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Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coin Tips

Our thanks to Ralph X. for sharing his excellent
Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed coin machine tips

Ralph writes: "Notes for SDL (Shanghai Disney): As an Chinese, I have some recommends here:

Please exchange some 10 RMB (CNY) PAPER MONEY before you enter the park. (paper only! no coins! no apple pay! no Ali pay!) Please do that in the banks. Because of these 4 designs machines only accept 10. The 8 designs machine can accept 10, 20 & 50. But no charge. 12 designs machine accept 100. Yes, you can exchange in the store. But usually, they haven't enough 10 RMB brand new paper money for you.

These 8 designs machine accept 'full collect' by only 70 RMB. Which means you can save 10. And 12 Chinese Zodiac machine allow you pay 100 RMB for 12 designs full collect, that means you save 20 RMB. So, at least, and totally, fully collect all the designs, you need 1 of 100, 5 of 50, 5 of 20, and 24 of 10 paper money!

Please prepare a little more 10 RMB. Because of the 8 & 12 machines press the designs not very well by 'full collect' (especially the 12-Chinese Zodiac). And these machines different with U.S.A. that you can choose nice & clean pennies. Those machines will provide the base tokens by themselves. So, you may met some ugly pennies. (my friend met 2 pieces with rust.) Do not use too old money, or broken money, or foreign money! I beg you! New money much more better. Otherwise the machines will damaged easily. As my experience, seems these machines' money check system didn't program very well. And these machines repaired very slowly. I wait at the Star Wars store half day, and no one try to repair. The employees told me, someone insert foreign money, so, it didn't work, cannot insert any money now. So, I failed collect all of them in 1 day. I'll try Star Wars again in the future.

The hotels outside of the park, so, if you missed these 2 machines, you can by metro subway line #11 and get them again. Took the maps at front door, the machines' location already show on it."

Ralph added on 9/19/2017: "IMPORTANT!!! BECAUSE OF the Shanghai Disney accept WeChat payment. So, Chinese now using online pay now! That means, The Disney will get less paper money than last year from Chinese tourists. That will be much more harder to exchange paper money for Overseas tourists! DON’T FORGET change enough 50, 20, & 10 CNY before enter the park! (That is a bank: ICBC in the town, try it!)"

If you'd like to share your pressed coins tips or observations with fellow collectors as Ralph has, please email Boomer.

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