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New Pressed Pennies! Two new Disney themed coins were added to the guides!  They are two exceptional coins from the well known elongated coin roller, Don Cade. One is from who has just released a new limited set of coins honoring the Disneyland Viewliner. These coins are available starting today at his website Also, Don Cade has a cool new "Disneyland - Pressed Coin Collector - 2022- Walt Disney World" elongated coin set, a welcome addition to the series. Do check them out and if you'd like to add them to your collection, don't delay. Happy collecting! Boomer.

11/22/2021 Some have asked, so to confirm: The ParkPennies Pressed Coin Guides and the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page are current and "confirmed". After close comparisons, we found that most all converted machines retained their existing pre-covid coin dies / designs. However, three machines did change and were added to the respective guides. They were: The replacement dies CA0268-70 Cars Land Set, the replacement dies DL0719-21, The Incredibles Pixar set and the truly new designs, the DL0710-18 Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas 8-play machine. So far, all other machines appear to have retained their pre-pandemic closure designs. NO sign so far of the annual Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure nickel sets or the Disneyland and DCA Holiday nickel sets this could be the second year without them. If indeed these beloved sets do not return, the DCA 10 year set and the Disneyland 25 year set do make for nice framed sets. Happy collecting, Boomer

10/30/2021 Our thanks to longtime collector and contributor, Alex D. for reporting that the CA0226-228 Mission Breakout coin press unplugged. As we know, since the park reopened most all DLR penny press machines have been converted to a vending machine style coin press. Lately, we have received many out of order / unplugged coin press reports. I know it is very upsetting to make costly reservations way in advance only to find a machine unavailable when you finally can visit the park. Hopefully, these new machine start up issues will be sorted out in time. However for now, if you find a machine is not working properly, please politely let a nearby cashier or other Cast Member know. They can request needed repairs to be made ASAP by the company that is now servicing the machines. Boomer

10/30/2021 Our thanks again to Kelly B. (Pressed Penny Exchange on FaceBook, Scrapbooker23 on eBay) for her report and pictures! Kelly shares that the DL0648-650 "Indy" penny press is back onstage. It was the last of the Rajah's Mint coin presses to be converted into a $1.00 vending-style machine. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page and the guides pending confirmation that the Indy designs have not changed. confirmation of the designs may be delayed as the Indy pressed coin machine is currently out of order. Good news: Kelly also reported that the two "Buzz Lightyear" machines are still traditional 50 cent "press your own coin" penny presses. Enjoy some nostalgia at the exit to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (also known as The Little Green Men Gift Shop) in Tomorrowland and watch while your own penny is pressed into a souvenir keepsake before your own eyes! :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

10/27/2021 Our thanks to Kelly B. (Pressed Penny Exchange on FaceBook, Scrapbooker23 on eBay) for sharing another update and images. Kelly found that the two missing Rajah's Mint Jungle Cruise DL0522, 523, 524 and the Moana DL0654, 655, 656 penny presses have returned. The returning machines have been converted to $1.00 each vended-style penny presses and *appear* to offer unchanged designs. However, please wait for a confirmation, the designs may have changed slightly! Kelly also mentioned that the Indiana Jones DL0648, 649, 650 machine has been taken offstage (probably for conversion). I've updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page and the guides pending confirmation that the designs have not changed. Here are some of Kelly's early images of the newly converted Rajah's Mint pressed coins and stampbacks. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

Disney Spoon Guide, Sterling Silver early souvenirs.10/19/2021 We recently added a new page that is not promoted, but shares this website. For those interested in early Disneyland collectibles: Disney Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons and Rings. Back in the day, the wealthy were said to have been "Born with a silver spoon in their mouth". Luckily, for those of us who weren't, it's not too late to get one! :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

10/11/2021 Our thanks to Riviera D. for reporting "Walt Disney World Transportation" wooden nickels, which are now included in the ParkPennies Disney Tokens / Wooden Nickels Guide. Happy collecting, Boomer

10/01/2021 Our thanks to Ricky K. for his excellent suggestion to add the "Touch of Disney" DCA Lamplight Lounge tokens to the Disney Tokens Guide. Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/23/2021 Our thanks to longtime collector and ParkPennies contributor, Dee D. for suggesting a "Change Log" for ParkPennies Guide updates. The link has a fixed position just above the top news post. Titled "LINK: Guide Change Log" followed by the last add date. Happy collecting, Boomer

