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Mickey Mouse Pressed Penny
Pressed Penny Collection #DL0001
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Mickey Mouse pressed penny marquee or pressed penny machine sign Mickey Mouse Pressed Penny DL0001
Mickey Mouse Penny Press Machine Marquee / Sign The Vintage Mickey Pressed Penny, Guide Number DL0001

(Mickey Mouse Vintage Pressed Penny - Elongated Coin from Disneyland Park) DISNEYLAND ® , Mickey Mouse head with rays, © DISNEY, large image. Here is a link to a page with other early Mickey Mouse Rays pressed pennies.

Often called the "Mickey Mouse Rays", "Mickey Sunburst", or "Mickey Star burst" penny. This elongated coin is acknowledged as the first Disney on-stage pressed penny of any kind. The coin was the first offered at Disneyland Park, Anaheim, the first Disney location to offer a penny press machine. Die and machine by Centek. Designer: Gene Calmelat. First on-stage June 1987. Off stage circa October 1987. Design is similar to DN0001, DL0005, and DL0007 - DL0007a. Note: This coin is larger in size than other coins that share similar art work and the "ray" that touches the bottom of the "D" in Disneyland is complete from border to ear.
The DL0001 and DL0002 dies proved too soft and were easily damaged. Subsequently, the dies were returned to Centek and replaced with harder DL0005 and DL0006 dies featuring 1/8" smaller engraved images. (Per Robert Hoff's 1990s interview with the person in charge of Centek at the time of the die replacements.)
An early Centek roll with a progressive gripper modification was reported by well-known collector Alan S. in 2007. Detail comparison of early and on-stage Mickey Mouse pressed pennies, grips etc.

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