Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies image - 11714 Bytes Hotel MiraCosta
5th Anniversary "Pressed Pennies"
Tokyo Disneyland Resort, January 11, 2007

Courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki

© 2007

Nice Mira Costa 5th Anniversary issues! Plus "Season of the Heart" "pressed pennies" issued January, 11, 2007! They follow a release of 15 coins on the first of the month. As you can guess, we are falling behind with our guide updates, but, should be back on track soon.

hmi2007004.jpg - 76468Bytes

hmi2007003.jpg - 77782Bytes

hmi2007002.jpg - 68746Bytes

hmi2007001.jpg - 68696Bytes

hmi2007006.jpg - 74639Bytes

hmi2007005.jpg - 75473Bytes

sst2007002.jpg - 75008Bytes

sst2007001.jpg - 73276Bytes

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