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Comparison of the DN0029 and DR0079
Disneyland Pressed Pennies
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Comparison of the DR0079 and DN0029
The DN0029 and DR0079
Disneyland Pressed Pennies

The DN0029 shown above left, is an elongated coin that could have been missed. At first look both coins above seem as if they were pressed in the same penny press. However, the longer one looks at the coins, the more differences appear. Border dot size, the differences between the star just to the left of the castle's spire... and a new coin is identified! Possibly the die was a never used backup? Or maybe the DN0029 prototype die was made for a three die machine, the standard type of machine at the park, and could not be used in the old-style single die mechanism?

The DR0079 was only onstage a short time. It was the last elongated coin offered in the "single play" / "single die" penny press located at the time in The Fantasia Gift Shop inside the Disneyland Hotel. For years, the machine had offered the "Disneyland Hotel Monorail" DR0010 pressed penny. Then for a short time, this "Disneyland Hotel Castle" pressed penny found a home there. Not long after that, with the start of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary many penny press machines were taken offstage, including this one. When the machine returned, a new mechanism inside the case offered not a single coin, but, three new 50th Anniversary Magical Milestones pressed pennies. Sadly, the Disneyland Hotel Castle pressed penny was never to be seen onstage again.

DN Disneyland ® Neverland Prototype Coins
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Prototype Elongated Coin Guide No. DN0029

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(Vertical prototype elongated coin image) DISNEYLAND ® HOTEL, castle, above the words, © DISNEY, "e" for Eurolink Design Corporation replaces the dot nearest the center of the gripper slot. Nearly identical to the DR0079, except slight differences in the engraving can be found (Border dot size, star images, etc.) . Rumors given suggest that this die was made to fit the wrong type of machine and the DR0079 was made as a replacement.
DL Disneyland ® Pressed Pennies
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Disneyland Hotel Castle DR0079.
Squished Pennies Collection No. DR0079
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(Vertical squished penny image) DISNEYLAND ® HOTEL, castle, above the words, © DISNEY, "e" for Eurolink Design Corporation replaces the dot nearest the center of the gripper slot. See also the very similar and scarce DN0029. First on-stage March 4, 2004 at the Fantasia Gift Shop, Disneyland Hotel replaces "Monorail cent" DR0010 AKA DL0017. Removed from stage to make room for the 5/2005 Magical Milestones Anniversary Set and did not return. (Probably replaced by a three-play penny press machine.)

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