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HM Pressed Coins With Disney Spirit
~Honorable Mention

© 2020 ParkPennies

This Honorable Mentions Guide is dedicated to pressed coins with distinguishing "Disneyland Spirit" and do not meet the definition of any other ParkPennies guide. They weren't onstage or even on property. They weren't authorized by Disney, they weren't part of a Disneyland Resort event, they do not even mention "Disneyland", heck, some aren't even real elongated coins. But, they all do have Disney spirit! ParkPennies visitors have asked about these coins and sometimes even submitted them for listing. But, there wasn't the right spot for them. Then a few long time collectors (you know who you are) suggested that a special page or guide be added just for these exceptional treasures. I think we'll see a lot of coins added to this guide over time and they'll be fun to share! The rest will be history. :-)
If you have a coin that you would like to submit to this guide, please contact ParkPennies. (This guide is very new. Please forgive its "Draft" nature and limited listings.)
A Fun Disney Related Coin

Adam Cool Pressed Mickey Mouse cent, early.

"I wannabe here too!"

Some "pressed" coins are not quite elongated coins...
But, they are just too neat or valuable to overlook!

View this Adam Cool, pressed not rolled coin
in the PNC that held this pressed coin

Adam Cool Mickey Mouse pressed cent mailing cashe from 1978
The PNC that held the
Adam Cool Mickey Mouse
pressed cent circa 1978

Adam Cool Mickey Mouse pressed cent from 1978
Larger Image Obverse

Larger Image Reverse

Interesting Event Coin?!

The Devil and Mickey Mouse penny

"Red Devil 1977 Together Again"
Disneyland token

Proof of that "Disneyland and the Devil" tie in? Crazy penny smiley
The 2016 TEC Anniversary Elongated Coin Set

The TEC is 50 2016 Anaheim CA Elongated Coin Set.
Cent, nickel, dime, quarter, & Presidential / Golden Dollar.
Plus an ANA 125 Years 1891-2016 elongated cent.

In 2016, The Elongated Collectors Organization (TEC) held their Annual Meeting in conjunction with the American Numismatic Association at the Anaheim Convention Center. As in 1995, TEC offered an amazing set of elongated coins for their members. This year at the request of TEC President, Nancy Wooten, Cindy Calhoun designed Mickey-eared, hidden-Mickey-winged TEC Owl 50th Anniversary elongated coins to commemorate TEC's 50 years of fellowship. The limited edition of only 50 sets which included a TEC is 50 2016 Anaheim, CA Owl cent, nickel, dime, golden dollar, plus a TEC / ANA Convention pressed cent were offered and quickly sold out. (Attendees of the Convention could get the TEC is 50 2016 Anaheim, CA Owl cent cent for free at the ANA TEC Booth. Other "test roll" denominations have been reported such as two different sized token images courtesy of Michael H., and a half dollar. In addition, there were two styles of TEC Member badges made using the same basic design sans a dot border, both pressed on silver 1966 quarters with the second version enameled.

The Mickey-eared hidden-Mickey-winged "TEC is 50 2016 Anaheim CA" Anniversary Owls, the fun focus of this very scarce limited edition set, may not meet the DW Guide description. (Due to the Anaheim Convention Center / Disney mandates warning against the use of the word "Disneyland" we hear.) But, these coins certainly deserve to be shared here with honorable mention as TEC is at the heart of Disneyland collecting just as Mouse ears are the heart of Disneyland flair.

