We've also heard machine owners say that planchets or tokens are a good choice because the the machine vends the token while keeping the customer's coin which increases the profit from each penny press machine sale. Reduced machine jams and machine damage caused by foreign coins also help the bottom line too. Best of all, non-coin souvenir presses permit the use of "penny presses" in countries that do not currently allow the smashing, pressing, squishing, or any other mutilation of their coins or may not in the future. So, you don't have to worry about the law watching you. (At least for this reason. smiley) Personally, I think pressed token souvenirs just look really cool!