9/18/2021 Our thanks to Jeremy H. for his help in providing the last image need for our New "2018" Pixar Fest DL0719-721 pressed coin guide page update. Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/16/2021 Our thanks again to Kelly B. and Randy K. this time for their help with machine and coin images! ParkPennies is now flaunting some great machine and marquee pictures! I'm also working on a linked coin image of the Haunted Mansion Holiday 20th Anniversary coin! It's going to be a fun, busy weekend... Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/16/2021 Even in these crazy times you have been supporting this old website by visiting, posting ParkPennies mentions on social media, helping out with pictures and sharing news... sometimes annoy-mousely :-). I don't have your all your names... but thank you for helping make this humble website a great resource for us all. Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/16/2021 Kelly B. reports that the Haunted Mansion machine is again out of order, Brandon F. followed this evening with a head's up that the Trolley Treats and Star Trader #2 are marked out of order. Also the Westward Ho machine is miss-rolling. This is crazy! I know a lot of effort is being put into maintaining these machines. But, I hear from people many times a day that they are having a "bad guest experience" because coin press machines are not performing as well as they used to. ParkPennies usually only posts machine issues occasionally, the issues that might be "long term". Because a machine could be fixed or even may break down again within hours or minutes. So, if you are going to the Disneyland Resort wanting to press coins for your collection or for friends, do try the machines early in the day and then if they aren't working well, try again later in the day. Given these challenges, it's a great time to start networking with fellow collectors. It can be both fun and rewarding to pool / trade the coins with fellow collectors. It's also a great way to meet people and make new friends. Some places that can be helpful in "networking" are the Pressed Penny Exchangeand Disney Coin Pressers FaceBook Group on FaceBook. The FaceBook TEC FB page also has information on how to join. Not a FaceBook person? You can go directly to The Elongated Collectors website to join up for newsletter, meets and friendly camaraderie. (Yes, Boomer is a member of them all! :-) Happy collecting, Boomer. [This post edited 9/17AM to correct a few grammatical errors and add some new ones.]

View the new pressed coin listing.9/15/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Old Boomer has been burning the late night oil comparing lots of coins. Could have saved some time, Kelly B's (Pressed Penny Exchange on FaceBook, Scrapbooker23 on eBay) tip was right on. The old Los Feliz Five & Dime coin press (old guide numbers CA0171,210,173) had its coin designs redone when the machine was converted. The old and new coins are: Radiator Springs Racers, Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters, and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree pressed pennies. The old and new images are very similar, but different. The new guide numbers will be CA0268, CA0269 and CA0270. The guides will be updated soon. There may be additional updates this week as the final sample coins arrive and are compared. Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/15/2021 Our thanks again to Michael H. for reporting on the status of the Disneyland machines today. Of most interest, both Star Wars quarter presses are now onstage and both are still "press your own coin" machines. For locations and descriptions please download, print, or view our updated Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/14/2021 Longtime friends and fellow Disney pressed coin collectors, Chuck and Delores N. reported that the new Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas machine was pressing well. Chuck even sent some pictures and the coins look to be the best rolls I've seen. Also Chuck noted that the Rajah's Mint is still missing two of the three machines with the third one still "press you own". Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/12/2021 Our thanks to DavidsCoinTravels on YouTube. You know Boomer is a pressed coin fan, so of course he's a subscriber to David's channel. Today, ParkPennies was honored by his latest video. It may be a bit too complementary, but I'm going to overlook that. :-) If you are not already a subscriber to his channel, do check it out. Happy collecting, Boomer

9/11/2021 Kelly B. put in a full day for sure checking on several machines throughout the Disneyland Resort and sharing the news with us. Of special interest is that the three-play machine at Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff shop in Disney California Adventure has been converted to $1.00 vended coins. The number of traditional machines has declined rapidly. For a print on machine status do check the just updated Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. More updates are pending. Boomer.

