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Custom Pressed Penny
Die Engravers

Pressed pennies, custom Give away elonaged coin from the Disneyalnd Annual Passholder Event in 1995
Custom Pressed Pennies
Made Just for You!

Custom Pressed pennies like the one made for us, can be made to order via a custom engraved pressed penny or elongated coin die. So, people and businesses can offer custom pressed pennies or other elongated coins for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, family reunions, political statements, business advertisements / cards even Halloween give a way "treats". (My favorite is offering them as a free web site souvenir. :-) Yes, pressed pennies engraved with your own art work, picture, message... inexpensively.

The pressed penny pictured above, was custom engraved for the 50th Anniversary of the Snow White Motion Picture Premier and offered in a collector issue PNC. The other elongated coin, the Disneyland Annual Passholder Nickel, was a free give away pressed coin for a special event at Disneyland. Often custom engraved coins are distributed to non-collectors, potential customers, and event guests. As you can see, people usually don't want to part with their "Pressed Pennies" and keep them for many years. Matter of fact, we often see wedding pressed pennies and business card pressed pennies from decades ago.

There are many "pressed penny people" that engrave custom elongated coin dies and we hope to add a few more to the directory over the next year. Some do very nice work and will press the coins for you if you do not have a penny press machine of your own or don't wish to purchase or rent one for your event. For now, we have a few links here where you can buy custom pressed pennies from elongated coin die engravers. Don't be shy about contacting them to see which engraver or "roller" is best suited to your project. Delivery times, quality and price vary. But, all make fun pressed pennies and elongated coin dies for most any occasion.

Custom Pressed Penny Die Engravers.
Listed Alphabetically

Custom pressed penny or elongated coin die

Business Cents
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

Custom made "pressed pennies"
Visit their web site for more information

Brad and Kay's
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

Long time contributors to the hobby and fellow TEC Members.
Contact Brad and Kay for their very reasonable pricing.

Cindy's Cents
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

Cindy is a Fellow TEC Member Great Web site!
Contact Cindy's Cents for their very reasonable pricing.

Jim Dundon
Custom Elongated Coin Die Engraver

Many commercial penny press machine use his engravings.
Sorry, Jim retired in 2010.

Oded's Elongated Coins
Custom Pressed Pennies and Supplies

Oded's web site offers
custom made "pressed Pennies" and elongated coin supplies
Visit his custom made pressed penny page at:

Lindberg Manufacturing Company
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

Manufacturer of high quality penny pressers, souvenir penny books,  ID Tag Engravers, and medallion machines.
Contact Dan with your inquiries or visit the web site at

The PennyCollector.Com
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

This service might still be available?
Custom elongated coins rolled to order
Click this link for more information

Custom Dies

Chemical Engravers of your penny, nickel and quarter dies for over 20 years.
Send us your artwork and we’ll create you a masterpiece.

Engravers Listed at
The Elongated Collectors Website:

Lee Bowser
Custom Dies

(Engraver, Roller, Designer)
Acid Etching
13898 Masters Drive Alexander, AR 72002
(501) 258-6974
Email Lee Bowser

Bob Budrich
Custom Dies

(Engraver Hand Engraved)
Email Bob Budrich

James Kilcoyne (TEC#1887)
Custom Dies

(Engraver, Roller, Designer)
Acid Etch, Rotary Engrave, Hand Engrave
5274 Linton Rd Cadiz, KY 42211
Email James Kilcoyne

Brad Ream (TEC#188-LM) & Kay Harpold
Custom Dies

(Engraver, Roller, Designer)
(Banyas Barnesyard, Covered Bridge Museum)
Acid Engraving with Hand Tools
4919 So. Catlin Rd Rockville, IN 47872
Email Brad Ream

If you would like to suggest an additional Custom Pressed Penny Die Engraver please contact us. There is no charge for the listing. Of course, we'd appreciate a return link to this web site, but, it's not required.

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