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The CDL0121-123
Canceled Disneyland Elongated Coin Detail

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The Mulan Canceled, Elongated Coins

The three dies in the Mulan set were each canceled with an etched Tinker Bell image in the field of each die. A "RETIRED" backstamp was also used by Disney when they pressed these canceled coins. The Mulan dies were then etched with the word "Retired" over the gripper and sold by Disney AuctionEars. The new owner pressed ten cents, nickels and dimes with this added mark, none of which have backstamps. A vertical coin ridge on the CDL0122 type 2 coins is evidence of a die crack.

Coins with backstamps that read "Retired", but, have no "Retired" at the grip, are Type 1 coins. If your coin has the small "Retired" at the grip and no backstamp, it is one of the scarce type 2 coins.

For more details about these coins:
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