9/9/2021 Our thanks to Christopher J., creator and administrator of the very cool Disney Coin Pressers FaceBook Group and also known for the Pressed Coins 4 DLR IOS app. Chris caught a character name error (Dory / Marlin) in the listing description of the DL0686 coin. All references have been corrected. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

9/8/2021 Our thanks to Kelly B. for reporting a changed coin. We have not received a set of the coins to scan / compare yet. However, it appears the DL0684-686 "2018" Pixar set will be getting a new ParkPennies guide number. They may well have earned new guide numbers DL0719-721 even if the obverse dies have remained the same. I will post images when available. Future guide updates will be made only after I have obtained, scanned and compared both the reverses and obverses of coins from new or converted machines. Although news of probable design changes will not be delayed. Happy collecting, Boomer

9/8/2021 Our thanks to Kelly B. for reporting that the very popular Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas eight-play pressed penny vending machine is up and running! Kelly also reported on machine conversions for today's Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page update. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

9/7/2021 Our thanks to Ralph and Donna B. for reporting that the Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas eight-play pressed penny vending machine is currently out of order. Yesterday the newly installed machine was reported as "Rolling Short", not pressing a complete image. That may be the problem. New machines are often temperamental. We all know that this is a "destination coin press" for the Oogie Boogie Bash and the Haunted Mansion Holiday. Not to mention they are the first new pressed coin designs in a very long time. I have reached out the the company that designed these machines, which they have successfully placed around the world for many years. They have been stand up people for all the years I have known them and I know they want to improve the customer experience. I'll post updates. Boomer

9/6/2021 Our thanks to Jeremy H. for keeping us up to date. Jeremy reports that the Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! three-play penny press has returned to the attraction's gift shop. It has been converted to a three-play vendor. Good to know that at least it is back. The Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page has been updated. The Disney California Adventure Guide will have the changes noted soon. Happy collecting, Boomer.

2018 Retired Pixar Fest  designs return in converted machine!? 9-4-20219/5/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Elizabeth R. for her report and images of something that I never thought would happen at the Disneyland Resort. As many Disneyland guests will remember, the 2018 dated DL0684-686 pressed penny set "Best Friends" was placed onstage back on August 2, 2018. It was part of the Pixar Fest event held from April 13th through September 3rd of 2018. You may also remember Pixar Fest included a special Disneyland parade, fireworks, the opening of Pixar Pier in DCA and... two sets of Disneyland pressed coins. The DL0684-686 set was taken offstage in mid-January of 2019. Recently the machine with this now three-year out of date set of "retired" coin designs was converted into a $1.00 vended penny machine and placed back onstage around September 4, 2021. It's even back at the old location, the Frontierland Bonanza Outfitters boardwalk, talk about nostalgia. In the 34 years of Disneyland pressed coin history I can't think of them ever doing anything as inappropriate as reusing retired outdated pressed coin designs. Hopefully, this was a one-off blunder that will be corrected when caught. I know it was not in keeping with the Disneyland reputation, tradition and standards that have held the Original Disneyland Resort above so many other theme parks for so many years. To quote Mr. Bob Iger, The Chairman of Disney, "Throughout the years, we have earned the trust of guests, audiences, consumers and shareholders because of our commitment to high standards in everything we do, everywhere we operate.". Jim Cunningham, program manager, business programs at the Disney Institute said "Disney defines quality as attention to detail and exceeding guest expectations,". Boomer says "Please don't place retired, outdated pressed coin souvenirs back onstage. It just isn't "Disney". The Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide and Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page have been noted. Boomer.

New Haunted Mansion - Nightmare Before Christmas 8-Play  Penny Press  Machine 9/03/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Karl S., a longtime friend and Disneyana Fan, for sharing news and images of the first new pressed coin designs at Disneyland for a LONG time! (Last new coin design in Disneyland was 12/11/2019 and in DCA on 1/31/2020.) The long awaited Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas "coffin quarter press" has been converted and returned onstage just in time for today's Haunted Mansion Holiday and Oogie Boogie Bash event opening days. Now located just outside and between the Port Royal Curios Curiosities Shop and The Pieces of Eight Gift Shop in the in the Court des Anges (Court of Angels) New Orleans Square, Disneyland. (Yes it could be easily missed.) It's now a eight play penny vending machine, featuring four Haunted Mansion pennies and four Nightmare Before Christmas pennies WITH BACKSTAMPS!!! :-) For those of us that can't get to the park, Karl agreed to try and list some of these coins on eBay soon. Here is a link to Karl's eBay auctions of the HM/NBC coins. I've updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page and will update the Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide soon. (The marquee images look like quarters, but the machine only vends pressed cents.) [Added exact location 9/4/2021] Happy collecting! Boomer.

