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Disneyland Haunted Mansion
Pressed Quarters
Backstamp Variation Detail

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Standard Reverse
Standard Reverse
Standard Reverse
The standard back DL0341 Haunted Mansion elongated quarter The DL0342 standard back Haunted Mansion elongated quarter DL0343 Standard Haunted Mansion elongated quarter
Mouse-Over to flip the pressed quarters. Click to open the Haunted Mansion Holiday Guide
Scarce Reverse Variation
Scarce Reverse Variation
Scarce Reverse Variation
Scarce alternate reverse DL0341 Disneyland Haunted Mansion elongated quarter Scarce alternate reverse DL0342 Disneyland Haunted Mansion elongated quarter Scarce alternate reverse DL0343 Disneyland Haunted Mansion elongated quarter
Mouse-Over to flip the pressed quarters. Click to open the Haunted Mansion Holiday Guide

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Pressed Quarters
Perfect for Ghost Hunters!

There are a few coins that have had the ability to challenge the thread of sanity that I keep telling myself I still have. (Am I talking to myself already? Yes, you are Boomer!) Well, this Haunted Mansion pressed quarter set has surely tested the strength of that thread! It was hard enough for this author to tell the Disneyland Haunted Mansion Ghosts, Phineas Queeg, Ezra Dobbins, and Gus Gracey apart. Then, I find they have switched places with one another! I guess this is pay back for the torment I inflicted on my poor grade school teachers when I secretly switched desks with Mike Retter back in the 1960s? Let this be a lesson kids, sooner or later it all comes back to haunt you!

Well, short story, as you can see in our Disneyland Haunted Mansion elongated quarters guide, the original Haunted Mansion set, the DL0268, DL0269 and DL0270, benefited from a backstamp update. The new backstamps were the same basic images just an improved quality of engraving. The new obverse / reverse combination made the DL0341, DL0342 and DL0343 elongated quarter set. The same "fronts" were still matched with the same ghost on the "backs", just a nicer looking ghost, if that's possible. smile

If you aren't confused yet... a new pairing of "fronts" and "backs" was found. It looks like sometime early in the life of the second set of elongated quarters, the DL0341, DL0342 and DL0343, the more detailed, deeper cut ghost backstamp images, were either originally or temporarily swapped. That is, the backstamps temporarily moved from on coin to another in the set. Of interest, when these dies were updated in April of 2010, making the DL0465, DL0466, and DL0467, the obverse / reverse pairing was changed again although similar coins kept their machine button positions.

If you pressed a set at the right time, whenever that was, you may have the scarcer front / back combinations! If not, they'd be a great find at a Disneyana show or online auction. So, do take a look at the coins above. We've set them up so you can pass your mouse cursor over them and see the "standard" backs on the top row and the "alternate" backstamps on the bottom row. You may also want to check out the Nightmare Before Christmas, NBC, elongated quarter sets page that includes the Haunted Mansion Holiday quarters for even a bit more detail.

Happy Collecting,

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