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Our thanks to Jeremy H. and friends for confirming the current Jolly Trolley Treats and Kingswell Camera Shop machine locations. The Buena Vista Street pressed coins and locations are unchanged from our last report. I know many collectors were hoping for a possible 2020 DCA Holiday Nickel press. The good news is that many machines are still accessible in the Downtown Disney and Disney California Adventure areas. We look forward to reporting some good news in 2021. Stay safe and Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at [Edited 12-28-2020 to correct some grammatical gaffes and add some more. :-)]

12/24/2020 The very best of the Season to you all. Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at

12/19/2020 The Folks at ParkPennies are very thankful for the honor of being awarded the 2020 TEC Presidential Merit Award. Not a member of TEC, The Elongated Collectors Organization yet? Join and enjoy the TEC Newsletter, articles, member ads and meetings at!

12/16/2020 The Gone Hollywood Gift Shop is now open at Disney California Adventure making more DLR coin press machines available. The guides and Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF will be updated Thursday. Happy collecting! Boomer.

12/04/2020 [Updated 1/19/2021] Another pressed coin machine is available now that historically has required admission! Maybe a small silver lining? "On November 19, 2020, Disney California Adventure's Buena Vista Street area including part of Hollywood Land and Grizzly Park was reopened as a no admission and no "rides" shopping and dinning extension to Downtown Disney. Not all pressed coin machine locations in the area were accessible. However, the initial Buena Vista Street extension did still make the CA0144, CA0145, CA0146, CA0156, CA0157, CA0158 CA0171, CA0210, CA0173, CA0165, CA0166, CA0167, CA0265, CA0266, and CA0267 pressed coin machines available. (The CA0217, CA0218, and CA0219 Finding Dory coin press location at the Kingswell Camera Shop (Elysian Arcade) was accessible. However, the machine was offstage presumably pending the arrival of the DCA Seasonal Nickel machine, finally returned to occupy the recently vacated DCA0265-267 2020 yearly set machine cabinet on 1/13/2021.) On December 4, 2020, an additional shopping location in the BVS area, Off The Page Gifts, reopened making the CA0159, CA0160, and CA0161 also available. " We have updated the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF and the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide. Stay safe and Happy Collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.

11/20/2020 Buena Vista Street pressed coin machines are up, running, and waiting for visitors to the newest extension to Downtown Disney! (Without paying admission!) One machine has been reported as offstage, the Dory CA0217-219 pressed coin set. This is the machine that has been taken offstage in the past to make room for the... Holiday Nickels set! We are hopeful that the absence of this machine suggests Disney California Adventure Holiday Pressed Nickels are on the way. However, people tell me this year is different? :-) So, check this page often and keep your fingers crossed. Spot a new machine or update not yet reported? You can share it here. Happy Collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies. Keep Safe!

11/20/2020 To reflect the opening of Buena Vista Street as an extension to Downtown Disney, we have updated the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF and will be updating / noting the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide as soon as we divine a way to reconcile this change. ?

11/19/2020 The Buena Vista Street extension to Downtown Disney opens today. I have not heard of any new pressed coins so far. But, there are several machines in the area and for the first time, these machines will not require paid admission! (Check our Pressed Coin Machines Location Page for Buena Vista Street Machines.) Stay safe and Happy collecting! Boomer

Video: Juan Bilderain Pressed Penny Collecting Tips Video11/12/2020 NEW Video! Fellow collector, Juan Bilderain, just uploaded a YouTube video on Pressed Penny Collecting Tips. In separate sections of the video, Juan shows ways to clean, flatten, preserve, store and display pressed coins as well as tips on mobile apps and reference web sites. He has offered it as a way to share the hobby with fellow collectors. He has nothing for sale and there are no ads... just tips, examples, demos... So, do check out the video. If you are like me and would like to see more videos like this... be sure to give it a mention to your friends, maybe push the subscribe button and a thumbs up?
Here are direct links to some of the people, places, and products Juan mentioned in his video: Our good friends at Bad Llama Group Mobile for their excellent FREE WDW and Disneyland Pressed Coin Collector Apps. The Optimum binders he mentioned can be viewed / ordered from Of course, Juan mentioned the number one WDW pressed coin site with FREE excellent news, pictures, information, and cataloging numbers of Walt Disney World Pressed Coins, For supplies, Juan mentioned our good friend and TEC Member, Oded for the very hard to find large window 2X2 coin holders / "flips". And of course, thank you Juan for your kind words about ParkPennies and Boomer. :-) 11/13/2020 Links to Juan's Video have also been added to the ParkPennies "How to Store and Display Pressed Coins" page. Happy Collecting, Boomer and the folks at