9/01/2021 Our thanks again to Michael H. the avid collector and frequent contributor to ParkPennies. Today Michael found the Rajah's Mint machine with two of the three penny presses missing, #1 and #3. Looks like they may be out for conversion... Let's hope it's for new designs like in the old days. ;-) 9/01/2021PM Michael H. has more Disney California Adventure coin press updates. The machines at Trolley Treats (CA0217-19) and Big Top Toys (CA0156-58) are offstage. Ramones (CA0241-43) and Los Felix #1 (CA0162-64) have been converted to vended penny machines. Knick Knacks (CA0250-2) was unplugged by cast members, two machines already had issues with credit card screens and two more were marked Out Of Service.(Do check machine status before making a special trip to the park to press coins.) Good news, both Star Wars machines at Gone Hollywood Gifts are still $1. and "press your own coin". We'll update the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page soon. Please let us know when you spot a machine change. Happy collecting, Boomer.

8/25/2021 We've added a link to The "Pressed Coins 4 DLR" IOS / Apple app which was co-developed by Christopher Johnson TEC#4951 and Hollis Ambrose. You may also know Chris as the creator and administrator of the Disney Coin Pressers FaceBook Group. Chris commented that the cost for this app is currently $1.99, however it is updated almost on a weekly basis. Here's a link to the ParkPennies listing of the Pressed Coins 4 DLR app which is in turn hyper-linked to iTunes for more information. Happy collecting, Boomer. [Update/edit 8/27]

8/19/2021 Our thanks to April S. for helping update the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. The good news is that the "Buzz Lightyear" pressed coin machines are still alive and well and... still allowing you to "Press Your Own Penny"! Happy Collecting, Boomer

8/19/2021 We have received several reports of poor quality / short roll coins being vended by the newly converted $1.00 Disneyland Resort pressed coin machines. Sadly, we have no control over that. But, please keep in mind that these are newly converted machines. They may have some bugs and from what I'm told, they are no longer maintained by on property Disneyland Cast Members as the "press your own coin" machines were in the past. So be kind, the support people may not even know that the machine needs adjustment.
Visitors sometimes ask what to do when they've paid for a pressed coin once or twice that still isn't Disney quality... My suggestion is to politely let the nearest cashier or City Hall know of the problem. Politely ask that they call in / report that the machine needs adjustment and request a refund for the defective pressed coins. Back when Cast Members were in charge of the machines, I was told they welcomed such reports / help. I hope that is still true. Do let me know if you are told the policy has changed. [Minor edits 8/20] Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/22/2021 Anastasia S., the longtime Disney pressed coin collector and ParkPennies team member, shared with us her picture of the newly converted DR0195-197 World of Disney pressed coin vending machine and sadly a picture of her "short roll" / incomplete $1.00 DR0195 Winnie the Pooh zinc souvenir. (For comparison, I added the image of a 50 cent solid copper DR0195 penny I pressed before the machine was converted.) As you can see, soft, less desirable copper plated zinc cents don't always press a more complete souvenir. I've been told by Cast Members, back when Disneyland Resort Cast Members maintained the coin presses, that a head's up is appreciated whenever a guest experiences an issue with a machine. After all, they may be unaware of any issues unless brought to their attention. So, please be kind when reporting a coin press issue. Happy collecting, Boomer

7/21/2021 Our thanks to Anastasia and David S. for reporting Downtown Disney coin press machine status today. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page to include more machine conversions.

7/17/2021 Happy Birthday Disneyland! Wow 66 years, how time flies. Boomer is remembering one of his first visits to Disneyland in February of 1956 wearing my Keppy Kap and riding on Rocket to the Moon with my Dad. I think the ride may have looked a bit too scary for Mom? :-) She was waiting for us at the exit with a Lunar Flight Certificate. Thank you Disneyland for lots of great memories over so many years. (Yes, when you do the math, like Boomer does math, he is 39 years old. :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/17/2021 New Pressed Pennies! We have added eight new Shanghai Disney Resort 5th Anniversary pressed coins to the Shanghai Disney Resort Pressed Coin Guide! Our thanks to Alex L. in Hong Kong for reporting the coins as well as securing marquee images and use permissions. We would also like to thank Momo Disney for granting ParkPennies use of these new images. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/15/2021 Our thanks to Alex D. for his report and images of the now converted Off The Page CA0159-161 pressed penny machine and Julius Katz & Sons CA0165-167 pressed penny machine. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. Happy Collecting, Boomer and the folks at

