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The Lands
Disneyland ® Pressed Penny Collections
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The "Early" Disneyland
Lands Set of Eight Pressed Coins

Circa 2004

DL0241 Original onstage
denomination, pressed penny
First Version of "FantasyLand"

DL0242 Original onstage
denomination pressed penny
First Version of "Mickey's Toontown"

DL0243 Original onstage
denomination pressed penny
First Version of "AdventureLand"
DL0279 Brer Rabbit
First Version
"Critter Country"
Early Lands Set pressed penny machine sign or marquee
Early marquee for the DL0241-242-243 penny press
Early Lands Set pressed penny machine sign or marquee
Early marquee for the DL0244-245-246 penny press  
DL0244 Mickey Mouse
First Version "FrontierLand"
DL0245 Pirate Goofy
First Version "New Orleans Square"

DL0246 Astronaut Pluto
First Version "TomorrowLand"

Pressed Nickel Variations of the
DL0241, DL0242 and DL0243 Pressed Coins

Circa 2009
DL0453 Pressed Nickel
DL0453 Penny Press changed DL0241
to nickel press... Cool!
Second Version "FantasyLand"
DL0454 Pressed Nickel
DL0454 Penny Press changed DL0242
to nickel press... Cool!
Second Version "Mickey's Toontown"
DL0455 Pressed Nickel
DL0455 Penny Press changed DL0243
to nickel press... Cool!
Second Version "AdventureLand"
Early Lands Set pressed penny machine sign or marquee
Marquee for the DL0241-242-243 Nickel  press
DL0251 The first Disney
elongated coin with a backstamp
First Version of "Main Street USA"

The DL0251a / DL0380-408
DL0251 with enlarged coin grip
2nd, 3rd & 4th Version of"Main Street USA"
The DL0415-432, CNC engraving
replaces hand engraving
5th & 6th Version of "Main Street USA"
dl0251 nickel press marquee
DL0251 Nickel  Press Machine Sign or Marquee

The "Classic Style" Disneyland
Lands Set of Nine Pressed Coins

Circa 2011
See Disneyland Lands Set Pressed Coin Jewelry
DL0489 Tinker Bell Lands Set pressed penny
DL0489 Replacement Design
Third Version "FantasyLand"
DL0490 Mickey Mouse Lands Set pressed penny 
DL0490 Replacement Design
Third Version "Mickey's Toontown"
DL0491 Donald Duck Lands Set pressed penny
DL0491 Replacement Design
Third Version "AdventureLand"

Lands set pressed pennies number 1, 2, and 3
Penny Press Machine Marquee or sign as of September 2011
with 1 of 8, 2 of 8, and 3 of 8 notations DL0489-491 pressed pennies
DL0506 Main Street USA pressed penny with Mickey and Minnie Mouse
DL0506 Pressed Penny
7th Version (First penny)
"Main Street USA"
Dl0507 Let The Memories Begin Sorcerer Mickey
DL0507 A New Addition to the Lands Set
"Let The Memories Begin"
Sorcerer Mickey
Brer Fox Splash Mountian pressed penny
DL0508 Brer Fox
Second Version
"Critter Country"
Lands pressed penny set coin numbers 7 and 8
Penny Press Machine Marquee or sign as of September 2011
with 7 of 8 and 8 of 8 notations DL0506-508 pressed pennies
Goofy New Orleans Square Lands Set #2
DL0496 Pirate Goofy
Second Version
"New Orleans Square"
Mickey FrontierLand Lands Set #2
DL0497 Mickey Mouse
Second Version
Pluto TomorrowLand Lands Set #2
DL0498 Astronaut Pluto
Second Version

Lands set pressed pennies number 4, 5, and 6
Penny Press Machine Marquee or Sign as of September 2011
With 4 of 8, 5 of 8, and 6 of 8 notations DL0496-498 pressed pennies

See also the Disneyland Main Street Pressed Nickels comparison guide ~and~ a sliver pressed penny bracelet based on this "Lands Set".

The Lands Pressed Penny Collection Profile

Disney Pressed Pennies
Pressed penny subset of Disneyland Resort elongated coin collection, Disneyland Park.
Relative Collecting Difficulty - Easy at the time these elongated coins were first released.
Relative Cost - Low (while still onstage :-).
Closed or Open - At first believed to be a closed set, then one three play penny press was converted to pressing nickels. Also, the key elongated coin, the Main Street USA nickel was changed twice before its replacement with a machine engraved replica.
Note - The cool Main Street USA nickel is the first Disney coin to have a backstamp.
Early Main Street USA nickels have a small grip notch, later nickels have an enlarged grip.
This set is believed to be complete as pictured at the top of this page. There are other coins that share the same style of art work, examples are at the lower center of this page. Disneyland officials have remained mute as of this date as to which coins were intended to be "Lands Set" coins. So, it’s your call, at least for now. We've shown the Lands Set as described on an Official Disneyland penny press map of the time.
UPDATE Mid-2011:The definitive classic nine coin Land Pressed Penny Set was placed onstage at the Lincoln exit (Main Street Opera exit). Eight coins are numbered on the machine marquee as "1 of 8" etc. and are upgraded versions of the earlier set coins, plus a ninth coin, "Let the Magic Begin" featuring Mickey Sorcerer. These coins are "Classic Style". They are excellent, old-school hand engraved coin dies by Jimmy Vargas with excellent high-relief devices, details and dot boarders. Nice set!
For more details about these coins:
DL Pressed Penny Guide Coins #DL0496+

For fun, see Jewelry made from a Disneyland Lands Set of Pressed Silver Coins or read about the World's First Disney Pressed Coin page
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