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Tinker Bell Pressed Coins
Comparison of the DL0195 and DL0428

© 2008 ParkPennies

Tinker Bell DL0195 Elongated quarter or pressed coin.

Tinker Bell DL0428 Elongated quarter or pressed coin.

Link: MONSTER Tinker Bell pressed quarter comparison image.

Back in 2002, the Disneyland Tinker Bell quarter set was first placed on-stage. The three coins made a very popular set with both Disneyland guests and pressed penny collectors. Then, in around May or June of 2008, the pressed quarter machine was taken off-stage from its longtime spot at the Disneyland Main Street Arcade. Rumors and later confirmations sought by Boomer at ParkPennies.com, suggested that the "C" button coin die was broken. On around July 10th, the machine reappeared at the Main Street Penny Arcade. Unnoticed by many, there was indeed a new, very similar die in the place of the "C" button selection, the DL0428.

We hope our DL0195 Disney Pressed Penny Collection Guide and our DL0428 Smashed Penny Collection Guides will help you spot these small differences between the two coins and not miss adding either one to your Disneyland Park "pressed penny" collection.

Happy collecting,
Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com

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