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Vintage Penny Press Machines &
Disneyland Elongated Coins

 Cimeter Coin-Operated Penny Press Machine
    Acknowledged as the First Coin-Op Penny Press Machine. Circa 1979
Early coin-operated penny press or coin elongating machine

Image courtesy of ©2012

(From History of the Penny Press Machine Story)

Disneyland Splash Mountain Themed Penny Press Machine
Made by Arcade Shop Disney Cast Members. Circa 2005
Splash Mountain Penny Press Machine

Image courtesy of ©2012

(From their Splash Mountain Penny Press story.)

Penny Press Machines
Disneyland's First Elongated Coins

Our focus is on penny press machines, marquees, souvenir pressed penny coins, and other cool elongated coin fun stuff. Advanced Disney pressed penny collectors may find our penny press machine history of The Original Disneyland Park's first 50 years of interest and it will eventually be covered in depth here. Penny Press Land's goal is to complement The Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides & News at, which covers all Disneyland Resorts around the world from 1987 to present, and the Pressed Penny Machines and Coins for Sale links at

Penny Press Land is a hobbyist site, by pressed penny collectors and for pressed penny collectors, as are all web sites in the family. The site will not offer anything for sale. The links we share will all be free and only for select services, businesses, and organizations of value to the elongated coin collector community.

We enjoy sharing this wonderful hobby. The internet, in spite of our limited web programing skills, has been a great way for us to reach out to fellow collectors around the world. As you see this site take form, we hope you'll also want to share your pressed penny pictures and history here with fellow Disneyland pressed penny collectors as they have with you. We welcome your contributions. Whenever you have a comment, something to add, share, or a web site link to recommend, please contact Boomer at

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