11/02/2020 My apologies. I had not gotten a notification of new mail from the Post Office for more than a week. But, started thinking maybe they might be a bit busy nowadays and didn't send one? (Who says Boomer isn't smart? Please no emails. :-) So, I stopped in to check the P.O. Box today and surprise... it was stuffed! I'm sorry for the late replies. They are going in the mail today and tomorrow. Keep safe and Happy Collecting, Boomer. PS Disneyland is closed and it maybe for a while. But, eBay is open! :-) Why not check out some eBay pressed coin auctions by fellow ParkPennies visitors? There are usually some interesting coins and sometimes a deal can be had on a hard to find treasure.

10/10/2020 Many Disney pressed coin collectors are familiar with Don Cade's excellent Disney inspired pressed coins. In recognition of his work, especially his most recent Disney ride inspired elongated coins, we were happy to add a Don's Tributes Guide page dedicated to his excellent pressed coins. The guide brings together all of the Don Cade elongated coins listed at ParkPennies and provides room for what we hope will be many more. Happy collecting, Boomer.

9/09/2020 Our thanks to the very helpful dad and daughter team of Hong Kong pressed coin collectors, Alex and Abigail L. They recently shared with us some very well researched evidence representing detective work spanning more than a year. The information included statements and recollections of collectors that had pressed the three subject coins, noted purchases of the coin set by casual collectors, even an example of the three coins placed as a set in coin book of the time. With their excellent detective work they have solved a longtime Hong Kong Disneyland pressed coin puzzle. As advanced HKDL pressed souvenir collectors will remember, there was a lone HKDL1325 coin reported by the well known USA collector, Jason N., back in 2015. At the time, we didn't know exactly when the coin was onstage. So, it was listed as our only "provisional" HKDL listing, the HKDL1325 and entered it in the HKDL Guide accordingly. There was also an "orphan" listing of a lone, the HDKL1016, dating from back in 2010 that we could not match with any other coins reported at the time to complete what we thought should have been an original machine set of three. Alex and Abigail's detective work linked the HKDL1016 and HDKL1325, with a third coin, featuring the image of Conductor Mickey in a Train (previously thought to have never been onstage), to reunite the HKDL1016, HKDL1017 and HKDL1018 2010 set! Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies. [Edited 9/16/2020 to remove some of the poor grammar. :-)]

9/02/2020 The park still isn't open... we're still "all ears" waiting for word of new machines and a park opening date. Don't hesitate to share any news your hear. Keep safe and happy collecting, Boomer.

8/12/2020 Our thanks to Dee D., the longtime advanced collector and friend of the folks at ParkPennies. Recently, he very generously shared some amazing documents, images, items from a 2012 Disneyland Hotel event... Yes, we now have images of the extremely scarce event souvenirs and pressed coin from Captain Hook Save Tinker Bell Challenge! Do take a look at this still "draft" page with history, images of the event brochures, coin... Stay safe and Happy collecting, Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

8/04/2020 We added a couple new memes to the ParkPennies Jokes page. Our thanks to Les H. for... if not granting us permission to use them, forgiveness? :-) Seriously, our thanks to Les who has -knowingly- contributed several jokes since the page was first launched.

7/30/2020 I hope you are all well and keeping safe. No coin press news to report. Do drop us an email or annoy-mouse private message if you have news or a rumor to share. Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.

