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Captain Hook's Challenge to Save Tinker Bell
The 2012 Skull Island Pressed Coin Prize

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2012 The Very Scarce Tokyo Disneyland Captain Hook Challenge Save Tinker Bell Event Pressed Coin Clue / Prize.
The Very Scarce Tokyo Disneyland Captain Hook Challenge
Save Tinker Bell Event Pressed Coin Clue / Prize

This Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Peter Pan Room special event 2012 Skull Island Pressed Coin "Look for the skull by the water" and its successor, The 2013 Pirate Flag "Read the writing on the lighted room" pressed coin, were illusive for many years. As you will read here, these reward or prize pressed coins were very limited, difficult to obtain and then only by a small, select group of guests. Our thanks to the fellow collectors mentioned here for sharing their hard work, information, images... with us all.

The following information is shared with us by Dee D. from a friend of the hobby in Japan.
"The skull island coin says "Look for the skull by the water." (A second pressed coin from 2013 reads "The Flag coin says "Read the writing on the lighted room."
Captain Hook's Treasure Hunt was a special attraction exclusive to those staying in the Peter Pan Room at Disneyland Hotel during a limited period of time (some time between January and March in 2012 and 2013).
According to this blog, as soon as you enter the room, you'll find a locked treasure box with an instruction sheet at the bedside. Click to see photos of the room:
http://blog.livedoor.jp/kao2dis/archives/23333211.html . (A translation option will appear with some browsers.)
At the front desk, they'll hand you a crossword puzzle. Then you go around all over the hotel searching for answers. They let you know the whole thing will take about 2 hours to solve. When you solve the crossword puzzle, you'll come up with the numbers to unlock the combination lock on the treasure box by your bedside. Inside the treasure box, you'll find a plain coin and an instruction telling you to go to a certain place to flatten it. There you'll find a blank EC machine, and when you stick the coin into the slot, it comes out flattened as the skull coin with the last clue. Check this blog for pictures:
https://kazuemon.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-03-02 .
(A translation option will appear with some browsers.)"

Additional information shared with us by Dee D. from a friend in Japan:"Anyway, so these coins are a part of the clues to solve the treasure hunt mystery. It must be super rare because the whole thing took about 2 hours. I'm sure most people are too tired to do anything else after spending the whole day at Disneyland and Sea. Plus it was limited to 1 coin per room, no matter how many people were participating in the treasure hunt. They also said that it was pretty difficult, and I've seen some blogs explaining about how they failed or ran out of time and gave up. According to the instructions, they forbid you to do any treasure hunting from 10 P.M. to 8 A.M. in order to avoid any complaints from other guests staying in the hotel."

Kuniaki Hiraki in Sapporo Japan, editor of his amazing Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Coin website, helped us out with some translations / overview. Kuniaki writes "I knew there was a program like this, but unfortunately this is a quiz for guests of the Disneyland Hotel Peter Pan Room. Solve the challenging problem "from Captain Hook and save the trapped Tinkerbell". First, solve the problem from a to h and get the 4-digit number. Then put that number in the treasure chest in the room and you will get a bronze medal. Put it in the Souvenir medal machine and you will get the medal shown. The meaning of the letters written on this medal is "to find the skull on the waterside". The waterside skull is in the hotel pool. If you solve the number on the skull and call it from the room, you will be given the last hint. Use this tip to find out where Tinkerbell is trapped. If you can answer it, call 8919 from the room and you will receive the answer to the program and the explanation book (bottom figure)."


2012 Pressed Coin "Look for the skull by the water"
Captain Hook's Challenge to Save Tinker Bell Literature

~Our thanks to Dee D. for sharing these amazing items! ~

Skull Island Brochure Page 1
Challenge Mystery Letter Left By Pirates To Challenge Hotel Guests. (Brochure side one.)

Skull Island Brochure Page 2
Challenge from Captain Hook. (Brochure side two.)

Skull Island Business Card Side 1
Tinker Bell / Captain Hook Challenge Invitation "Business Card" (Side One.)
Challenge From Captain Hook to Save Tinker Bell.
If you solved the challenge, call 8919 from your room.

Skull Island Business Card Side 2
Tinker Bell Captain Hook Invitation Card... In English! (Side Two.)

Skull Island Note From Captain Hook
Note From Captain Hook with instructions to try and find Tinker Bell

Skull Island Game Card Side 1 (No Boomer didn't figure this one out. :-)
Challenge from Captain Hook: Save Tinker Bell. (Side one of card.)

No, Boomer didn't know the answer. :-(

Skull Island Game Card Side 2
Information about the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. (Side two of card.)

Skull Island Business Game Rules?

Letter from Captain Hook / Challenge Letter. "Rescue Tinker Bell from Captain Hook".

(If you have more information or history to share, please contact Boomer.)

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