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What are Pressed Pennies?

Pressed pennies are flattened or elongated coin souvenirs most commonly offered by coin-operated machines at tourist based points of interest. Placing your coin or token in an automated pressed coin machine and selecting a design of your choice starts the process of creating your keepsake pressed coin before your eyes. The penny, nickel, dime, quarter or token you have deposited in the machine then falls between two metal rollers that crush the coin between them with more than 2000 pounds of pressure while you watch. Fun! With a common cost of only fifty one cents, these little pressed penny treasures are often called one of the worlds best theme park souvenir bargains.

Pressed Penny Machine with ParkPennies Staff :-)
Pressed penny machines at Disneyland's Penny Arcade.
Also two Pressed Penny Collectors. :-) circa 2006

Penny press machines have at least one roller with a specially engraved image made in reverse that forms the design on the front of the coin while it is being pressed. Some coin press machines offer images engraved on both rollers and create a pressed coin with both an obverse image as well as a reverse or " Reverse" image.

Pressed PenniesPressed Penny  Reverse.
Pressed Penny obverse or main image and "Happy Collecting" backstamp or reverse.