7/20/2020 Our thanks to Jeremy H., Mike R, and Larry H. for their reports over the past few days. So far it's been all good news. The Downtown Disney coin press machines appear to be unchanged since the shutdown. (I know some readers feared that the coin press machines, especially some Downtown Disney machines run by an outside firm, might be converted into credit card machines vending expensive pressed zinc cents. It has already happened to several machines in an unnamed Flooorida theme park.) However, as avid collectors know The Original Disneyland Resort, home of the first Disney pressed coins, has focused on the guest experience and the penny press machine "show" since 1987. This week's reports confirm that the tradition is still in place. Happy collecting, The Folks at ParkPennies.

7/17/2020 As has been heard on the classic Alice in Wonderland ride for many decades and has never been more appropriate than today... I'm wishing Disneyland "A Very Merry UnBirthday" and a safe reopening soon. Missing the coin presses at Disneyland? Looking for some 2019 penny nostalgia? Enjoy Chris's Disneyland penny press YouTube video with his contagious enthusiasm! Looking for a smile? Our Jokes Page will try its best. :-) Happy collecting, Boomer

6/24/2020 As you may have heard, the State of California has said it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines "until sometime after July 4, 2020". Given the lead time needed to open the park to the public, it looks like the Disneyland Resort may not be opening for sometime later than the hoped for July 17, 2020. There have been some guests, Cast Members and Unions pushing for a later / safer open. Maybe it's for the best? Stay safe and happy collecting, Boomer.

6/16/2020 We hope all is well with you and yours. We've had more "free time" lately :-) and used some of it to catch up on past due web site maintenance and additions. So far, we've spruced up the Main Disney Pressed Coin Collections Index. Now it's a bit better for different sized devices and screens. We've added needed edits and more images to the Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide and gave the pages a more consistent look. (Some of the pages had a 15+ year old appearance and others looked only 10 years old. :-) The Disneyland Resort and Hotels Pressed Coin Guide now has more marquee and coin press machine pictures too. The Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide was updated with a more consistent look and additional images. Several smaller guides and pages were upgraded and a couple pages benefited from the addition recent news, data and edits. Our thanks to the generous ParkPennies visitors, Mike R., Dave B., Dan, and Larry H. who helped improve the guides by sharing their penny press images with us all. We still do need a few missing penny press and sign images especially pre 1999. Please let us know if you have some to share. :-) Thank you again for visiting ParkPennies and for sharing this humble "by collectors, for collectors" web site. We really appreciate your kind ParkPennies mentions and links on the 'net. We see them and they make our day! :-) Enjoy the updates! Happy collecting, Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

6/10/2020 3PM DISNEYLAND JUST ANNOUNCED IT WILL (proposes to) REOPEN JULY 17, 2020! Disney has reported that Downtown Disney Anaheim is to open on July 9, with the Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure following on July 17th... Yes, same day as in 1955 when Disneyland opened to the press and a few lucky fans. But, will there be any new penny press machines? Stay tuned for updates. HAPPY COLLECTING Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.

5/21/2020 -UPDATED 5/30- Thanks to Nancy W., Chuck & Delores N., Michael H., Don C., Mark B., Randy K., and other fellow collectors for generously offering their welcome adds, edits, images, and inspiration for resent updates especially over the past week. Shared contributions made by fellow collectors is what ParkPennies is all about. As long time readers will remember, twenty-some years ago, this web site offered only a very early list of Disneyland coins on an Excel or was it a Lotus 123 spreadsheet? Additions, updates and an amazing amount of knowledge shared by collectors and for collectors has made all the difference. Now that many of us are "sheltered in place" it's a great time to share a few more pictures, a bit more history and maybe even a new coin or two... As you browse the ParkPennies pages, you'll see some added marquee pictures, added honorable mention of the 2016 TEC coin set in the DW Guide, updated drop-down main menu, some re-written pages... and more to come. Happy collecting! Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

5/07/2020 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to fellow collector, Michael H. for sharing his updates to the -Download- Excel version of the ParkPennies Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guides. (Also viewable as a web page and Editable PDF version.) As long time ParkPennies readers will recall, this is an abridged version of the online ParkPennies guides that you on your own device, Windows or IOS (may require app), can convert and modify to add notes, identify coins owned, costs, dates of acquisition, coins wanted, coins held for trade... With Michael's most welcome update all Disneyland Resort pressed coins are now up to date! Happy collecting, The Folks at ParkPennies.

