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How Much Do Pressed Coins Cost?
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  • What is the cost of pressed coins? Most all Disneyland Resort pressed pennies cost only 50 cents each plus the penny to be squished; pressed nickels cost 75 cents plus the nickel to be smushed; pressed dimes cost 75 cents plus the dime to be smashed; smashed quarters are usually 75 cents or $1.00 plus the quarter that is flattened before your eyes. Although many locations are raising the price of pressed pennies to $1.00, pressed coins are still possibly one of the best souvenir bargains to be found at Disneyland and many other tourist locations...

  • What coins should I use in the Disney penny presses? Usually, coin presses accept just three common United States coins per "play" or for payment to press a penny. The coins needed are one US cent coin also called a "penny" coin to be pressed by the machine and two 25 cent coins also called "quarters" to pay for pressing. You can usually exchange one US $1.00 "Dollar" for 100 cents / pennies or 4 quarters at most retail stores or shops. That makes the total cost for one pressed penny, one penny (to be pressed) and two quarters (for payment) or slightly more than one half of one US dollar, 51 cents. Pressed pennies are very inexpensive souvenirs!
    Note: There are two common types of "Pennies" also known as US cents. If the penny / cent coin is dated before 1982 it is most likely solid copper, newer coins are copper plated zinc. Either type will work. However many collectors prefer to use solid copper pennies / cents which have dates before 1982.

    For more information and tips about selecting the type of coins to be pressed please see Best Coins To Use In A Coin Press, or here for Tips on How to Flatten Pressed Coins.. here for Pressed Coin Jewelry, History and Pressed Penny Facts and Fiction" and lastly this page for the cost and location of Disneyland pressed penny, nickel, dime and quarter press machines.

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