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Disneyland's First Edition
Souvenir Pressed Penny Book
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Disney's First Pressed Penny
Collecting Book in the World!

First Edition Souvenir Penny Collector Book
Souvenir Penny Collector Book, First Edition, Limited Edition DL0146 coin in cover.
Actual size approximately 10" x 6". Holds up to 36 pressed pennies and six elongated quarters inside with a
center pocket on the back of the closed book which could be used for a penny map, fastpass, business card...

Original Price at Disneyland $7.00. Later offered to Cast Members at Company D for $3.50. Those were the days! (Sales receipts Emporium & Company D). As new collectors commonly seek one book for display and one more book to supply the DL0146 coin for their collection, books have become harder to find. From 2005 to 2014, book sale / auction prices have often ranged between $50-100.00 as the books become scarcer and scarcer.

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Close-up view of Penny Collector First Edition Book Pressed Penny
The DL0146 45th Anniversary Pressed Penny.
Exclusively engraved for this book.

Above is a picture of the first type of Souvenir Penny Collector book ever offered at any Disney Resort. To date, it is also the only on-stage Disney pressed penny book to feature a real pressed penny in the cover. This handy pressed penny collection wallet was received very well by collectors. Often collectors wanted one book for their book collection and a second book to sacrifice for the exclusive special edition coin, a particularly prized addition for their pressed penny collection.

The souvenir pressed penny book had some neat features not seen today. One was an elongated coin in the cover or did I already mention that? Another was the large pocket as pictured in the center of the top picture. Some have suggested that the pocket was for a penny machine map, a machine location listing or to hold park Fast Passes? We'll never know for sure, a design error (unnoticed by many) reportedly removed this historic Disneyland pressed penny book from the park. However, a growing wave of pressed penny collecting books have followed. Matter of fact, today most all Disneyland Resorts have offered a variety of them. None with an elongated coin in the cover of course, but, who would notice?

Although many very nice, collectable souvenir pressed penny books have followed, so far The 1st Edition Souvenir Penny Collector Book is the only Disney penny collecting book to offer a key feature, a real elongated coin in the cover. Did I mention that before? You know, I really liked that feature! True, a few penny collecting books offered at Tokyo Disneyland have had a simulated medal souvenir in the cover and Walt Disney World offered a book for pressed pennies with a punched metal silhouette of Mickey Mouse in the cover. But no books with real elongated coins are known to this date, save The First Edition.

Happy Collecting,

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Please refer to the guide excerpts below for details about this exceptional Disneyland elongated coin collectible.

Disneyland pressed penny picture. Click to Zoom. Pressed Penny Guide No. DL0146 Zoom or Compare in Window #1   2   3

(Horizontal pressed penny or elongated coin image), FORTY-FIVE YEARS OF MAGIC, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse "Partners" in center, oval with words around them, ribbon to left and right of oval with star, DISNEYLAND 45th below, © Disney rays fill balance of coin. These coins are from The Disneyland Souvenir Penny Collector First Edition Book front cover and were not vended by machine. Brilliant uncirculated solid copper cents were pressed for the manufacturer. They were coated with a protective "lacquer" before sealing them under a clear plastic window on the book cover. The protective "lacquer" often has a brown, mottled appearance and can easily be mistaken for tarnish. First on-stage August 1, 2000 embedded in the front cover of Disneyland Souvenir Penny Collector Book, First Edition, also known as The First Edition Penny Book. Books were first sold at the Emporium and later also from trays atop some penny presses. Removed from sale on about August 15, 2000. Reportedly, a design flaw kept the books from closing properly when filled with coins. Knowledgeable sources confirmed that 5000 were made and of them, about 2500 were delivered to Disneyland. Reports stated about 1500 sold for $7.00 in the Park and about 1000 were sold through various Disney outlets and Cast Member stores at $3.50 each. (Those were the days!) 2500 assumed destroyed. Rumors have suggested that there may have been a dispute over ownership of this die. Status is believed to be open.

Disneyland pressed penny picture. Click to Zoom. Penny Collector Book Close-up
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View a picture of The Disneyland Souvenir Penny Collector First Edition Book that held the DL0146. It was also the very first pressed penny book offered at any Disney park and featured that cool elongated coin in the cover! (Coins displayed separately were cleaned to remove the tinted protective finish and reveal the smooth. bright, solid copper coin beneath. ) Close-up 1st Edition Souvenir Penny Book page.
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