7/14/2021 Lately ParkPennies has gotten several reports of out of order coin press machines from unhappy Disneyland guests. Today we are happy to post that Jeremy H., a frequent park visitor and ParkPennies contributor witnessed one of the converted Critter Country coin press machines getting some TLC. The technician in this picture does not appear to be a Cast Member as was the practice over the past 34 years which would support rumors that Disneyland Resort coin presses are no longer Disneyland Resort Cast Member supported. Machines are being converted quickly. However, no quarter press machine conversions have been reported so far. So, quarter machines appear to be a bargain nowadays in that they are currently the same price as a pressed penny and you can still press your own well-selected coins. There are no nickel or dime machines onstage and we don't know if they will return. If the Seasonal nickel press machines do not return, The Disneyland Holiday Pressed Nickels may become a very cool 25 coin nostalgia collection. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/14/2021 Our thanks to Kelly B. for another great Disneyland Resort pressed coin machine update! Kelly reports that the Pioneer Mercantile DL0502-504, Bonanza Outfitters DL0651-653, Westward Ho Trading Post DL0559-561, Splash Mountain Exit DL0509-511, World of Disney DR0198-200, Fantasia Gift Shop DR0153-155, Goofy's Kitchen DR0150-152 and DR0130-132 are all onstage and have all been converted to $1.00 per coin hopper-fed machines. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page to reflect all reported changes to date. Do let us know if you spot other changes. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/13b/2021 Alex D. reports another machine has returned to stage, the Incredibles CA0250-252 penny press at Knick's Knacks in Disney California Adventure. Per the image Alex shared, it's been converted to accept $1.00 per hopper-fed coin and is currently out of order. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. However, collectors looking to press coins should keep in mind that availability and operational status of all coin press machines is currently uncertain. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/13/2021 Our thanks to Alex D. for another update to the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page today. Machines are offstage possibly being converted to hopper-fed $1.00 and some machines onstage out of order. However, many machines are working and still accepting your penny, nickel, or quarter. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/12/2021 Our thanks to Alex D. for sharing a picture of the DL0639-641 Pirates pressed penny machine located at the Pieces of Eight Gift Shop. This machine has now also been converted to vend hopper-fed pennies for $1.00 credit card or cash each. The image he shared shows the machine was also "out of order" at the time. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. However, collectors looking to press coins should keep in mind that availability and operational status of all coin press machines is currently uncertain. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/06/2021 Our thanks again to Alex L., the longtime Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland pressed coin collector for his update today. Alex reports that Shanghai Disneyland's World of Disney Store has changed four coins in each of two eight coin machines. The new coins are themed for Shanghai Disneyland's 5th Anniversary. We hope to have marquee pictures / scans added to the ParkPennies Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide soon. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/05/2021 Thank you Alex D. for a catching an embarrassing spelling error. :-) Happy collecting, Boomer

7/04/2021 Our thanks to Kelly K. for reporting that a machine is off-stage at the Word of Disney. Yes, it's located at the Disneyland Resort, Downtown Disney, World of Disney... Wow! That's a lot of "Disney"! :-) No annual pass? No worry. Most all onstage Downtown Disney area machines are still accessible without paying admission! :-) (Parking extra.) We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. However, keep in mind that availability and operational status of all coin press machines at the Disneyland Resort is currently changing and uncertain. Happy collecting, Boomer AND Happy 4th of July! :-)

7/02/2021 Our thanks to Kelly B. for her machine update today. Two more machines have returned. We have updated them to "$1.00 Vended Coins" machines. Lots of coin press changes taking place... Please email ParkPennies if you spot any updates for the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. Happy collecting, Boomer.

7/01/2021 Our thanks to Alex L., the longtime Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland pressed coin collector as well as ParkPennies contributor, for his most welcome help today. Recently, we (okay it was me, Boomer) added guide numbers for the identification of pressed coins issued since the grand opening of The Shanghai Disneyland Resort. All coins were given prefixes of "SDR". However, Alex alerted us to the fact that some of the coins were actually issued within the gates of Shanghai Disneyland (SDL) not outside the gates on Shanghai Disneyland Resort (SDR) property. The affected guide numbers have been corrected. My apologies. Happy collecting, Boomer

6/28/2021 Our thanks to John D. for today's updates. John D. reported: "Main Street Arcade Nickel machine not on site. Port Royal Quarter Machine formerly offering 50th logo not on site. Jolly Trolley Treats Nickel machine not on site. Gone Hollywood #1 and #2 out of order. Good news: Gone Hollywood #3 moved to Stage 17 Backlot Shop (Avengers themed) Rushin River Up themed quarter machine still there." We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. However, collectors looking to press coins should keep in mind that availability and operational status of all coin press machines is currently uncertain. Happy collecting, Boomer.

