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Disneyland give away event souvenir, an elongated nickel.Free pressed penny buisness card elongated coin from UBOC


Free pressed pennies and elongated coins great give-a-ways. Above left is a elongated nickel pressed coin that was given to guests attending an Annual Passholder event at Disneyland. The elongated penny to the right for a time could be pressed for free at the Union Bank Of California's branch office on Disneyland's Main Street. Over the years elongated coins have changed in appearance and style of engraving. You may prefer the earlier nostalgic style or the more modern three dimensional style. Images of different engraving styles can be seen on ParkPennies elongated coins page.

There are many uses for free pressed pennies. Our favorite use is of course to add them to our collection, but... Free pressed pennies and other pressed coins including nickels, dimes, quarters, tokens, silver dimes, silver quarters etc. are sometimes used as business cards or advertising pieces, mementos for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement... etc. Most people keep them longer than a business card and they can last better than a bouquet!

Our "Mothership" web site,, often has a free pressed penny offer. (The link to the free penny page moves sometimes, but search the main pages and you'll probably spot it.) Visitors send in a SASE and receive a free pressed penny for their collection by return mail. It's a great way to advertise especially on a pinched-penny budget. Not to mention pressed coins are great fun to share!

If you'd like to have a custom pressed penny made for a special event, person or promotion, please see our list of Custom Die Engravers