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Kuniaki Hiraki’s
Tokyo Disneyland Medal Locations

Tokyo Disneyland Resort "penny press machine" locations including Tokyo Disneyland Park, DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland Resort area hotels and transportation stops.
Kuniaki's Tokyo Disneyland Resort web site is a must see for Tokyo souvenir collectors.
On line language translating services like Google's open this site to the world.
Tokyo Disneyland Penny Machine Locations

Disneyland Resort Anaheim
Penny Press Machine Locations

All Disneyland Resort, USA penny press machine locations
including related, privately owned, area penny press machines.
Disneyland USA Souvenir Pressed Penny Machine Locations


Walt Disney World Resort
Pressed Penny Reference Site

Extensive searchable lists, guides, files, images...
Surely the best WDW elongated coin reference
James Mayfield's Walt Disney World Pressed Penny Guide


Walt Disney World Resort
Penny Press Locations / Files

Lists, files and links to WDW penny press machines and WDW Quarters.
Walt Disney World Souvenir Pressed Penny Machine Locations &
Links to WDW elongated coin sites


Souvenir Penny Press Locations

A very cool site about pressed pennies, run by some cool people.
1,000s of souvenir penny machine locations!
Souvenir penny press machine locations offers nothing for sale and provides links and information without any warranty, liability or charge per our Terms of Use.