6/20/2021 Our thanks to Deanna W. for reporting that several machines are offstage, probably being converted to $1.00 vending style machines. We will be updating the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. However, collectors looking to press coins should keep in mind that coin press machines availability is currently uncertain. Happy collecting, Boomer

Open Orange Bird Pressed Coin Guide Page6/18/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Don Cade has issued another very cool set of coins! They feature the WDW fan favorite Orange Bird image with a "Disneyland Pressed Coin Collector Walt Disney World" reverse. Do check out our guide all of Don Cade's Disney themed pressed coins.

Pressed coin changes, our penny your $1.006/16/2021 INTERESTING -> Many thanks to our good friend the well-known Disney pressed coin collector, Jeremy H., for today's report. Jeremy shared pictures of the coin press inside Humphrey's Service at Disney's California Adventure as well as the coin press machines at the exit to the Main Street Opera. They brought to our attention a change at the park we had hoped would never happen. At least not happen at the original Disneyland Resort, birthplace of Disney pressed coin collecting back in 1987. But, Humphrey's Soarin' pressed coin machine, which has offered the CA0211, CA0212 and CA0213 pressed coin set since 2016, was in fact recently converted to a "Walt Disney World style vending machine". Jeremy also shared images of the now converted DL0489-491, DL0496-498, and DL0506-508 coin machines ("Lands Pressed Penny Set") located at the exit to the Main Street Opera. Unfortunately, when using these converted machines, you may no longer chose your own shiny or solid copper cent to be pressed. The modified presses now "vend" or supply a random penny that is automatically fed from a hopper inside the machine, pressed and dropped into the coin tray. Not to mention watching this now diminished "show" and receiving a souvenir now pressed on a random coin has doubled in price to $1.00. (You may have seen social media posts or YouTube videos by Disney Fans about similar changes that have taken place at WDW.) Sadly, it appears the magic of our own coins being made into a Disney keepsake before our own eyes may be coming to an end. As you can tell, I'm a bit sad to see it happen. I know there are Cast Members both current and retired that feel the same way. So, please keep positive and thank the Cast Members you see for the hobby and entertainment these machines have given us over all these years. Maybe they will be able to spare us a few of the now nostalgic real Disneyland penny presses? PS Collectors may start placing a greater value on coins that were pressed "in the good old days" or "pre-vending machine" on clean solid copper cents? If you do not already have a complete set of current onstage coins pressed on copper cents, you may want to acquire them now. NOTE: I don't think the coin press machines are supported by local Disneyland Cast Members as they were in the past. So please check ahead of time if you plan to use these machines. Guests are currently experiencing some problems with the newly converted machines. We have updated the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. -Boomer [Edits and additions 6/16]

5/18/2021 Our thanks to Michael H. for alerting us that India M. of the TEC FB page reported the The Cove Mini Market is open with both of their coin press machines accessible, the DW0031 and DW0042 pressed coin sets. The coin press previously located at the Castle Gate / Castle Inn Gift Shop was out of order at the time of her visit. (Please see our 2/20/2021 post) However, we believe that machine will be up and running soon. Happy collecting, Boomer.

5/9/2021 Again our thanks for a most welcome update from Jeremy H. Today he reports that the Los Feliz Five & Dime #2 machine featuring the CA0171,210, 173 Radiator Springs Racers, Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree pressed coins is missing. Also that Humphrey's Service & Supplies is closed, machine status unknown. We will try to keep the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page updated as reports / changes are received.

5/8/2021 [Edits for clarity 5/9] Our thanks to Jeremy H. for reporting. DLR: There is some activity inside the Mad Hatter Shop today. The coin press machines can't be seen inside the shop if they are still there. Possibly they have been moved behind the wall, closer to the opera exit or maybe taken offstage. Jeremy also confirmed the Rajah's Mint nine coin machine is up and running as well as the Haunted Mansion quarter press is still onstage. (The Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter machine currently offers a 50th anniversary set of quarters that many have thought would be taken offstage after the August 9, 2019 Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary event came to an end.) DCA: The Pixar Incredibles themed penny press at Knick's Knacks (Previously Treasures in Paradise) is missing. -Do place a bookmark in your browser or a link on your desktop / home screen to the Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. We will try to keep it up to date as reports come in.

