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Tokyo Disneyland Resort Medals
Japanese "Pressed Pennies"

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Uncle Scrooge Penny Arcade Pressed Penny or Medal
Early 1996 Tokyo Disney Pressed Coin, copper finish.Mickey Mouse Disney Pressed Coin
Minnie Mouse Tokyo "pressed nickel" medal

Tokyo Disneyland has been extremely enthusiastic about "pressed penny machines"! They first offered only three Disney souvenir coins in 1996. By 2007, in just that one year, over 130 new coins were issued! They also have one of the most popular series of coins to collect that I know of, the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month. On the first of day each month, a new dated coin is placed in Tokyo DisneySea, two new coins of the month are placed in Tokyo Disneyland and all my coins are placed in the pockets of the good folks in Japan that press these coins for me! I really wish such a series was offered in the United States too. But, I digress...

The examples above show some first quality engraving. Most likely these dies were the work of Jimmy Vargas, the noted Eurolink engraver. Three of the coins are pressed on machine vended copper planchets or slugs and one was pressed on a nickel plated planchet. In Japan these "coins" are often called "pennies" and "nickels" after the Disneyland, USA souvenir coins. The Tokyo Disneyland Resort also has a well developed pressed penny accessory market including cell phone charms that hold your pressed coins and some very nice penny collector books. If you would like to read more about these popular souvenir medals or accessories, here is a link to's extensive Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny collector guides.

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