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Penny Press Machine Locations
PDF Disneyland pressed penny machine locations

The ParkPennies Penny Press Machine Locations List The list of all Disneyland Resort Penny Press Locations including nearby independently owned "Disney Themed" machines. A condensed single page listing of the latest data, updated often. May be viewed / downloaded via most any device with internet access and printed on a single page by most any printer. Free and worth twice as much! :-)
No images, sorting, just the facts in "Old School" formats...
Available in easy to print PDF, easy to view Web page, and easy to customize EXCEL. Don't forget to bookmark, link, or tell a friend? :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

Win 8 Disneyland pressed penny machine locations app

The Mouse Penny Guide Win 8 App An excellent, free Disneyland penny press locations Win 8 app for all devices running the new Win 8 operating system. Based on the latest data base with images, sorting, search, locations map, collection listing options and many additional handy features designed for elongated coin collectors. A professional app free from the Windows App Store. Read more about this free app at the Windows App Store or FaceBook.

iPhone and Android web-based penny press locations app

Disneyland Pressed Coins Mobile App We have this web based app here for now. The programmer is a nice guy, but, it's been a long time since this web site based app was updated. The good news, it's a free Disneyland penny press locations app can be used with all mobile devices. Uses data and offers many handy features designed for elongated coin collectors. Read more about this free app at their web site.

The Official Disneyland® Resort
Coin Press Collectibles Sheet

Clicking these links will open a new window and take you to the Disney web sites. If you really want to go there? :-)

Our most recent cached copy of the

Disneyland pressed penny checklist Official Disneyland Penny Machine Map 5/20/15

Disney links:
Disneyland pressed penny checklist An Official Disneyland Penny Machine Map Link 5/20/15 (Original format list)
Disneyland pressed penny checklist An Official Disneyland Penny Machine Checklist Link OLD The links change from time to time as does the internet location of the map. A more current copy of this list may also be available at the Disneyland Main Street City Hall. It does not include nearby machines that are outside the resort. If you find any other lists (Other than the incredibly beautiful, frequently updated, pressed penny list at :-), please contact us so we may link them on this page.

What does it cost to press pennies at Disneyland?
The cost to press a penny at Disneyland is possibly one of the best souvenir bargains at the park... Most all Disneyland stretched pennies cost only 50 cents plus the penny to be squished; pressed nickels cost 75 cents plus the nickel to be smushed; pressed dimes cost 75 cents plus the dime to be smashed; smashed quarters are usually 75 cents or $1.00 plus the quarter that is flattened before your eyes. And there are over 50 Disney smashed penny machine locations waiting for you at the resort! The Penny Press Machine Location Checklist will help find them today and the Pressed Penny Collection Guides will help you organize them over the years. Happy Collecting from Boomer and the folks at

What will I need to use the Disney penny presses? Usually, just three common United States coins, one cent coin also called a penny coin to press and two 25 cent coins also called quarter coins to pay for pressing. You can usually exchange one US $1.00 for 100 cents or 4 quarters at most retail stores or shops. That makes the total cost for one pressed penny, one penny and two quarters or slightly more than one half of one US dollar, 51 cents. Pressed pennies are very inexpensive souvenirs!
Note: There are two common types of "Pennies" also known as US cents. If the penny / cent coin is dated before 1982 it is most likely solid copper, newer coins are copper plated zinc. Either type will work. However many collectors prefer to use solid copper pennies / cents which have dates before 1982.

ParkPennies Pressed Penny Machine Guides
Excel & Word Format
Current and retired customizable listings of all Disneyland elongated coins
"Just The Facts" for use as "want lists", "trade lists", "Collection Checklists".
Excel File Pressed Penny Guide All of The Disneyland Resort

(Excel File) All Disneyland Resort elongated coins from 1987 on... UPDATED 5/2013Disneyland Resort Pressed Penny Collection Checklist *Excel* Convert this file to Word, PDF, labels for your personal use... Pressed Coins from 1987 on... Updated about quarterly unless we forget. :-( All Pressed Pennies One "Spreadsheet" File Download make your own inventory, want list, trade list, customized  guide of all Disneyland elongated coins!

Word .doc format  ParkPennies Guides(Word File) All Disneyland Resort elongated coins from 1987 on... UPDATED 11/2010
These files are getting old, but, we haven't phased them out yet. It's not only is Boomer really lazy, but, the Excel files can now be reliably opened in newer Microsoft Word software and we have the HTML, "web page" versions as well. But, if there is another format you'd like, just let us know.

(HTML AKA ParkPennies Lite ) All elongated coins from 1987 on... All Pressed Pennies One "Web page"Last UPDATED 3/2015 Disneyland Resort Pressed Penny Collection Checklist *Webpage, HTML* Adobe and Excel Readers
Adobe PDF Reader
Excel File Reader
Past Locations of Now RETIRED 50th Anniversary, Magical Milestones Penny Machines
(For collectors of the Magical Milestones Series, which is now retired)

Disneyland penny press machine locations This checklist has just 50th Anniversary Souvenir Penny Press Locations (PDF). 1 page.
Fine Print. Sorted by year and also by location! One page has all 51 of the 50th Anniversary, Magical Milestones pressed pennies or elongated coins. These 51 coins are vended from 17 different machines located all over the Disneyland Resort. The coins are listed separately by location in one section and also by Magical Milestones year in the other section. Makes the coins you are looking for easy to find! You may cut this page into two small, pocket-sized lists. Hide the list in your pocket and amaze the other guests with your knowledge of Disneyland trivia! (It will be our secret. Pressed Penny Smiley ) Great for collectors that can read fine print. (Oh how I envy you!) For larger print, please use the HTML file below.

Disneyland penny press machine locations Just 50th Anniversary elongated coins (You must have EXCEL or the free Excel viewer.)
Any Size Print. A good choice if you want to sort, edit or update your own machine location list of all 50th Magical Milestones penny presses.

Disneyland penny press machine locations Just 50th Anniversary, Magical Milestones Pressed Pennies (HTML)
Large Print. The best 50th Magical Milestones machine location list. Large print with Magical Milestones pressed pennies and machines listed by both location and by Magical Milestones year. Feel free to "hot link" this often updated page to your web site or desk top so you will have the latest copy.
WDW Walt Disney World Penny Press Machine
Checklists and Files

Happy Collecting!
Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies