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HKDL Magical Pressed Penny Coins
Onstage as of April 2014

Reported by Wan Lin in Hong Kong

13 Machines / 39 Coins Reported:

Our thanks to Wan Lin Yeo in Hong Kong for reporting coins currently onstage at HKDL. Wan Lin also writes: "It will also be helpful to mention that all HKDL coin machines accept Octopus Card (a stored value smartcard for electronic payment, mainly used for public transport system in HK). HKDL shops may not have so many HK$5 coins to change (each coin costs HK$15 & only HK$5 coins can be used). There are 13 machines in total. Imagine how much HK$5 coins one will need to change to collect all the HKDL coins! Some machines have problems accepting older HK$5 coins which are a bit dented at the corners. So pressed pennies collectors are advised to top up their Octopus Card before they go into HKDL! :D" 

AdventureLand 1

AdventureLand 2

FantasyLand 1

FantasyLand 2

Grizzly Gulch

Main Street City Hall 1

Main Street City Hall 2

Main Street Emporium 1

Main Street Emporium 2

Mystic Point

TomorrowLand 1

TomorrowLand 2

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