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24th Anniversary "Pressed Penny"
April 15, 2007

Pictures by Kuniaki Hiraki

© 2007
24th Anniversary "Pressed Penny" Released at Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Tokyo Disneyland has built a great reputation for issuing "special event" coins. They are not the first as you can see by the CM Special Event and Castmember elongated coins at Disneyland. However, TDL issues them often! Not that they don't maintain quality. As you can see, this coin is lacking a border, but, the detail in the image and the inscription is top quality.

Although we don't break out "Special Event" coins in the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Guides as we do for the Disneyland Resort Guides, when you view the TDL Guides, you can see many "CM" type coins. Some of my favorites have start dates and finish dates for parades etc. Those coins were in fact, most always on-stage for just those dates. Sometimes a very short time, but, can make for a very collectible coin.
Tokyo Disneyland 24th anniversary medal elongated coin.
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