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Canceled Elongated Coin Reverses
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A "Retired" Backstamp Says It All

Canceled penny backstamp

This currently small guide offers images and descriptions of backstamps or reverses placed on canceled Disneyland elongated coins. In Disney Speak, "retired pressed penny dies", or as a formal numismatist might say, "canceled elongated coin dies". These coins or dies should not be confused with coins or dies that have only been taken off-stage for the time being and are not currently available to the public. Canceled dies are modified, engraved or even mutilated in such a way as to prevent the pressing of any additional coins identical to the original coins pressed with the same die.

These very collectable canceled elongated coins, commemorate and confirm that the modified die can no longer be used to press coins like the originals. Examples of the canceled coin backstamps can also make welcome additions to Disneyland "Backstamp" collections.

Collectors may see more canceled coins in the future and with them more reverses or backstamps. Advanced Collectors, may wish to use the ParkPennies.com numbering conventions for coins not yet listed in our guides... 'cuz they are near impossible to find and attribute.

Guide numbers for canceled coins or dies are the same as the original coin guide number with an added prefix of "C" for Canceled. Reverse dies have the same guide number as the coin or die with which they are matched with a suffix of "R" added for Reverse. A backstamp on a DL0001 would be a DL0001R, a Canceled DL0001 Reverse, CDL0001R.

For more information about canceled coins, please see our Disneyland Canceled Elongated Coins Guide.

Happy Collecting,

CDL Canceled Disneyland ® Pressed Penny Reverses  (Scarce)
Canceled die coin numbers are prefixed by a "C" e.g. CDL0121 for easy identification.
Larger pressed penny image. Select FRAMES in the top right corner or CTRL click to open in a new tab. Default is a pop-up window! CDL0121-123 REVERSE
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(Horizontal image) RETIRED. This backstamp is featured on the cDL0121, cDL0122 and cDL0123 canceled coins. The Mulan set is the first set of canceled dies or coins to be offered by Disney. 188 sets of copper cents were pressed for sale by Disney Auctionears. About six sets were had been offered and sold via these auctions as of mid 2005. At that time, the three canceled dies were auctioned and coin sales stopped. Image courtesy of the Lou Smith Collection. This image is representative of this style reverse or backstamp. However, each coin type in this set may have a slightly different reverse image as each coin type has a separate and slightly unique backstamp engraving.

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