5/07/2021 Our thanks to Chuck N. for reporting that most all the remaining coin press machines are operational today. Also, the machines located at the Mad Hatter Shop / exit to the Main Street Opera still could not be seen behind closed curtains and the shop is still closed. He mentioned that the Rajah's Mint machines are working, that the the two Penny Arcade machines have been moved away from the entrance and the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary pressed quarters are still available. Happy collecting, Boomer.

5/02/2021 Our thanks again to Jeremy H. for another most welcome update today. He just reported that the two machines at Pooh Corner, the Winnie The Pooh themed DL0562-564 and DL0645-647 pressed coins appear to be missing. Also all of the Rajah's Mint set of three three play coin presses are marked "out of order", though they do not appear to be jammed. Just yesterday, Jason T. reported machines out of order or missing as well. I hope this is not an indication of a Walt Disney World type of catastrophe happening to the beloved, nostalgic coin press machines of the Original Disneyland Resort. -Boomer

smile!-------4-30-2021-----------------The Disneyland Resort reopens after a 413 day COVID-19 park closing!

4/29/2021 Early reports over the past two days by Jeremy H. and Mike R. share news of missing machines. Only a few locations were observed. However, both the small world quarter press and the Splash Mountain penny machine were not found. Constraints on both time and entry have limited a thorough search / update of machine changes for our Disneyland Area Pressed Coin Machines Location Page. If you are going to visit the park or have additional early updates to share with fellow collectors, as they have with you, please email Boomer. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Disneyland Hotel Monorail pressed penny marquee4/15/2021 Boomer hopes you might have a picture of the Disneyland Hotel Monorail pressed coin machine? Advanced collectors will recall it held the the DL0017 pressed coin. (Same as the Disneyland Resorts and Disneyland Hotel Monorail pressed coinHotels DR0010.) As you may know, this old favorite single-play penny press was onstage for many, many years moving from inside the park to outside, from the old Disneyland Hotel breezeway to the Neon Cactus, then the Disneyland Fantasia Gift Shop... Boomer has already shared a picture of the marquee and the coin in the guides. But for some reason he apparently missed taking a picture of the machine &%#@! (Have you noticed that when I make a mistake, I use the third person like it wasn't me that did it? :-) Now that we are sprucing up the online guide pages, (I know about time. :-) a picture of the machine would really help. If you have a picture to share, just contact Boomer to make your Disneyland Hotel Monorail penny press image with your named credit a welcome immortal part of this 20+ year old guide. Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies. [Edits 4/17/2021]

4/12/2021 Our thanks to fellow collector Cathy (AKA Read2Gether on eBay, a great source for Disney pressed coins). Her most welcome on location report confirmed today that a coin press was not present at the Star Wars Trading Post. Maybe we'll see one soon? If you spot a coin press first, do let Boomer know. Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at

4/8/2021 New updated listings of Hong Kong Disneyland pressed coins! Our thanks to the well-know HKDL pressed coin collector, Alex L. who recently reported new variations of the HKDL0523 and HKDL0524! Happy collecting, Boomer

4/8/2021 A longtime fellow collector and friend, Jon G., just reported what could be some great news. Jon heard from a friend that there may be a coin press at the Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney. As usual, until we can share pictures of the machine / coins, we can't confirm the machine or any details. Usually I'd be at the park ASAP when I heard news like this and then post it with pictures and images of the coins as soon as I returned to my ParkPennies desk. But, for the time being, I am mostly homebound. Luckily, we all share an amazing network of ParkPennies visitors, us! So, if you spot a new or changed machine, just click this link to share the news with fellow ParkPennies readers. [update: No machine found 4/14/2021]
Related recent news. I've heard rumors from "The East Coast" and "Central California" for the past week or two that there may be some feared changes coming to our beloved DLR coin press machines. I hope it's only a rumor. We may have some updates later this month / when the park reopens. Stay tuned and if you hear something first, send Boomer an email, anony-mousely if you wish. Happy collecting, Boomer

3/17/2021 Our thanks to Amanda M. for reporting that the three pressed quarter machines from Gone Hollywood, Avengers and two Star Wars quarter press machines, have moved. They are now located in Studio 17 also known as the Disneyland Resort Backlot Premiere Shop. As frequent DLR visitors know, this is a DCA shopping location that has been a part of the Downtown Disney Extension for sometime now and can be accessed without paying admission. We'll update the ParkPennies Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF today. Oh... by the way, if you didn't hear already, it was announced this morning that DISNEYLAND IS OPENING ON APRIL 30TH!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy collecting, Boomer.

