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PressedPennies is a web site by collectors and for collectors, designed to be a great place to share information, including but not limited to posts, reports, stories, complaints, images, news, rumors, scans, coin descriptions and gossip with fellow collectors. PressedPennies is happy to give credit for submissions that are judged appropriate and used by PressedPennies. Accepted items may be made a part of the PressedPennies web site or guides. Therefore submissions made to PressedPennies become the property of PressedPennies for PressedPennies use without limitation.

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Disclaimers and Public Notices is an unofficial web site. The official Disney site is available at Many images provided are ©Disney. The Walt Disney Company, NYSE:DIS, has not endorsed or authorized any part of this free Disneyland Elongated Coin web site or its contents. (Not that we would turn down a check.) PressedPennies is a fun site provided for your enjoyment. What we publish is thought to be correct or at least entertaining, however, no assurances of accuracy, completeness or entertainment value are offered. All information, including but not limited to images, news, gossip, files and history is provided "AS-IS". As an additional condition, users of this site agree that under no circumstances will this web site, its contributors, or owners be held liable for direct or consequential losses or any other damages arising from the use of this site or from businesses, auctions, sellers, engravers or others listed or mentioned here as a service for our readers. Without that agreement, this site would not be possible, at least not at these prices. Terms of use are subject to change without notice.

The publishing of this reference guide is public notice of the information contained and an invitation to contribute or correct. Because supportable corrections or additions submitted to PressedPennies will become a part of this guide with credit given to the petitioner, no disputes with this reference need exist.

We have taken extra efforts to exclude any "suppositions" or "assumptions". However, commonly, honest, knowledgeable, recollections of events or time frames vary. In those cases, PressedPennies strives to state only the agreed upon, supportable facts or ranges. Guides, offered here, are believed to be a complete listing of all1 known coins at the time of the last particular guide update. If you have a © Disney elongated coin or a "tribute" elongated coin not yet listed in the PressedPennies guides or files, please Contact Us. You will be given credit in the official ParkPennies guides within the description of the coin you submit. (Same as the credits you may have noticed in other guides.)

1 Some elongated coins may have a cent, nickel, dime, quarter or other denominational variation from the same die that may not be listed. Some prototype coins known to exist may have been omitted by request.


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