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barL.png - 3323 BytesSub Set of Pressed CoinsbarR.png - 3409 Bytes
The Disneyland Resort Elongted Coin Collection Includes:
Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Park &
The Resort Hotels & Downtown Disney
  Disney California Adventure (DCA) Elongated Coin
Disneyland Park Complete. The 1st Disney Pressed Coins in the World! 1987+
Park Complete
Early Disneyland Resort area Monorail pressed penny
Hotels +
barL.png - 3323 BytesSub Set of Pressed CoinsbarR.png - 3409 Bytes
The Complete Disneyland Park Collection
Contains Five Main Sections:
Pressed Penny or Elongated coin prototype coin number dn0001.
Disneyland Cast Member pressed coin

The first onstage Disneyland pressed coin, 1987
Park Onstage

George Meyer pressed coin collection guide number DS0012

Disneyland Test Roll pressed coin
barL.png - 3323 BytesSub Set of Pressed CoinsbarR.png - 3409 Bytes
The Disneyland Park OnStage Pressed Penny Collection
Includes Five Main Sub-Collections:
50th Magical Milestones Elongated Coin
60th pressed coin collection
Our favorite pressed coins! Disney nickels, only at Disneyland!

Disney Seasonal nickel
Lots of people collect NBC items. Here is a fun bunch of pressed NBC quarters!
& Mansion

More Fun Stand Alone Collections
for the Advanced Collector

DCA 10th Anniversary Pressed Dime
DCA 10th
Disney tribute pressed coin
Disney Coin from Outside  location
Disneyland Test Roll pressed coin collection
Test Roll
Coins pressed on dies canceled by Disney.
Coin Dies

Fun Pressed Penny Related Collectibles
Pins, Tokens, Wooden Nickels, Penny Books & Framed Sets.

WDI Pressed Penny Style Pin! Mickey Disneyland Tokens,  Wooden Nickels,  Typer Medals, Pirate Stamper Coins, Arcade & Vending Tokens composite image! Penny in a Bottle  2000 pressed penny book with a pressed penny coin in the cover! Framed Pressed Coins

Overseas Disneyland Resort
Pressed Coin Collections

Tokyo ~ Hong Kong ~ Paris

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Pressed Pennies
Tokyo Disneyland Resort TDL, TDS, TDR, & TDRP Guides
Pressed Penny Collection Introduction and Index.
Disneyland Paris Pressed Penny Coin
DLRP Disneyland Paris
Pressed Penny Collection
Hong Kong Disneyland Pressed Penny aka Magical Coin
HKDL Hong Kong Disneyland
Pressed Penny Collection
Disneyland Penny Press Machine Locations with all onstage coin descriptionsHopefully, this collection of quips, mostly edited from past articles, will offer a tip or odd bit of interest. :-)

The fun "pressed penny" collections above illustrate some the ways people all over the world enjoy the wonderful, fast growing hobby of collecting Disney pressed pennies. We are happy to welcome you to and hope you'll find our guides and news pages of value in obtaining your personal pressed penny collecting goals.

The elongated coin collection index above is meant to help you explore the ParkPennies resources. The sample Disneyland pressed penny / elongated coin images are links to a variety of ways to collect Disneyland elongated coins. All are linked to "Disneyland" elongated coin collections, e. g. Disneyland Anaheim pressed penny collections, Disneyland Tokyo "pressed penny" collections, Disneyland Hong Kong "pressed penny" collections, and Disneyland Resort Paris pressed penny collections. Some links open to separate collections, sub-collections, or collector guides. To view a collection, just click on the coin. There are Disneyland penny press collections for most any budget... small, large, easy as well as complicated sets. Choose the size and type of collection you’d like to build. Each and every one can be a lot of fun to collect. Be warned. You may ultimately chose to collect them all. ;-)

Disney Pressed Pennies"The complete collection of all known Disneyland coins" is represented by all the links above and contains thousands of coins. However, most people do not collect all the known coins, at least at first. :-) There are several fun and easy sub-sets to make starting a collection easy. For instance, the Lands pressed penny set pictured to the right or the Disneyland pressed dimes set that currently contains a total of only nine coins, with a total value of only a few dollars. And, at the time of this writing, you can collect six of the dimes in the collection from two on-stage machines for less than $6.00... if you press them while they are still available onstage. Of course, to press most Disneyland elongated coins you must also pay admission. But, not when you collect the coins listed in the DR Disneyland Hotels and Downtown Disney guide. Those coins are from locations near free parking and are accessible without paying admission! Yes, collecting Disneyland pressed coins can be a wonderful hobby for most any age or budget. :-) The key is not to delay starting your collection. Once the coins are retired, they can get to be hard to find and or costly. Coins that are retired or were never onstage, can have values of over a thousand dollars each. But, most Disneyland pressed pennies are only 51 cents while they are vended from machines still accessible at the park.

When the folks at ParkPennies started collecting Disneyland "pressed coins" in the late 1980’s, (Yes, last century. :-) there was only one "Disneyland" Park The Original Disneyland, USA and it offered only a few penny press machines. In 1996, the second Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disneyland, introduced elongated pressed medal souvenirs and we began the TDL Tokyo Disneyland Resort Medals Guides which are now a well-traveled part of this site. Then, in 2005, we welcomed a third Disneyland Resort when Hong Kong Disneyland opened and we began The Hong Kong Magical Coins Guide. Most recently, in 2006, we added The Disneyland Resort Paris Guide. But, wait! There's more :-)... We are currently waiting for the open of yet another Disney Resort in Shanghai!

Where are the Walt Disney World pressed pennies? As many readers will remember, in 1992, Walt Disney World became the second Disney park to have penny machines placed onstage. Their first penny machine, a four play / four coin choice electric penny press machine at Walt Disney World was a big hit. Many, many more penny presses followed. (Some WDW literature has stated that 1994 was the year of their first penny press. Opinions can differ.) But, WDW Magic Kingdom is not WDW Disneyland and therefore not in our Disneyland guides. That was a lucky break for us as we are barely able to keep up as it is! There have been a LOT of elongated coins issued by the Magic Kingdom and the WDW Resort. We don't offer a guide to WDW elongated coins. However we do offer links to WDW penny collecting resources as well as links to sites that specialize on WDW pressed coins on our WDW pressed pennies page.

To further explore the art of digression... :-) Let me add that new Disney Resorts or "Gates" like Disney California Adventure can provide an excellent opportunity for collectors. Because the sooner a collection at a particular park is started relative to the park's opening day, the easier it is to "get caught up" and keep a collection current. Recently issued coins can often be pressed, purchased, or traded for based on a cost that might not ever be seen again, like 51 cents each! It's also often a great time to build a trading partnership with fellow collectors that may want to trade coins from their local park for coins available to you. Matter of fact, as you read our posts on the various park news pages here, you'll see credits to fellow collectors half way around the world... Often times, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, The Disneyland Paris Resort, and The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort news updates are courtesy of fellow pressed penny collectors living near those locations. Needless to say, collecting Disney elongated coins can make a large world filled with strangers, friendly. What a great hobby.

You know, it seems there are more and more choices for collectors every year. For some, the coins of choice are sets like the Disneyland Seasonal or Holiday pressed nickels, maybe The Nightmare Before Christmas collection, or the coins from smaller newer Disney parks. The planchets used in Japan and China make really nice elongated souvenir collections too. For others, maybe the purists, there is only one Disneyland, the Anaheim park, and they want to press their own, real coins. This author’s choice? Gotta have them all! Penny Machine Smiley

Happy Collecting,
Boomer and the folks at

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