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Prototype Pirate Pressed Penny or elongated coin

Many collectors do not collect prototype elongated coins. Prototypes are often way too scarce or expensive when you do find one. But, for an advanced elongated coin collector they sure are fun to see. Above we have the image of a Pirate with the inscription "Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland. I think it would have made for a very popular coin, but, it never made it "on-stage".

Sometimes the fun in collecting pressed pennies is to find coins that are very scarce. If you feel the same way, or if you just want to see more of these rare or scarce pressed pennies, the example above is one of many that can be seen at the "Neverland" prototype elongated coin and pressed penny guide. (I think of run-on sentences as an art form. Unfortunately, my English teachers never did seem to have the same appreciation for that particular art form.)