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Bill Hogarth Holds a Cast Member Retirement Collection of pressed pennies and elongated coins
Bill Hogarth's
Pressed Penny Collection

Pressed Pennies...
A Great Souvenir Collection

Disneyland elongated coins are high on the list of the most prized pressed pennies for many pressed penny collectors. They are also a cross-collectible for people that collect Disneyana, elongated coins, and theme park souvenirs. Like the Magical Milestones pressed penny set featured on the home page of this web site, there are many pressed penny or elongated coin collections within the ever increasing number of "squished" coins that have been issued at the Disneyland Resort.

The framed pressed pennies pictured above are most likely the premier Disneyland framed pressed penny collection of all time. It was one of many retirement gifts given to Mr. Hogarth when he retired after 35 years at the park. The coin in the very center of the framed collection is The Bill Hogarth Cast Member Pressed Penny pictured below.

Bill Hogarth Disneyland Pressed Penny or elongated coin

What a cool Cast Member Retirement Gift!

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