5/03/2020 You know, I think many of us will have a new appreciation for long lines and jammed pressed coin machines when this is all over! :-) Needless to say, it's been a slow month for new pressed coin machine reports here at ParkPennies. Boomer has even resorted to posting jokes on ParkPennies! But, thanks to Alex L. in Hong Kong, we do have a report of a new example of a very scarce coin. The coin design, out of the thousands of coins pictured in the ParkPennies Guides, is the only "unassigned" coin! Maybe with this new report, we are getting closer to attributing this Mickey Mouse Rays mystery coin? Happy collecting, The Folks at ParkPennies.

Smiles At
Visit "Smiles for Today"

4/20/2020 Some "Smiles for Today", a collection of jokes, cartoons, and memes. Might be a good one in there somewhere to share? :-) We're adding new ones from time to time... Happy collecting, Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

DT0005 Disneyland  Pressed Penny Collector Walt Disney World 2020 DC issue.4/15/20 New Pressed Pennies!2020 Disneyland COVID Shutdown DT0006 pressed coin set. The set was issued this month by Don Cade. Although Don said he wasn't happy with the engraving, in my opinion, the lettering style tells the story well. These historically tragic times are testing the people of the world as well as many businesses. Disney Resorts have even closed. But, when the pandemic has passed, I think this coin set will persist as a reminder not to take a day for granted, much less a day with our friends or family; especially a day with our friends and family at Disneyland. We've added this set to the DT Don Cade Tribute Coins Guide. (There is no machine location. Don Cade often rolls his coin designs for fellow pressed coin collectors sometimes offering them via eBay.) Please remember to thank our healthcare heroes and to stay safe. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the park... soon! Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

3/29/20 New Pressed Pennies! Here's a new site on our list! It's DavidsCoinTravels.Blog a very nice non-commercial WDW pressed Coin blog run by a fellow TEC member. Definitely worth a visit and you may even want to bookmark it. Our thanks to the anony-mouse tipster that shared the site with us. Do contact Boomer to share your favorite Disney pressed coin sites. Happy collecting, Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies

3/21/20 It's slow at the parks. :-( But, we're hoping that there will be a new machine or two waiting when the Disney Resorts reopen. Until then, there's a lot to do on the 'net. There are some bits of opinion and history here on ParkPennies that might be of interest, just click the link square above "The History of Disney Pressed Coins, Sorta :)" and then the boxed links offered on that page... Also, if you're on FaceBook, you might like to visit Pressed Penny Collectors,      ZZZCoins,       Disney Coin Pressers,     The Elongated Collectors,    or    contact Boomer to share your favorite Disney pressed coin websites / FaceBook pages with ParkPennies readers :-) Happy collecting! Boomer and The Folks at

3/18/20 Lots of families spending time at home nowadays. Great time to organize our pressed coin collections! :-) Maybe send an email or two asking fellow Disneyland pressed coin collectors to trade some coins? Of course, the TEC newsletter is a fun read too. If you are not already a member, do check out the TEC web site for news and an application to join. ;-) Looking forward to a celebration when the Disney parks reopen. Happy collecting, The Folks at ParkPennies.

3/14/20 We've updated the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide, the Disneyland Park Pressed Coin Guide, and added a "draft" page with some background on our recently added Don Edgren Pirates of the Caribbean Piece of Eight.

-------3-14-2020-----------------COVID-19 Park Closing----------

3/13/20 Well... for those of us not visiting the Disney parks today... Why not check out the eBay pressed coin auctions by fellow ParkPennies visitors? A great web site to get caught up on WDW pressed coins is, it's our go to site for all WDW coins. And of course, do explore the drop down menu above that says "INDEX of All Fun Stuff". It's updated often and has a lot of links to ParkPennies articles. Some nostalgic, obscure, even a few of them are interesting.:-) Also there are links to our guides, old archived news pages back to the 1990s... fun! Looking forward to the reopening of the Disney parks... The Folks at ParkPennies.

