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New Coin Reports
The first person to report a new on-stage coin will usually be acknowledged on the News Page by their first name and last initial. (You may of course decline and wish to retain your status as an anonymous ParkPennies operative or provide a nickname.) The report of a coin that has been retired yet has never been listed in the guides would be incredibly unusual. You will have earned credit and made hobby history at the same time!
Broken or Off-stage Machine Reports
Often times machines are repaired or broken again before we can post a report. However, we do monitor reports and when there is a trend or some constancy in the new status of a machine, we post it to the news page. Often giving credit to the collector(s) that submitted the most complete report(s) or series of reports.
Bugs? Typos?
Your help is greatly appreciated! As you may have noticed, we are collectors, not programmers. When you write, briefly state the problem or error. We will do our best to correct the error or bug as quickly as possible. Ok, maybe we won’t be able to fix it, but, we’ll sure try!.

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