1968 Elongated Coin
Winnie the Pooh for President
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1968 pressed penny Winnie the Pooh for President from the ParkPennies.com collection of elongated coins.
1968, 1985, and 2005 penny press machine marquee, Disneyland Magical Milestones
1968, 1985, & 2005
Penny Press Machine Marquee
(Penny Sign)

(Magical Milestones Pressed Penny - Elongated Coin) DISNEYLAND ® PARK, WINNIE THE POOH, Pooh and honey jar, FOR PRESIDENT. -"Winnie the Pooh for President"- This is the only "PARK" 50th coin, all others are "RESORT".
MAGICAL MILESTONES 1968, Border of 51 small chained circles around the upper three quarters of the coin’s outside edge, featuring a solid dot in the circle which sequentially marks the coin’s Magical Milestone year. (1955 is the first lower left circle.) BASED ON "WINNIE THE POOH" WORKS BY A. A. MILNE AND "e" for Eurolink Design Corporation replaces the dot nearest the center of the gripper slot. H. SHEPARD, © DISNEY
Standard reference number: DL0320.
This coin was first on-stage May 4, 2005 and was retired the night of October 1, 2006. It was located at the New Orleans Pieces of Eight Shop and probably replaced coin number DL0111. The machine offered two other Magical Milestone years, 1985 and 2005. This coin held button position "A".
Die status: This die reported canceled in 2006.

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