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Santa Ana Zoo souvenir pressed pennyShip tourist pressed penny coinSea World pressed penny or elongated coinLA Dodgers sports pressed pennyLos Angeles Zoo smashed penny souvenir
Santa Ana Zoo Souvenir Pressed Penny, Queen Mary Tourist Pressed Penny, Sea World Amusement Park Souvenir Pressed Penny, Los Angeles Dodgers
Sports Fan's Pressed Penny, and Los Angeles Zoo Souvenir Smashed Penny

Zoo pressed pennies are a major pressed penny collectable! If you are in charge of a zoo, work in one, or feel like you do, why not place a penny press machine on site? I have one in my office! (Yes, I know.)

Seriously, zoo pressed pennies are, as you may know, a top elongated coin collection theme. Points of interest like the Queen Mary are also popular from what we see and hear via our web sites. Amusement parks, well, I've spent time waiting in line to press coins in several. And Sports themed pressed coins are becoming more and more popular with machines at several stadiums, auto race tracks too.

If you have a potential penny press location like one of these, why not look into placing a penny press machine? We are adding links to companies that both sell and revenue share penny press machines. Check our penny press machines for sale links page.

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