3/08/20 With great sadness, we must share that the elongated coin collecting world lost Mr. Ray Dillard on March 8, 2020. His name is mentioned often on this site and I can think of no one that has done more for the hobby or for so many years. A wonderful person, friend, and mentor to so many of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ray's family and his world of friends. The Folks at ParkPennies.

3/01/20 No news to report. However, if you haven't seen the Disneyland penny pressing adventure we posted here on 3/14/19 you might want to take a look. The video was filmed inside the park by Chris Provost and has to be one of Boomer's favorites! Here is a link to Enjoy Chris's newest video and his contagious Disneyland penny pressing enthusiasm! :-) If you have some time to see what up for sale on eBay, there are also lots of Disney Pressed Coins currently listed by fellow ParkPennies visitors. Enjoy the weekend and do check back here often. Lots of rumors of planned new machines for the Disneyland Resort. I hope to have something to post before long. Happy collecting, Boomer.

2/24/20 The Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary pressed quarter set was "updated". The stampbacks have been better centered and inverted, they look even better and the machine is working great! We've accordingly updated the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary pressed quarter set guide listings and the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF . Happy collecting! Boomer.

2/23/20 Our thanks to Shawn P. for reporting the Haunted Mansion machine is back onstage and working great. I'm confirming some changes and working on an update... stay tuned! Happy collecting, Boomer

2/21/20 Our thanks to John D. for reporting that the Haunted Mansion machine was offstage yesterday. If the machine does not return soon, we will update the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF to "offstage". Rumors are that the machine is out for maintenance, something that the Haunted Mansion quarters need often due to their popularity. However, given the theme of the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary pressed quarter set, these coins *might* have been retired.

2020 DCA Annual Pressed Nickel Set Marquee 1-31-20201/31/20 New Pressed Pennies!2020 Disney California Adventure Annual Pressed Nickel Set!!! We have updated the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF and will be updating the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide soon. Happy Collecting!!!! Boomer.

DT0005 Disneyland  Pressed Penny Collector Walt Disney World 2020 DC issue.1/18/20 Our thanks to Michael H. for being the first to report a new coin, the DT0005, which was issued this month by Don Cade. We've added it to the DT Don Cade Tribute Coins Guide with images.

1/14/20 Our thanks to Nathan P. and his daughter who shared an excellent report on HKDL pressed coin machines and locations in late 2019. The report and images have been added to the Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Coin Guides over the past month and are now finally completed. (Sorry for the delay, crazy busy December this year.) The report includes images of the machine marquees and some great tips as well. Nathan writes in part: "Last week, I did a business trip that ended in Hong Kong, and I opted to visit the park and attempt to collect one of each pressed coin blank. Here's what I found. Feel free to use the pictures on the site to help others find these pressed coins. Interestingly, most of the machines are unused for the most part, and many sounded empty when you deposit the HK$5 coins to pay for them, except for the Ironman Experience one. I suspect that this is partially due to Tony Stark threatening one of the robots in the show with being turned into a coin press machine." Nathan also mentions "The biggest reason that the machines sounded empty is probably because they take HK Octopus cards, as well as coins." (Nathan suggests that collectors obtain an Octopus Card for use with the HKDL coin press machines.) "Each pressed coin costs HK$15 (approximately US$1.92). Pretty steep! The coin album was the only one on offer, and it was HK$125 (or about US$16)." Nathan also noted that the Iron Man Experience and the machine inside Professor Porter's were the most popular. For HKDL specific news and archives, please bookmark the Hong Kong Disneyland News Page. Happy collecting, Boomer.

1/13/20 The Holiday pressed nickel sets in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have been retired. The 2019 year nickel set was still on stage late last night. The guides have been updated. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Disneyland's 2020 annual pressed nickel set machine marquee.1/12/20 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Shay B. for being the first to report a NEW Disneyland pressed nickel machine Guide numbers DL0705, DL0706, and DL0707! It's the Disneyland 2020 annual pressed nickel set, looks great and is located at the Main Street Penny Arcade. We've updated the Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations Page PDF and will update the The ParkPennies Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guides soon.New Shanghai Disneyland Resort Magic Medallions for January 2020!

1/08/20 Jimmy in Hong Kong reports four new coins at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort! Happy collecting! Boomer.

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