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Late 2019 HKDL Hong Kong Disneyland ® Park
Penny Press Machine Locations
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Late 2019
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Coin Press Machine Locations

Locations and images courtesy of Nathan P.

Shellie May/Gelatoni/Duffy HKDL pressed coins.
Next to City Hall (actually next to the bathrooms):
Shellie May/Gelatoni/Duffy

Stella Lou HKDL pressed coins.
Stella Lou (x3)

Hong Kong Disneyland/Cookie Ann (x2) HKDL pressed coins.
Marty's General Store
(inside, near a window looking across Main Street to the Emporium):
Hong Kong Disneyland/Cookie Ann (x2)

Duffy HKDL pressed coins.
Emporium (last shop segment towards the Castle, street-side):
Duffy (x3)

Mickey & Minnie HKDL/Mickey/Minnie HKDL pressed coins.
Inside Professor Porter's Trading Post
(note: map shows 2 machines, but I could not find the second,
and workers said there was only the one):
Mickey & Minnie HKDL/Mickey/Minnie
Note: The "A" button coin appears to be a back-on-stage HKDL0702

Bear with Hat/Bear on Railway/Dog  HKDL pressed coins.
Lucky Nugget Saloon (to the left of the ordering windows):
Bear with Hat/Bear on Railway/Dog

Albert/Lord Mystic/Mystic Manor HKDL pressed coins.
The Archive Shop (just outside the exit):
Albert/Lord Mystic/Mystic Manor

Slinky Dog/Bullseye & Rex in parachutes/Woody HKDL pressed coins.
Between the restrooms in Toy Story Land:
Slinky Dog/Bullseye & Rex in parachutes/Woody

Anna/Elsa/Olaf HKDL pressed coins.
Royal Banquet Hall (near the drinking fountains):

Winnie & Tigger/Winnie on stilts/Piglet, Winnie & Tigger HKDL pressed coins.
Pooh Corner (outside the shop):
Winnie & Tigger/Winnie on stilts/Piglet, Winnie & Tigger

Kylo Ren/BB-8/R2-D2 HKDL pressed coins.
Space Traders (outside the shop):
Kylo Ren/BB-8/R2-D2

DAGR/AntMan/The Wasp HKDL pressed coins
Pavilion Gifts (outside the shop):
DAGR/Ant Man/The Wasp

Iron Man/Iron Man/Stark Expo Vehicle HKDL pressed coins
Iron Man Experience (outside the exit doors):
Iron Man/Iron Man/Stark Expo Vehicle

Our thanks to Nathan P. and his daughter for this excellent report and images.

Please use this link for an Introduction to the Hong Kong Disneyland ResortMagical Coin Pressed Penny Collection.
Editor's note: We are often reminded that the preferred numismatic term is "Magical Coins". However, as the rebellious, risk taking, devil may care contributors that we are, temptation often gets the better of us. As a result, you may see the more casual, terms like: stamped coins, pressed coins, flattened pennies, crushed pennies, squashed pennies, rolled pennies, mashed pennies, smashed pennies, stamped pennies, squished pennies, smushed pennies, stretched pennies, memory pennies, keepsake pennies, flat pennies, and souvenir coin medallions to describe these fun elongated souvenirs.
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