3/10/2021 UPDATED 3/14/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Who says there aren't any new Disneyland Resort themed pressed coins??? Don Cade has just issued some nostalgic pressed coin sets themed on the early days of Disney's California Adventure. I think these will bring back great memories to many of us. They are Mulholland Madness #DT0020, Superstar Limo #DT0021 and The Maliboomer #DT0022 (Gotta like anything with the word "Boomer" in it! :-) The ParkPennies Don Cade Disney Tributes Guide has been updated with these cool new coins. Happy Collecting, Boomer

2/20/2021 Our thanks to Mike M. for reporting that The Cove Market on Harbor Boulevard is temporarily closed due to the COVID shutdown of the hotel. However, Mike could see the machine through the window so at least it's still there. Mike also reported that he was told the Castle Gate Gift Shop operator didn't renew their lease. The coin press machine as well as the store furnishings have all been removed and the gift shop is not expected to return when the hotel reopens. We've updated the ParkPennies Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF. DCA will be reopening to food and wine events I hear. ParkPennies hopes to report additional machines as they become accessible. Happy collecting, Boomer

Don Cade's updated monorail pressed coin ZZZCoins monorail pressed coin2/4/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Don Cade and ZZZCoins have released new Disney themed monorail pressed coins! We have updated the ParkPennies DT Pressed Coins Guide to include these two new coins. Happy collecting! Boomer.

2/1/2021 Our thanks to Larry H. for reporting that it now appears the Gone Hollywood Gift Shop in Disney California Adventure is closed for the time being. If you notice this very popular home of Star Wars and Avengers quarter press machines has reopened, do let us know. The ParkPennies Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF will be updated within the hour. Happy collecting, Boomer

1/28/2021 Our thanks to Michael H. for reporting that the World of Disney coin press machines had been moved. We're told that they are now in their old locations one on each side of the center door. There are no changes in the coins offered. Stay safe and happy collecting! Boomer.

1/27/2021 A Disneyland First Edition Pressed Coin book was just listed on eBay. It's offered by a trusted longtime fellow Disneyland collector and fan. Here is a link to the ParkPennies page about The First Edition Disneyland Pressed Coin Book. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Storybook Land pressed coin by Don Cade1/21/2021 New Pressed Pennies! Disneyland themed coins from Don Cade! Storybook Land, Monorail, PeopleMover... Do check them out in the DT Don Cade Tribute Pressed Coins Guide. Happy collecting, Boomer.

1/20/2021 Good News: Our thanks to Dennis S. for reporting that Gone Hollywood Gifts is still open! However, with new limited days and reduced hours. So be sure to check ahead. Gone Hollywood Gifts current operating hours are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 8:00PM. Happy collecting, Boomer.

1/19/2021 Our thanks to Larry H. for reporting that the previous Disney California Adventure 2020 yearly nickel set has been replaced with the Finding Dory CA0217-219 set which was temporarily taken offstage (See 11/20/2020 post below). This is a new location / machine cabinet for this unchanged CA0217-219 Finding Dory pressed coin set. The Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF and ParkPennies Guides have been updated.

1/18/2021 Our thanks to Mike R. who reported that he found Gone Hollywood Gifts closed today. (As fellow DLR visitors will recall, Gone Hollywood Gifts is located on Hollywood Boulevard inside the Disney California Adventure Downtown Disney extension.) The three coin press machines inside the shop are now inaccessible. We are assuming the closure is temporary. If not, we will update the guides. Boomer

1/13/2021 Our thanks to Jamie B. for reporting that the Disney California Adventure 2020 yearly nickel set has been taken off-stage. We do not anticipate a new set of coins anytime soon. But, this location, near the south door of Jolly Trolley Treats will be a prime spot to check when / if the machine returns. Guides and the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF will be updated today. Happy collecting. Boomer.


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