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On-stage June 27, 2007

Submitted by Kuniaki Hiraki

© 2007
These Two "Nickel" TDR Medals Were Released on June 27, 2007

Many collectors of elongated coins in the US will at first glance have an appreciation for the detailed engraving, borders and detail of these Tokyo Disneyland Medals. Old timers and "advanced collectors" might say these coins remind them of the vintage, pre-2006 elongated coins of Disneyland, Anaheim. Matter of fact, rumor is that these coins are pressed on dies that were engraved by the same master engraver that also cut the vintage Disneyland dies.

Interesting... Although these elongated souvenirs were pressed on planchets rather than real coins, in Japan, they are called "nickels" if the planchets used in the machine are silver colored as were the coins pictured here. The elongated souvenirs made from copper colored planchets are often called "pennies" in Japan.
Tokyo Pressed Penny
Tokyo Pressed Penny
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