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Tokyo Squished Souvenir Medals
Released January 17, 2008

Pictures Courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki
More Squished Souvenir Medals!

Here are three more Tokyo Disneyland squished souvenir medals! They were inspired by the Tokyo Disneyland 2008 Cinderellabration Lights of Romance. The Tokyo Disneyland Resort has now released 27 new coins so far this year, more than one a day! A good start at a new record, which if my memory serves, was set at about 140 new coins issued last year. Whew! Well, here are the pictures thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki a fellow collector in Japan. His Japanese web site is proudly listed on our links page.

Pictures follow, enjoy! Open this link if you'd like to see more Tokyo Disneyland Resort souvenir medals or "pressed pennies".

Tokyo Disneyland Squished Minnie Mouse Souvenir medal
Tokyo Disneyland Squished Souvenir Cinderella Medal
Tokyo Disneyland Squished Season of the Heart Souvenir
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