Not a TEC Member yet? Join and enjoy the TEC Newsletter, articles, member ads and meetings at www.TECNEWS.org!
(View the 1995 TEC ANA pressed coin set starting with DW0010)

Unassigned no copyright Mickey Rays reported by Centek Inc. co-owner Tim Prize.
Blank Mickey Rays
No ©Disney or Resort Name
Japanese Yen Example
(Sorry, our only image)
October 2009, unassigned coin reported. This elongated Japanese Yen coin was reported to ParkPennies.com in October of 2009 by Centek co-owner, coin roller and seller, Tim Prize a long time acquaintance of ours. At the time of his report, Tim stated the coin die was engraved for Disney, but, was refused because the engraving did not conform to the pressed coin artwork supplied by Disney. (Unlike other coins supplied to Disney by his company, e.g. DN0001  /  DL0001 etc. circa late 1980s) As you can see, this elongated Mickey Rays coin is absent "©Disney", Disneyland / Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, etc. as are other Mickey Rays coins of this style. However, it may be most similar to the Mickey Rays coin dies made by the well known engraver, Frank Brazzell for Walt Disney World first pressed coins circa 1992-1994.

Attribution for this coin has been an unusual challenge for us. The recollections, evidence and the coin itself which usually are in agreement, speaking for an easy path to provenance or history, are not. For this coin / die to be listed in the "DL" guide, the coin / die must have been onstage at Disneyland Park, Anaheim. However, based both on statements made by the roller and our own research, we do not believe this coin die was ever onstage at Disneyland... For this coin to be listed in the "DN" prototype guide, it must have been authorized by Disney. However, the roller of this coin stated that this coin was not engraved per the Disney authorized artwork, which is confirmed by our original Disney pressed penny artwork, and Disney's reported rejection of the design. That leaves possible inclusion in this "DW" Tributes guide. However, for inclusion here, this Disney themed elongated coin still needs to establish an association with Disneyland Anaheim vs. WDW.
(-Something that is still pending even with the April 2020 report of a second coin of this same design which was found in Hong Kong.)

Therefore, to the dismay of the petitioning roller / owner / seller of this coin and in spite of our extensive research to date we have not found undisputed evidence in support of this coin's inclusion in any guide other than possibly this "DW" Tribute's guide. We believe that this coin may eventually qualify for listing here as a "DW" Disneyland Tribute coin, pending conformation of park affiliation and / or year engraved and in absence of any contradictory evidence. Until then, though worthy of honorable mention, it is ParkPennies only unassigned coin,.
Unassigned Mickey Rays style coin reported by Alex L.
Blank Mickey Rays
Copper Cent Example
Image courtesy of Alex L.

April 2020, another example of this scarce unassigned coin reported! The well-known collector, Hong Kong resident and ParkPennies visitor, Alex L., reported his acquisition of this very scarce coin type in April of 2020. Although his excellent elongate appears to have been pressed on the very same coin die as the earlier example, it is a copper cent! Also surprising is that this pressed cent was acquired as part of a group of Tokyo Disneyland Resort coins from a non-collector source in Hong Kong. Yes, you never know where you'll find a scarce coin! :-) Our thanks to Alex L. for reporting this coin and sharing these images. Here is a large image of this unassigned Mickey Rays no copyright pressed cent (obverse). And a large image of this unassigned Mickey Rays no copyright pressed cent (reverse).
Please use this link for an Introduction to the DL Disneyland Park Elongated Coin Collection and this link for an Introduction to all Disneyland Resort Elongated Coin Collections.
Editor's note: We are often reminded that the preferred numismatic term is "Elongated Coins". However, as the rebellious, risk taking, devil may care ParkPennies.com contributors that we are, temptation often gets the better of us. As a result, you may see the more casual, terms like: stamped coins, pressed coins, pressed nickels, pressed dimes, pressed quarters, smashed pennies, flattened pennies, crushed pennies, squashed pennies, rolled pennies, mashed pennies, stamped pennies, smushed pennies, stretched pennies, memory pennies, keepsake pennies, flattened pennies, and souvenir coin medallions to describe these fun pressed coin souvenirs. :-) Here are some pages about the often asked questions of How many pressed coins are at Disney? and How much do pressed coins cost? Just for fun, here is a page with a bit of a different take on Pressed Coins Facts and Fiction with tips on how different coins press, cool pressed coin jewelry, early penny presses... Happy Collecting! Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com :-)
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